Monklee Revenge against the heavens
Killed by a greater Deity for stealing his wife .. Su Li was killed and later on met a young man who gave him his inheritance . Seeking for revenge against the man who killed him he will fight against everyone who wants him dead and protect those he love. Stay tuned
Somehow she is stuck with the cold hearted CEO for a business marriage, at the age of 21. And she doesnt even know why. And now she bored herself in lessons on how to be a proper lady to top the youngest successful bachelor. But damn, she is way far from proper lady
redyanlei A Twist that Lead to the Fall
She only wanted to have a nice day with her friend. But a twist changed her life. She had to fall. And that fall changed everything. This is a tale of a young girl. Frail and confused, how will she survive this world full for dangers?

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