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Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Author: Road of Flowers

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Updated: 2021-10-02 01:11:57

Latest chapter: 602 Do You Have an Idea?

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《Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress》Latest chapter
602 Do You Have an Idea?
601 Are You Regretting It Now?
600 You Were Lying to Me?
599 She is That Person
598 Disdain
597 Could It Be Fake?
596 Shocked
595 Don't Believe Me?
594 Bet Who?
593 You Better Give Up
592 You are Shameless
591 How Dare You?
《Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress》' main text
602 Do You Have an Idea?
601 Are You Regretting It Now?
600 You Were Lying to Me?
599 She is That Person
598 Disdain
597 Could It Be Fake?
596 Shocked
595 Don't Believe Me?
594 Bet Who?
593 You Better Give Up
592 You are Shameless
591 How Dare You?
590 You’ll actually Compete with Su Xiao?
589 What Kind of Eyes did He Have?
588 Comfort Miss Su
587 What if She Could?
586 Attack
585 Her Secre
584 A Normal Person
583 A Handprin
582 I'll Beat You Up Again
581 I can't Hide It from You!
580 Trouble
579 What if Something Happened?
578 My Life
577 What can I Do?
576 Master Yu is Outside the School
575 It's Fine if You Lost the Game
574 Underestimated Her
573 Some Background
572 What Did You Do Behind My Back?
571 Miss Lei, My Savior
570 It's Really Over!
569 It's Obviously a Scare
568 This is My Uncle Liu
567 They Have All Underestimated Him!
566 You Share the Same Name with a Big Shot!
565 Is She a Fool?
564 Hitting Someone Down
563 Let Her Do Her Bes
562 Don't You Think It's Strange?
561 Where did His Face Come From?
560 You should have Heard of Su Huiqing
559 Mysterious Genius
558 The Name ‘King’ is Very Familiar
557 Just Call Me Lei Feng
556 Why are You so Confident?
555 Do You Know Your Luck is Over the Top?
554 Unimaginable
553 What is Disposition?
552 Wait For Us To Be A Joke
551 I can Still Save You
550 She is also a School Tyran
549 What Kind of Background can She Have?
548 Do You Know Me?
547 Abandoned?
546 Su Huiqing is Worth Nothing
545 Do You Know who's Behind This?
544 This Little Girl is Interesting
543 Who Dares to Provoke You, Demon King?
542 I'll only Care about You if I'm Crazy
541 The Big Shot Hidden in School
540 Let You Know why the Flowers are so Red
539 You will Destroy Her
538 Could It be One of These People?
537 Do You Know who You are Scrolling Through?
536 Old Yu, Do You Know?
535 A Big Backer
534 Who is More Spoiled than Who?
533 Is It Her?
532 Which Master?!
531 Red Card!
530 Some Capability
529 Untitled
528 A Big Background
527 Don't Make a Sound
526 What Relationship?
525 Unexpected Person
524 Are You That Surprised?
523 You can afford to Offend
522 Untitled
521 He would Not Lie
520 Untitled
519 Untitled
518 Her Identity
517 Get Well with Her
516 Not Enough for Me to Play
515 Sorry, My Hands Slipped
514 This Year's Freshmen are So Crazy
513 Don't Provoke Me
512 She should be Honored
511 What a Pity
510 Don't even Think about I
509 Su Lun's News
508 Don't Scare Her
507 It's Our Su Family
506 The Most Orthodox Successor
505 Untitled
504 Just a Softie
503 Being Slapped in the Face
502 How can Others Live?
501 Do You Know Each Other?
500 Your Name is Su Huiqing, Right?
499 Untitled
498 Mysterious Person
497 He's Coming
496 Don't Offend Them
495 Those who cannot be Offended
494 Dumbfounded
493 How Old are You This Year?
492 It's Fine even if You Fail
491 I Can't Go
490 Ignore Her!
489 Something Happened
488 Can't be Compared
487 Her Name is Su Huiqing!
486 Someone Called Su Huiqing
485 What are You Looking At?
484 Completely Destroyed
483 Write His Name Backward
482 Untitled
481 Untitled
480 Crazy?
479 Such a Big Face
478 Wishful Thinking
477 Dumbfounded
476 He could Even Call Someone from the International Association
475 Have You Seen Enough?
474 Miss Su Cheated Someone
473 The International Association
472 Do You Have Face?
471 It's Miss Su!
470 Untitled
469 Why is He Here?
468 Be Smar
467 Missy?
466 Do You Believe Me?
465 Impossible
464 What? Unconvinced?
463 My Sister-in-Law Gave It to Me!
462 This is a High-Level Potion
461 What are You Holding?
460 Who exactly is She?
459 I Offended Her
458 Do You Know What You Have in Your Hands?
457 Only She Dare!
456 Rather Provoke the Chu Family
455 So Familiar?
454 You are Here
453 Find Qingqing
452 Untitled
451 You Don't Have to Care About Her
450 Whose Memory is It?
449 Do You Have a Death Wish?
448 Since when was it Your Turn to Make the Decision?
447 You Really Have a Good Daughter
446 Wait For Me
445 Master Yu's Territory
444 Missy?
443 Why are You so Dumb?!
442 So Familiar with People from Area One
441 Wasting My Time
440 It was That Girl Just Now
439 Coincidentally, Green City is Miss Su's Territory
438 Miss Su is Back!
437 We can't Implicate Them
436 Yu Shijin is not Planning to Bring Her
435 Too Respectful!
434 Don't Strike Sister-in-Law
433 Who Exactly is She?
432 Su Huiqing's Background
431 It's Our Faul
430 You Don't Know Missy?
429 People from Unknown Island?
428 The People From Unknown Island Are Here!
427 Gu Li, Come Over
426 Su Huiqing and the Rest Don't Dare to Touch You
425 Miss Su's Personality!
424 Isn't She a Little Coward
423 So Powerful?
422 Touch Him? How Dare You?
421 Why don't You Chase Her Out?
420 This is Alrigh
419 Who Else but the King of Mercenaries?
418 They are Really Scary
417 The Real Master of Unknown Island
416 Unknown Island's King of Mercenaries
415 Did Unknown Island Approve Your Arrival?
414 Shocked
413 Poaching People
412 Untitled
411 What can You Do?
410 Are You A Fool?
409 Looking For Miss Su
408 Our Missy is from the Miracle Doctor's Sec
407 Are You Crazy?
406 This Weapon Protects Peace
405 You actually Said they are Ordinary People?
404 Extremely Awkward
403 A Potion Maker is not Something Most People can See
402 Ordinary People are not Worthy of his Attention
401 Don't You Know It's the Purple-Gold Badge Owner Up Ahead?
400 These Things are so Weak
399 Desperate Face
398 I Can't Walk Anymore!
397 Careless
396 Very Protective
395 Scheming Queen
394 Those Four will Die
393 Mother Su is Mighty
392 Underestimating Queen Su
391 Meeting
390 Completely Over
389 A Slap in the Face
388 Chaos
387 Dead Meat!
386 Get Out!
385 Apologize!
384 Are You That Surprised?
383 It's Her!
382 How could He Not Be Scared?
381 They will Have to Bear the Consequences
380 The Next Time I See You Bullying Our Person
379 You are the Missy They Speak Of
378 Get Them to Scram
377 Too Arrogant!
376 Tell Me about Your Disciple, Su S
375 Yu Shijin: Say That Again?
374 Treat Me Like I Have a Good Temper
373 Is She from Unknown Island?
372 You are not Dead?
371 Breaking the Contract with the Su Corporation
370 Let's See who Dares to be Atrocious
369 Continue the Torture!
368 Let Her Snatch It!
367 My Territory
366 The Return of the Double Kings!
365 The Queen Wakes Up!
364 Burning with Anger
363 Who can Stop Them?
362 I Believe She can Come Back
361 Don't You Know that She is the King of Mercenaries?
360 No One Can Stop Me Now, Right?
359 Why are You Going to See Him?
358 Don't Make Such a Big Move
357 Don't Compare Her to the King of Mercenaries!
356 A Little Shocked
355 Do You Think I am Very Bold?
354 I Must Visit Someone like Tha
353 What is so Scary about It?
352 As Famous As Yu Shijin
351 Do You Know who I Am?
350 Save Her, are You Blind?
349 After all, She Has a Bad Temper!
348 Can't Control Her
347 She didn't Care at All!
346 Give Her a Lesson
345 Who else could It Be apart from Her?
344 Don't You Know Su Chen was Locked Up?
343 Don't Know How to Die
342 Respect the Missy
341 Do You Understand?
340 Bad News
339 Did You Really Kill Her?
338 Completely Over!
337 Old Master Su Regrets I
336 The Truth Comes Ou
335 Crazy Without Care
334 Exposing Su Chen!
333 I can Destroy a Few of Your Teams with just One Word
332 As the King of Mercenaries
331 Master Yu Slaps Her
330 There is a Person who Calls Himself the King of Mercenaries
329 A Sugar
328 You are Blind!
327 Because Su Chen is a Fraud!
326 Don't You Know the King of Mercenaries is Su Huiqing?
325 Su Huiqing is Back!
324 The Real King of Mercenaries
323 First Elder Found out Her Identity
322 How are You going to Die
321 My Surname is Yu
320 What do You Have for Your Death?
319 Young Master Yu Returns
318 You Don't Know Yourself
317 Untitled
316 Untitled
315 Apollo Only Listens to Missy
314 Do You Think This is Enough?
313 Drawing Over
312 Do You Think Missy will Want You?
311 I am Really Courting Death
310 You don't Want Su Huiqing? Give Her to Me Then!
309 First Elder Found a Terrifying Missy
308 Do You not Understand the Situation?
307 Let Her Save Herself
306 Are You Such a Person?
305 Queen Said that You can't Afford It!
304 From Today on, Area A no Longer has a Business Uni
303 Do You Know who I Am?!
302 The Queen that just Returned is Enraged!
301 Su Huiqing Who Protects Her Shortcoming
300 There’s a Big Shot Backing that Potion Shop
299 Tell Him to Hurry Over
298 Did the Lonely Family Head not Hear Your Words?
297 Shock
296 What a Coincidence, I don't Want You to Live
295 Missy Killed a Group of People
294 Even If You Want To Die, I Still Want To Live!
293 A Joke
292 Apollo, Get Over Here!
291 Who are You to Order Me with Your Identity?
290 The Big Three Reasons of Their Fear
289 Dugu Xing's Fear
288 I Don't Believe Su Huiqing will Reject the Position of Family Head
287 Especially Come To Thank Missy
286 Are You Sure You Won't Regret It?
285 That's Good
284 Teach You How to Be a Person
283 Who are You?
282 Deal
281 Master Yu's Call
280 Disdain
279 Who is the Trash?
278 Do You Think I Don't Know Her?
277 You are Very Good
276 I’m Sorry, Teacher
275 Let Him Scram
274 Who Are You?
273 Scary Person
272 She is Back
271 Impressive Poin
270 Pretending
269 Are You Qualified?
268 Untitled
267 I Like a Charity?
266 I Have a Teacher Now
265 Someone Even Mr. Feng doesn't Want to Teach
264 I Really Can't Teach You
263 Su Huiqing Was Depressed
262 Slap Your Face Goodnigh
261 Scolding Master Yu
260 Only Such Eyes
259 Especially Master Yu
258 Young Master Yu Returns
257 Not Saving Her
256 Chase Her Ou
255 Don't Want to Enter Su Huiqing's Company
254 Being Humiliated
253 The Last Person
252 Genius Beat Trash
251 No One has been Playing with Her for a Long Time
250 I can't Surpass You
249 Young People can't be so Cool
248 The Resul
247 Test 2
246 Test 1
245 You Know Eldest Young Missy?
244 Definitely Clinching the Champion for You
243 Unres
242 I'll Cover the Costs
241 Yawning
240 A Misunderstanding
239 Knowing Your Own Place
238 Each More Arrogant Than The Nex
237 An Illegitimate Young Mistress
236 She Looks Easy To Bully
235 Paying Respects To Your Ancestors
234 Spurning Qingqing
233 How Many Badges Can One Person Have?
232 You Are Back?
231 Do They Think I Am Dead?
230 Yu Shijin Arrives
229 Do I Have The Right?
228 The Road Back To The Island
227 A Heavy Burden
226 Captain, Welcome Back
225 Prepare To Return
224 Waking Up
223 The Mystery Behind Her Identity
222 She Will Be Buried Alongside Her
221 Number One Doctor
220 Something Happened
219 Close Shave
218 Did You Forget That I'm the Miracle Doctor
217 Unfathomable
216 I Will Help You In Your Death Wish!
215 Neither One Could Be Spared
214 Is That Enough For You?
213 Master Yu Returns Home And Is Enraged
212 Taking An Arrow For Her
211 Let's See Who Is Faster
210 She Could Not Disregard Yu Shijin's Life And Death
209 He Would Protect Her With His Life
208 Does He Want To Die?!
207 Moving Into The Yu Family
206 Where Is She?
205 There's No Need For Us To Meet Again In Future
204 Her Time Now Belongs To Me
203 Only If You Marry Yu Shijin
202 None Of You Will Be Able To Leave!
201 I Will Handle All Other Matters
200 It's Useless To Curry Favor With Me
199 How Shameless?
198 Before I Flare Up, Scram
197 Blow Him Up To The High Heavens
196 The King Of Unknown Island
195 Let The Games Begin!
194 Make All Of You Die Together
193 Go Back On Your Word
192 The Waking Of A Majestic Lion
191 Target, Su Huiqing
190 Demon Freshmen
189 Let Them Have Doubts About Life
188 A Peck
187 Arrogant!
186 If I Wanna Leave, Can You Stop Me?
185 Who Did This?
184 Why Did You Have To Be Reborn?
183 Taking Back Something Which Belonged To Her
182 There Is Something More Exciting Here
181 The Su Family Enters
180 Number One Targe
179 Blow It Up
178 Expel Her
177 How Would You Like to Die?
176 Totally Can't Keep a Low Profile
175 Heal Him, Else You're Dead
174 Not Fit To Stay In Monster University
173 She Must Get Back The Miracle Doctor Badge
172 I Am The Holder Of The Miracle Doctor Badge
171 It Would Be A Kill Zone If She Takes Action
170 Someone Doubts Queen Su
169 Help You Get Even
168 Song San
167 Who Arranged The Engagement? Does He Have A Death Wish?
166 Master Yu Asks: Where Are You?
165 Monster University
164 What Do You Think?
163 Isn't It Time For Her Weapon To Be Returned?
162 Not A Hallucination
161 Do It Yourself, Or I'll Knock You Ou
160 Want Me to Repeat Myself?
159 Are You Tired Of Living
158 How Great It Would Be If I Met You Earlier
157 I Only Trust Her
156 She Had Already Died Once
155 Some Journeys Are Meant to Be Taken Alone
154 If He Could Tell, Bai Yi Naturally Could Too
153 No one is allowed to go
152 Fifteen, be careful!
151 Two Kings Face Off
150 Recreate The Rules
149 Apologize If You Don't Wish To Die
148 Are You Su Huiqing?
147 Shall We Have A Fight?
146 I Trust That You Have Been Well
145 Don't Wanna Leave?
144 Don't You Think I've Changed Too Drastically?
143 Why Should I Still Waste My Time
142 I Have My Principles
141 I Am, So What?
140 Nearly Becoming The Scene Of A Major Bloodshed
139 Who Do You Think Will Save You?
138 Now, Can I See Apollo?
137 Yes Or No?
136 Have You Heard Of The Miracle Doctor?
135 Destroy Everything And Restar
134 Bet My Entire Life For A Person
133 Yes, This Is Her Home
132 Her Ruthlessness
131 Yu Shijin, What The Hell Do You Want?
130 Don't Move
129 No Need For Compensation
128 I Will Never Fail To Recognize You
127 If It Were Me, I Would Have Just Killed Him
126 This Works
125 Scram, Or Die
124 Miss Su Is Stealing Your Car
123 Overwhelming Capability!
122 Don't Give Your All
121 A Pity
120 Qingqing Makes Her Move
119 Have You Finished Talking?
118 It's Chi Qing
117 I Am Waiting For You Outside The School Gates
116 Is She There?
115 Clear The Room
114 Her Accoun
113 Not Acquainted? Good
112 I Don't Wish To See Her at Yi Zhong High School Tomorrow
111 Miss Su, what do you think?
110 Scarily Good at Protecting Her Shortcomings
109 Why Don't You Ask Me?
108 To Capture Su Huiqing
107 Under Wraps
106 The Best Against the Bes
105 What Are You Doing?
104 The Meeting
103 God Qing: I Have Found Her
102 I Have Got You Now
101 Working Together Once Again
100 Not Joking At All
99 An Eye For An Eye
98 Is That Not Obvious Enough?
97 Arrest Her
96 Why Are You Helping Me?
95 Who closed it?
94 Where is she?
93 Cannot Be Touched
92 A Bloody Storm Is Coming
91 Please come with us
90 This is her!
89 Listen to my orders
88 Freeze!
87 Target Took the Bai
86 Prepare To Wrap It Up
85 Miracle Doctor Badge
84 What a King of Mercenaries
83 He Is Not That Astute
82 This Is Something She Is Capable Of
81 You Are Not Good Enough
80 The Gap Between The Two Of Them
79 Coming Only For Su Huiqing
78 If You Can't Give Us A Fair Answer, I'll Drop Out Of This School
77 Serious Offence Of Plagiarism
76 Green City's Yizhong High School, Su Huiqing!
75 Unfathomable
74 Mock Examinations
73 Empress Su, Remember This
72 You All Almost Killed A Good Person
71 If You Dare To Touch My Family
70 I'm Going To Get The Top Score Firs
69 You're A Bastard
68 I Want You To Speak
67 As Long As You Dare To Repeat That To Young Master Yu
66 That Racer is Qingqing
65 A Day That The Tiger Returns To The Fores
64 Awaiting The King's Return
63 Do You Have A Type Of Faith
62 Do You Know Su?
61 What Did You Say Her Name Was?
60 Eccentric Genius
59 Young Master Yu's Weapon
58 Kill As Many As You Can
57 People Who Follow Weirdos Are Weirdos Too
56 Who Was the One Talking Just Now?
55 Why Did You Pretend to Be a Normal Person?
54 Game Over!
53 A Personality That Solely Belonged to Her
52 Wait at Your Original Spot!
51 I Will Gamble With You
50 It Seemed that She Had Run Into Some Trouble
49 Fuming Mad
48 Let's Divorce
47 Wooden Board
46 This is Just the Beginning
45 The Person Instigating Behind You
44 Su Huiqing From the Su Family
43 I Have Arrived
42 An Accurate Analysis of the Situation
41 What Do You Think?
40 Get Chi Yue Here
39 On Time For the Appointmen
38 Let Him Come and Find Me
37 Can We Meet Up?
36 Don’t You Want to Know How She Died?
35 Tell Him That My Name is Kyle
34 Have Faith In Me
33 How Ridiculous!
32 Make Her Apologize!
31 I Never Joke Around
30 He Only Takes Orders From One Person
29 Do All Of You Understand?
28 One More Photo and I Will Punch You to Death, Understand?
27 Are You Sure You Want to Get In My Way?
26 Nothing to Fear
25 A Life of Overturn
24 Surname Su, A Single Letter S.
23 Allow Me to Confirm Something
22 It’s Me
21 Do You Have Any More Inquiries?
20 You are Really Terrifying
19 Should She Show Off Some Of Her Talents Now?
18 We Can Work With the Su Corporation
17 Do You Need Help?
16 She Who Ruled the International Association
15 Buy These For Me
14 Playing in the Stock Marke
13 They Found the Yu Family Car
12 A Useless Trash is a Useless Trash
11 Ending All Of You is Nothing to Me
10 What If It Turned Out True?
9 Just An Arrogant Bra
8 I Am Not Interested in Your Young Master Chu
7 The Assembly of Talents!
6 A King Will Not Meet A King
5 You Have to Know Where You Stand
4 Why Are You So Shameless?
3 Did Not Even Spare Him a Glance
2 Oh My Goodness, Are You Really Su Huiqing?
1 Rebirth of a Legend