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Yu Zhenghong and Yu Shangrong looked at each other and shook their heads. Even with the Primary Return Pills, they were still discovered. They knew that the chances of winning against the blackguards were slim, and it was likely they would lose their lives. However, they were not cowards.

The duo was about to walk out of their hiding place when a black figure walked out of the ruins in front of them. The person was completely wrapped up, only his eyes could be seen.

The duo hid themselves again.

"He wasn't talking to us…"

The black figure walked to the three blackguards and said, "Since you can sense my presence, I have to admit you have some abilities."

"Who are you?" The captain frowned. It was as though he was facing a great enemy..

"Hand the life heart over to me, and you'll be free to live your lives," the black figure said in a low and hoarse voice.

How could the captain of the blackguards easily give up the life heart that they had obtained with great difficulty?

"You have guts. You even dare to snatch things from the Black Tower Council?"

The black figure replied indifferently, "This isn't the first time I've snatched things from the Black Tower Council."

"You..." The captain was at a loss for words. He could sense the other party's unfathomable aura.

Yu Shangrong and Yu Zhenghai continued to hide and watch the sudden turn in events.

Meanwhile, after a long while, Lu Zhou thought it was time to check in on Yu Zhenghai and Yu Shangrong again.

He frowned when he saw the black figure.

Soon enough, his eyes drifted to Liang Qu's heart that was shining under the grey sky. He felt his heart stir. After all, he had been looking for a fifth life heart. Alas, it would still be useless to him. Liang Qu's ability was probably speed as well. He already had Di Jiang's ability. Unless he put Liang Qu's life heart in the earth-grade Birth Charts' zone. That way, it would not conflict with Di Jiang's life heart and would continue to boost his speed to a terrifying extent. However, it was a waste to place an intermediate life heart in the earth zone of the Birth Palace. It was best to embed an advanced life heart in the earth zone to use it to its full potential.

Lu Zhou thought about the 36 Birth Charts that were divided into three categories. Each category had 12 Birth Charts. Once one had six Birth Charts, one could begin to embed life hearts in the earth region.

The black figure faced the three blackguards calmly. His bearing was extraordinary. It was clear he was not a simple person.

The captain of the blackguards said, "I've already decided to leave the Black Tower Council... Must you snatch this from me, senior?"

"It's precisely because you said you're leaving the council that you're still alive. Otherwise, you would've died a long time ago," the black figure said as he extended his hand, "I'll say one last time: Hand over the life heart, and you're free to go."

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