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Spirit Vessel

Author: Ninth Manager/Jiu Dangjia (九当家)

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Updated: 2021-10-02 00:41:12

Latest chapter: Chapter 923: Skeletal Swords

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《Spirit Vessel》Latest chapter
Chapter 923: Skeletal Swords
Chapter 922: Following The Trail Of Blood
Chapter 921: Fairy Xuanyuan
Chapter 920: Seeing The Saintess Again
Chapter 919: A Special Weapon
Chapter 918: Seven-colored Spring
Chapter 917: Broken World
Chapter 916: Undying Hall
Chapter 915: Void World
Chapter 914: Mao Laoshi
Chapter 913: Turtle’s Grandson
Chapter 912: Aqua Moon Saintess, Xuanyuan Yiyi
《Spirit Vessel》' main text
Chapter 923: Skeletal Swords
Chapter 922: Following The Trail Of Blood
Chapter 921: Fairy Xuanyuan
Chapter 920: Seeing The Saintess Again
Chapter 919: A Special Weapon
Chapter 918: Seven-colored Spring
Chapter 917: Broken World
Chapter 916: Undying Hall
Chapter 915: Void World
Chapter 914: Mao Laoshi
Chapter 913: Turtle’s Grandson
Chapter 912: Aqua Moon Saintess, Xuanyuan Yiyi
Chapter 911: Mythic Genius
Chapter 910: Tree Root
Chapter 909: Sacred True Fruit
Chapter 908: Opening The Gate To The Grave
Chapter 907: Death Ceremony
Chapter 906: Main Camp Of The Demons
Chapter 905: Celestial Maiden Of Life
Chapter 904: Demons’ Prison
Chapter 903: Large Palm
Chapter 902: Drugging
Chapter 901: White Spider Sacred Ancestor
Chapter 900: Market
Chapter 899: Shocked
Chapter 898: Triumphant Return
Chapter 897: War Monarch
Chapter 896: Against A Fourth-level Nirvana
Chapter 895: Great Battle
Chapter 894: Morale
Chapter 893: Plan
Chapter 892: Interrogation
Chapter 891: Daoist Twins
Chapter 890: White Spider Tribe
Chapter 889: Gathering Contribution Points
Chapter 888: Bloody Battlefield
Chapter 887: Wood Spirit Theater
Chapter 886: To The Battlefield
Chapter 885: Female Slaves
Chapter 884: Young Noble Zi
Chapter 883: Hybrid
Chapter 882: Medial Clan
Chapter 881: Second Rebirth
Chapter 880: Seventh-ranked Half-Demon
Chapter 879: Gathering Talismans
Chapter 878: Robbery
Chapter 877: Ten Millions Transaction
Chapter 876: Crimson Leaf
Chapter 875: Ningshuai’s Grandpa
Chapter 874: Two Women, One Night
Chapter 873: Young Noble Feng
Chapter 872: Three Months
Chapter 871: Young Master Bi
Chapter 870: Little Yue
Chapter 869: Dongfang Yingyue and Supreme
Chapter 868: A Dream?
Chapter 867: Myriad-race Battlefield
Chapter 866: Bride Stealing
Chapter 865: Trouble Comes Knocking
Chapter 864: Aqua Moon Saintess
Chapter 863: Firmaments City
Chapter 862: Bride Stealing
Chapter 861: Firmaments Young Lord
Chapter 860: Liu Suzi
Chapter 859: Door
Chapter 858: 108,000 Last Words
Chapter 857: Fierce Battle
Chapter 856: Slaughter
Chapter 855: Gathering Of Half-demons
Chapter 854: Genius Beaten
Chapter 853: Meng Xinglong
Chapter 852: Suppressing A Historical Genius
Chapter 851: Face Stomping
Chapter 850: Revenge Of The Weak
Chapter 849: Ninth-ranked Alchemist
Chapter 848: Battle Palace
Chapter 847: Domain Lord
Chapter 846: Early Half-Demons
Chapter 845: Half-demon Alliance
Chapter 844: Meteoric Spirit Stone
Chapter 843: Celestial City
Chapter 842: Half Demon
Chapter 841: Arriving
Chapter 840: Yama’s Arrival
Chapter 839: One Hair Strand
Chapter 838: Heavenly Witchcraft Tree
Chapter 837: Fallen Masters
Chapter 836: New Legend Of Supremacy
Chapter 835: Spirit Palace Lord
Chapter 834: Sacred Lord’s Decree
Chapter 833: Greatest Battle In This Region
Chapter 832: Begin
Chapter 831: Beauties Everywhere
Chapter 830: Immeasurable Tower
Chapter 829: Worm-hole Spirit Stone, Ghost King Scripture
Chapter 828: War Faction
Chapter 827: I Want The Yang Soul Holy Embryo
Chapter 826: Cultivation Improvement
Chapter 825: Spirit Stone Harvest
Chapter 824: The Unthinkable
Chapter 823: Divine Embryo
Chapter 822: The Demonic Man
Chapter 821: Long Jiangling, Supreme
Chapter 820: Killing The Dragons And Reclaim The Land
Chapter 819: Feud Escalated
Chapter 818: Turtle Warrior
Chapter 817: Chaos
Chapter 816: Dao Heart Soul
Chapter 815: Supreme
Chapter 814: Supreme Shrine
Chapter 813: So Many Spirit Medicines
Chapter 812: Big Transaction
Chapter 811: The Situation At The Capital
Chapter 810: Tenth-ranked Spirit Treasure
Chapter 809: Late Ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate
Chapter 808: Beauty In The Mountain
Chapter 807: Running Again
Chapter 806: Fierce Turtle
Chapter 805: Outcome
Chapter 804: Talking With Ji Haotian
Chapter 803: Mysterious Claw
Chapter 802: Ji Haotian
Chapter 801: Power Of The Four Garments
Chapter 800: The Monk And The Daoist
Chapter 799: Trouble At The Ji
Chapter 798: Old Congee Seller
Chapter 797: Dragons Started Devouring
Chapter 796: The Emperor’s Personal Chambers
Chapter 795: To The Palace
Chapter 794: Firebird Gown
Chapter 793: Princess Manor
Chapter 792: Death At The Cemetery
Chapter 791: Case From 1,500 Years Ago
Chapter 790: Beauties And A Turtle
Chapter 789: Moving To Heavenly Kingdom
Chapter 788: Poor Wu Qinghua
Chapter 787: Evil Woman’s Prowess
Chapter 786: Seeing The Ancient Altar Again
Chapter 785: Moon Plucking
Chapter 784: To The Tomb
Chapter 783: Impossible To Escape
Chapter 782: Five Classifications
Chapter 781: Top Experts Of The Five Dynasties
Chapter 780: Developments At Southern Ocean
Chapter 779: The Empress And Heretical King
Chapter 778: Taking Care Of Business Before Death
Chapter 777: Evenly Matched
Chapter 776: Destruction Runes
Chapter 775: The Two Walkers
Chapter 774: Heretical Conference
Chapter 773: Heaven Ascension Platform’s Secret
Chapter 772: Submit Or Die
Chapter 771: Unrestrained Enlightened Being
Chapter 770: Sad News
Chapter 769: The Lu
Chapter 768: To Mount Potala
Chapter 767: Dual Cultivation Art
Chapter 766: Late Night Game
Chapter 765: Sisters
Chapter 764: Fighting The Venerables From The Yang World
Chapter 763: Princess Of Yang
Chapter 762: Yuji Lanlan
Chapter 761: Destruction
Chapter 760: On Southern Ocean
Chapter 759: Birds Of A Feather
Chapter 758: Arriving
Chapter 757: Still Sexy
Chapter 756: Sect Master’s Wife
Chapter 755: Suppressing Yama
Chapter 754: Myriad Buddhas
Chapter 753: Sacred Ground
Chapter 752: Minor Completion Of The Phoenix Physique
Chapter 751: Yellow River
Chapter 750: Door To Heavenly Kingdom
Chapter 749: Evil Buddhist Soul
Chapter 748: Entering The Great Hall
Chapter 747: The Feeling Of Being In A Beauty’s Embrace
Chapter 746: Uncle
Chapter 745: Two Down
Chapter 744: Violetsea King
Chapter 743: One Against Four
Chapter 742: Sir Wu
Chapter 741: Master Zhi Zang
Chapter 740: Temple Sovereign
Chapter 739: Big Fanfare
Chapter 738: Three Women Are A Riot
Chapter 737: Buddhist Great Hall
Chapter 736: Ancient Pagoda
Chapter 735: Killing Six Worship Sect Master
Chapter 734: Heretical Monster
Chapter 733: Fan
Chapter 732: Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng
Chapter 731: Chaotic Times
Chapter 730: Yama’s Left Hand
Chapter 729: Fierce Women
Chapter 728: Yao Ji’s Hairpin
Chapter 727: Payback
Chapter 726: Leaving Bronze Cauldron
Chapter 725: Long Pursuit
Chapter 724: Shocking News About Golden Silkworm
Chapter 723: The Winner?
Chapter 722: Justice
Chapter 721: Feng Chi’s Prowess
Chapter 720: Challenge
Chapter 719: Spirit Treasures Appeared
Chapter 718: Wu Qinghua’s Pain
Chapter 717: Eyes Of A Great Demon
Chapter 716: Devil Feng
Chapter 715: Great Swindler
Chapter 714: Scheme
Chapter 713: Vomiting Blood From Anger
Chapter 712: Shocking News
Chapter 711: Murder
Chapter 710: Groups Arriving
Chapter 709: The Treasury Appears
Chapter 708: Inside Whitey's Stomach
Chapter 707: Identity Exposed
Chapter 706: Ye Siwan’s Junior Aunt
Chapter 705: Supreme Spirit Root
Chapter 704: Incredible Treasures
Chapter 703: Second Boss
Chapter 702: Enlightened Being’s Remains
Chapter 701: The Strongest Group
Chapter 700: Heaven Devouring The Earth
Chapter 699: Murderous Intent
Chapter 698: Little Demoness' Predicament
Chapter 697: Second Boost
Chapter 696: Taking The Bone
Chapter 695: Phoenix Optic Bone
Chapter 694: Refined Fiery Domain
Chapter 693: Into Bronze Cauldron Mountain
Chapter 692: Disaster Strikes
Chapter 691: Little Demoness, Great Beauty
Chapter 690: Mysterious Girl
Chapter 689: Victory
Chapter 688: Against Ye Siwan
Chapter 687: Marvelous Geniuses
Chapter 686: Meteoric Speed
Chapter 685: Arrogance
Chapter 684: Seeing The Bandits Again
Chapter 683: Heroes Gathered At Bronze Cauldron
Chapter 682: Where Is Justice?
Chapter 681: Azure Dragon Bell
Chapter 680: Beiming Qiujian
Chapter 679: Back To Peak Condition
Chapter 678: That Devil Feng Feiyun
Chapter 677: Fated One
Chapter 676: Lu Yinyin
Chapter 675: Cultivating The Golden Silkworm Scripture
Chapter 674: Weakened Tiger
Chapter 673: The Young Heretical Lord’s First Appearance
Chapter 672: Monk Jiu Rou’s Fury
Chapter 671: Heaven-raising Rod’s Might
Chapter 670: Brutal Slaughter
Chapter 669: I Only Want To Kill
Chapter 668: Spirit Grass Transaction
Chapter 667: Golden Silkworm Scripture
Chapter 666: Shocking News
Chapter 665: Sixth-level Heaven’s Mandate
Chapter 664: Spring In The Ice Palace
Chapter 663: The Goddess’ Eyes Open
Chapter 662: Last Generation’s Goddess
Chapter 661: Frozen Beauty
Chapter 660: The Ender of Buddhism’s Golden Age
Chapter 659: Buddhist Artifact
Chapter 658: Luo Yu’er And Nalan Xuejian
Chapter 657: Ancient Inscription; Primeval Disaster
Chapter 656: Ancient Tribe in Endless Land
Chapter 655: Important Match
Chapter 654: Giant Slaying
Chapter 653: Physique Refinement And Dantian Cultivation
Chapter 652: Aura Of A Phoenix
Chapter 651: Heavy Casualties
Chapter 650: Out Of The Cage
Chapter 649: Ceremony
Chapter 648: Ancient Ceremonial Ground
Chapter 647: Giant Realm
Chapter 646: The Match Commences
Chapter 645: Heavenly Witchcraft Tree
Chapter 644: Goddess In Distress
Chapter 643: Death Approaches
Chapter 642: Earthly Marquises
Chapter 641: First Tribe Lord
Chapter 640: The Sixth Tribe Lord Of Heaven Worship
Chapter 639: Witchcraft God City
Chapter 638: Beasts
Chapter 637: Wisdom Bone
Chapter 636: Ancient Jiang’s Situation
Chapter 635: Grand Servant
Chapter 634: Urgent Message
Chapter 633: Exposing Divine Consort Beiming
Chapter 632: Heretical King
Chapter 631: Yaoyao
Chapter 630: Playing “Beauty” With A Zither
Chapter 629: Fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate
Chapter 628: Violetcloud Spirit Vein
Chapter 627: Divine Consort Beiming
Chapter 626: Black-cloaked Woman
Chapter 625: Stone Coffin
Chapter 624: Violetcloud Spirit Vein
Chapter 623: The Meek Commander
Chapter 622: Divine Commander Guo
Chapter 621: First Trace Of A Demon
Chapter 620: Spirit Domain Inn
Chapter 619: Jiang Pass
Chapter 618: Bu Tian
Chapter 617: Return Of The Demon
Chapter 616: City Filled With Corpses
Chapter 615: Leaving Beastmaster Camp
Chapter 614: The Point Of Buddhism?
Chapter 613: Jadeite Buddhist Beads Suppressing Evil
Chapter 612: Buddhas' Convergence
Chapter 611: Formless
Chapter 610: Yellow-level Warping Formation
Chapter 609: Devil; Animal
Chapter 608: The Young Heretical Lord
Chapter 607: Party Of Fiends
Chapter 606: One Step To Hell
Chapter 605: Number One On The Upper List
Chapter 604: A Footprint
Chapter 603: Clues
Chapter 602: Using A Wolf To Deal With A Tiger
Chapter 601: Who Is That Man?
Chapter 600: Being Tricked Can Lead To Pregnancy?
Chapter 599: Nalan Xuejian And Monk Jiu Rou
Chapter 598: Pregnant Disciple
Chapter 597: Two Choices
Chapter 596: Consumed By The Devil
Chapter 595: The Ten Branches Of Beastmaster
Chapter 594: Tan Qingsu
Chapter 593: Beastmaster Camp
Chapter 592: Supreme Goddess
Chapter 591: The Demon’s Coming
Chapter 590: Bathing In Evil Blood For Demonization
Chapter 589: I Will Be A Devil
Chapter 588: At Least The Soul Should Be Left Behind?
Chapter 587: Incinerating Flame Grand Formation
Chapter 586: Plots and Schemes
Chapter 585: Imperial Seal
Chapter 584: Fires Of War
Chapter 583: Escaping The Imperial Palace
Chapter 582: The Consort’s Death
Chapter 581: Resting Quarter Of The Consort
Chapter 580: One Man Alone
Chapter 579: Palace Stained With Blood
Chapter 578: Loyal Combatants
Chapter 577: A Loss?
Chapter 576: Immortal Sacred Tree
Chapter 575: Tough Opponent, Dongfang Jingshui
Chapter 574: Little Princess
Chapter 573: Great Beauty
Chapter 572: The Sad Melody Of Life
Chapter 571: Four Divine Consorts
Chapter 570: Identity Exposed
Chapter 569: Top Thirteen
Chapter 568: Best Defense
Chapter 567: Purification Rime
Chapter 566: Luck
Chapter 565: Life Is Unpredictable
Chapter 564: Catching A Sword Bare-handed
Chapter 563: Going Alone
Chapter 562: I Will Take Care Of Her Problems
Chapter 561: The Three Sacred Canons
Chapter 560: Planning
Chapter 559: Fall Of The Gambling Hall
Chapter 558: One Foot In The Grave
Chapter 557: Final Victor
Chapter 556: Long Qingyang
Chapter 555: Alun Buddha
Chapter 554: Sinister Pot
Chapter 553: Disciple Of The Demonic Sword
Chapter 552: Sun And Moon
Chapter 551: Unrivaled Monster
Chapter 550: Young Lord Of The Tenth Hall
Chapter 549: Yao Ji
Chapter 548: Golden Battle Stage
Chapter 547: Feng Ergou’s Odds
Chapter 546: Underground Gambling Ring
Chapter 545: Numerous Monsters
Chapter 544: Divine River Guard
Chapter 543: Upheaval
Chapter 542: The Shocked Capital
Chapter 541: Fallen Genius
Chapter 540: Turbulent Murderous Intent
Chapter 539: The Seals Of The Divine Kings
Chapter 538: Rising Bloodthirst
Chapter 537: Caught Red-handed
Chapter 536: Caught Unprepared
Chapter 535: The Empress Might Still Be Alive?
Chapter 534: Coming Out
Chapter 533: Twenty-eight Fourth-ranked Pills
Chapter 532: Evil Blood
Chapter 531: Bi Ningshuai’s Return
Chapter 530: Grand Tutor’s Mansion Got Robbed
Chapter 529: Bad All The Way
Chapter 528: A Stimulating Event
Chapter 527: Princess Or Slave
Chapter 526: Battle Inside The Carriage
Chapter 525: Inside the Eight-step Dragon Imperial Carriage
Chapter 524: Ten Thousand Lights
Chapter 523: Yun Ge
Chapter 522: Painting’s Sudden Change
Chapter 521: Specter’s Appearance
Chapter 520: Ancestral Hall Of The Yin Gou
Chapter 519: Fall Of A Genius
Chapter 518: Evil Core Ascension
Chapter 517: Grand Kasaya
Chapter 516: Heavenly Weapon Essence
Chapter 515: Enlightened Being’s Resting Land
Chapter 514: Ling Donglai’s Challenge
Chapter 513: A Shocking Strike
Chapter 512: Digging A Pit
Chapter 511: Take Him Outside For A Beating!
Chapter 510: Peerless Fighting Capability
Chapter 509: Prince of Qian
Chapter 508: Second Boss
Chapter 507: The Great Dragon Lake
Chapter 506: Return Of The Evil Woman
Chapter 505: Prince-In-Law Selector
Chapter 504: In The Court
Chapter 503: A Mere Passerby
Chapter 502: Trouble
Chapter 501: Third-level Heaven’s Mandate
Chapter 500: Refining The Spirit Core
Chapter 499: Third-ranked Spirit Treasure
Chapter 498: Beginning Of Death
Chapter 497: Soul Of An Enlightened Being
Chapter 496: Dominating Armament
Chapter 495: Kill!
Chapter 494: Battler Heavenly Marquis
Chapter 493: Intense Preparation
Chapter 492: Raging Fury
Chapter 491: Battle To The Death
Chapter 490: Unconcealed Assassin
Chapter 489: Beauty’s Smile Lord
Chapter 488: An Old Woman’s Wrath Knows No Bound
Chapter 487: Furious Hongyan
Chapter 486: Dragons Devouring The Heaven
Chapter 485: The Formidable King Consort
Chapter 484: Words Piercing The Heart
Chapter 483: Drumming
Chapter 482: Musical Contest
Chapter 481: Unreasonable Request
Chapter 480: Crisis At The Bath
Chapter 479: Little Bi
Chapter 478: Dangerous Premonition
Chapter 477: Sacred Spirit Palace, Li Xiaonan
Chapter 476: A Beauty’s Death
Chapter 475: Blissful Hell
Chapter 474: Invitation Letter
Chapter 473: Fight
Chapter 472: Western Yue
Chapter 471: Blissful Flower Palace
Chapter 470: Impossible To Read A Woman’s Heart
Chapter 469: The New Divine King
Chapter 468: Divine King’s Abdication
Chapter 467: A Race Against Time
Chapter 466: The Power At Half-step
Chapter 465: Final Battle
Chapter 464: Dragon King Physique
Chapter 463: Weakness
Chapter 462: One Slash, Three Defeats
Chapter 461: Shi Lan
Chapter 460: Three Stages Of Death
Chapter 459: Devil Art Of Death
Chapter 458: Entering the Royal Sacred Ground
Chapter 457: Shrine At The Imperial City
Chapter 456: Only Victory Is Allowed
Chapter 455: Refining The Souls
Chapter 454: Su Yun and Beiming Potian
Chapter 453: Surging Undercurrent
Chapter 452: Divine Consort
Chapter 451: Nice Profit
Chapter 450: Expensive Copy
Chapter 449: Cosmic Extreme
Chapter 448: Spirit Fruit
Chapter 447: Incredible Treasure
Chapter 446: Golden Spirit Silk
Chapter 445: Sima Zhaoxue
Chapter 444: Apex Auction
Chapter 443: Yin Gou Main Ward
Chapter 442: Mystical Golden Ginseng
Chapter 441: Meeting Luofu Again
Chapter 440: Divine King’s Mansion
Chapter 439: Sisters
Chapter 438: The Second Spirit Vessel
Chapter 437: The Shrine’s Collapse
Chapter 436: Jin River Goddess’ Shrine
Chapter 435: With Jingyue
Chapter 434: Death Approaches
Chapter 433: Re-appearance Of The Ghost Village
Chapter 432: Beiming Potian
Chapter 431: Temporal Flower Blooms
Chapter 430: Battle Between Kings
Chapter 429: Weak Act
Chapter 428: Kings Of The Young Generation
Chapter 427: Miss Dongfang
Chapter 426: Devil Dao Cultivation
Chapter 425: Young Throne Marquis
Chapter 424: The Forgotten Ghost Village
Chapter 423: Goddess Of Jin River
Chapter 422: Awakened Spirit Vessel
Chapter 421: White Dress And Red Pipa
Chapter 420: Run
Chapter 419: Ye Xiaoxiang
Chapter 418: Beast Mount Jiluo
Chapter 417: Three Different Paths
Chapter 416: Wolong Sheng
Chapter 415: Divine Capital
Chapter 414: Third Rank Holder
Chapter 413: Ferocious To The End
Chapter 412: Ask Buddha Platform
Chapter 411: Goddess Of The Jin River
Chapter 410: Meeting Between Old Friends
Chapter 409: Image Of A God
Chapter 408: Journey To The Capital
Chapter 407: One Year Later
Chapter 406: Young Lord Of The Feng
Chapter 405: Never Aging Again
Chapter 404: Certain Things Must Be Said
Chapter 403: Woman In Love
Chapter 402: Evil Intentions
Chapter 401: Enlightened Being
Chapter 400: Undefeated Legend
Chapter 399: The Return Of The Feng Experts
Chapter 398: The Central Peak
Chapter 397: One Call, A Hundred Responses
Chapter 396: Cause And Effects
Chapter 395: Yama’s Spine
Chapter 394: The Demonic Blood And Yama’s Blood
Chapter 393: The First Clan Master Of The Feng
Chapter 392: Legend Of Yama
Chapter 391: Entering The Tomb Again
Chapter 390: Ambush
Chapter 389: The Fallen Ancestral Ground
Chapter 388: Capturing The Demoness
Chapter 387: Maiden, Little Demoness
Chapter 386: Celestial Paradise
Chapter 385: A Sick Lion Is Still Mighty
Chapter 384: The Son of The Demon’s Arrival
Chapter 383: By The River Shore
Chapter 382: The Start Of Chaos
Chapter 381: Fight To The Death
Chapter 380: The Fleeting Hero
Chapter 379: Disaster
Chapter 378: Violet Central Palace
Chapter 377: Black Sacred Monument
Chapter 376: Thirteenth Lava Wave
Chapter 375: Giant Slaying
Chapter 374: Earth Tribulation and Murderous Intents
Chapter 373: Myriad Beast Physique
Chapter 372: Golden Leo
Chapter 371: Entering The Soul Realm
Chapter 370: Beastmaster Tower
Chapter 369: Strange Beast’s Soul Realm
Chapter 368: Seventh Floor Of The Immeasurable Tower
Chapter 367: Earth Tribulation Gathering
Chapter 366: Evil Treasure Master
Chapter 365: Murong Ta, Ji Cangyue
Chapter 364: New Pagoda's List
Chapter 363: Inside The Martial Tower
Chapter 362: Back To The Wanxiang Pagoda
Chapter 361: What A Woman
Chapter 360: Romance
Chapter 359: The Way Back
Chapter 358: Blood Rains On The Lone City
Chapter 357: Instigate
Chapter 356: Evil Woman’s Appearance
Chapter 355: A Friend's Place
Chapter 354: Returning To Radiance
Chapter 353: Murderous Intent Returned
Chapter 352: Long Range Ancient Formation
Chapter 351: The Center Of Attention
Chapter 350: Stolen Effort
Chapter 349: Half-step Giant
Chapter 348: Battle Of The Finest
Chapter 347: Matchless Ties Of Friendship
Chapter 346: Number One Genius
Chapter 345: Murderous Intent
Chapter 344: Still Not Over
Chapter 343: Darkness Descends
Chapter 342: Ling Donglai
Chapter 341: Flawlessly Unmatched In His Generation
Chapter 340: Help Is Here!
Chapter 339: Nonstop Danger
Chapter 338: A Desperate Fight
Chapter 337: Perils
Chapter 336: Blood Staining The Old Shrine
Chapter 335: Fiercest Man
Chapter 334: Wolves Toying With The Sheep
Chapter 333: Evening Temple
Chapter 332: The Current Political Climate
Chapter 331: Conversing While Brewing Wine
Chapter 330: Hard-To-Mess-With Demoness
Chapter 329: Soulbound Artifact
Chapter 328: Fighting Against A Heaven’s Mandate
Chapter 327: Mighty
Chapter 326: Swift Samsara
Chapter 325: Hongyan's Fury
Chapter 324: Battle Between Prodigies
Chapter 323: Bi Ningshuai's Fiancee
Chapter 322: Hongyan, Hongbi
Chapter 321: A Duel Between Divine Intents
Chapter 320: Lover And Friend
Chapter 319: Heaven Calculating’s Investigation
Chapter 318: Unkillable Su Xue
Chapter 317: Pushing Liwei Down
Chapter 316: Smart Woman
Chapter 315: Lu Liwei And Su Xue
Chapter 314: Bi Xianxian of the Third Hall
Chapter 313: Operation Falcon
Chapter 312: Turtle
Chapter 311: Feng Daniu, Grand Historical Genius
Chapter 310: Yan Ziyu
Chapter 309: Lightning Fusion
Chapter 308: Trembling Blood
Chapter 307: Nine Swords’ Protection
Chapter 306: Highly Sought-After
Chapter 305: Invincible Commander
Chapter 304: The Heated Battle Begins!
Chapter 303: Devil Apprentice
Chapter 302: Who Is The Most Talented?
Chapter 301: Supreme Genius
Chapter 300: Apricot Manor
Chapter 299: Goodbye To Life
Chapter 298: One Versus Seven
Chapter 297: Feng Daniu’s Second Showing
Chapter 296: Three Spirit Grasses
Chapter 295: Unstoppable Across The Nine Heavens And Ten Earths
Chapter 294: One Guardian, Ten Of Thousands In Fear
Chapter 293: Violetsea Corpse Cave
Chapter 292: Confusion
Chapter 291: Meridians
Chapter 290: Never Provoke A Woman
Chapter 289: Nine Dragons Pillar
Chapter 288: Did He Do It?
Chapter 287: Tied To A Tree
Chapter 286: What Goes Around Comes Around
Chapter 285: Fourth Hall Of The Senluo Temple
Chapter 284: Erotic Female Corpse
Chapter 283: Recapturing The Spirit Vessel
Chapter 282: Grand Achievement God Base
Chapter 281: Evil Woman On The Altar
Chapter 280: Feng Clan’s Legend
Chapter 279: Charging Into Mount Banda
Chapter 278: Corpse Controller
Chapter 277: Women’s Battle
Chapter 276: Big Bro Your Sister!
Chapter 275: Corpse Energy Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 274: Ten Battles; Ten Defeats
Chapter 273: The Three Lords
Chapter 272: The Empress’ Style
Chapter 271: Holy Monument
Chapter 270: Snowstorm Overnight
Chapter 269: Breaking The Couple Up
Chapter 268: One Of The Ten Contemporary Grandmasters
Chapter 267: My Dharma Name is Jiu Rou
Chapter 266: Tombguard Tablet
Chapter 265: Path Of The Dead
Chapter 264: Tomb
Chapter 263: Feng Clan’s Ancestral Ground
Chapter 262: 100,000 Gold Coins For One Map
Chapter 261: Rewriting The Pagoda’ Hundreds List
Chapter 260: Against The Three Kings
Chapter 259: Combination Dao Offering
Chapter 258: Extorting Young Noble Flawless
Chapter 257: Hongyan’s Blood-stained Hand
Chapter 256: Till Old And Gray
Chapter 255: The Mysterious Master Was Actually Her!
Chapter 254: Blood-being Exalted Pot
Chapter 253: 81st Floor Of The Treasure Tower
Chapter 252: Reappearance Of The Evil Banner
Chapter 251: Divine King’s Order
Chapter 250: Shocking News
Chapter 249: The Withering Of A Beauty
Chapter 248: Who Will Draw The Beauty's Eyebrows?
Chapter 247: Man And Dog
Chapter 246: Nine Magma Rivers
Chapter 245: Earth Tribulation
Chapter 244: I Am Invincible At The Same Level
Chapter 243: Bloodstained Blade Heading Southeast
Chapter 242: Sixty Percent Mastery
Chapter 241: Five Trials
Chapter 240: Undetectable Grasp
Chapter 239: A Black Face With An Even Darker Heart
Chapter 238: Mangled Flesh
Chapter 237: Fifty Percent
Chapter 236: Princess’ Arrival
Chapter 235: Most Beautiful Woman In This World
Chapter 234: Gift
Chapter 233: The Person Inside The Coffin
Chapter 232: Giant Coffin
Chapter 231: Dongfang Mu
Chapter 230: Dragon King’s First Slash
Chapter 229: Divine King’s Successor
Chapter 228: Grand Chancellor
Chapter 227: Councilors Of The Wanxiang Pagoda
Chapter 226: Leaving The Immeasurable Tower
Chapter 225: Lost Phoenix Valley
Chapter 224: Supreme
Chapter 223: Three Corpses To Slay The Dao
Chapter 222: Evil Moon In The Sky
Chapter 221: Endless Killing
Chapter 220: The Ninth Grand Historical Genius
Chapter 219: Bloodied
Chapter 218: Divine King
Chapter 217: Son Of The Evil Demon
Chapter 216: To Be Able To Listen To The Dao In The Morning, Dying In The Evening Is Still Happiness
Chapter 215: Grand Achievement God Base
Chapter 214: Murderless City Of Death
Chapter 213: Strength Of 60,000 Pounds
Chapter 212: Immeasurable Tower, First Floor
Chapter 211: Archaic Location
Chapter 210: Immeasurable Tower
Chapter 209: Feng Laisan
Chapter 208: Another Evil Woman?
Chapter 207: Peak God Base
Chapter 206: Refining The Body With A Spirit Pill
Chapter 205: Spirit Treasure Tower Lord
Chapter 204: Heaven’s Emergence Cemetery
Chapter 203: Spiritual Sense Examination
Chapter 202: A Secret
Chapter 201: Princess’ Invitation
Chapter 200: Secret Sword Technique
Chapter 199: Amazing Technique
Chapter 198: Ten Divine Intents
Chapter 197: Heavily Injured Person
Chapter 196: Blood Staining The Ground
Chapter 195: Meteor Fire Jewel
Chapter 194: Battle of Geniuses
Chapter 193: Who Can Take Him On?
Chapter 192: Princess Luofu
Chapter 191: Four Pounds of Blood
Chapter 190: Spirit Treasure Tower
Chapter 189: Natural Born Spiritualist
Chapter 188: Spiritual Sense Examination
Chapter 187: Fourth-ranked Treasure Seeking Master
Chapter 186: Peak God Base at Thirteen Years Old
Chapter 185: Silk Cloth of Invisibility
Chapter 184: Ability
Chapter 183: Blood Seal Bracelet
Chapter 182: Genius Mansion
Chapter 181: Mysterious Master
Chapter 180: Little Demoness
Chapter 179: Pagoda’s Hundreds List
Chapter 178: Ancient Earth Tribe
Chapter 177: Guests from Underground
Chapter 176: Friend or Foe?
Chapter 175: The Flame
Chapter 174: Surreal Sensation
Chapter 173: Cruelest Is A Woman’s Heart
Chapter 172: Heavenly Image, Earthly Image, Mortal Image
Chapter 171: Cloud-Suppressing Winds
Chapter 170: Fight Against Bu Tianya
Chapter 169: Bloodline Marking
Chapter 168: Blood Feud
Chapter 167: Wanxiang Pagoda’s Disciples
Chapter 166: Second Transformation Corpse Evil
Chapter 165: Corpse Evil
Chapter 164: Bu Tianya
Chapter 163: Rich Young Master
Chapter 162: The Future
Chapter 161: Eight Arts Volume
Chapter 160: Yang Soul Holy Embryo
Chapter 159: I Am A Villain
Chapter 158: Sha Hangyun Became Quite Injured
Chapter 157: Between Life And Death
Chapter 156: Both Cold And Lonely People At The Edge Of The World
Chapter 155: Meeting Sha Hangyun Again
Chapter 154: Zuo Qianshou
Chapter 153: Corpse Palace
Chapter 152: Spirit Vessel’s Change of Hands
Chapter 151: Fourth Corpse Transformation
Chapter 150: The Evil Woman Arrived!
Chapter 149: Heavenly King Of The City, Tiger Of The Earth
Chapter 148: Who is Invincible in the Same Realm?
Chapter 147: The Way She Is
Chapter 146: Intolerable Bullying
Chapter 145: Temptress
Chapter 144: Frightening Xue Wu
Chapter 143: The Battle Is Heating Up
Chapter 142: Battle at the Brothel (5)
Chapter 141: Battle at the Brothel (4)
Chapter 140: Battle at the Brothel (3)
Chapter 139: Battle at the Brothel (2)
Chapter 138: Battle at the Brothel (1)
Chapter 137: Jade Cicada (Yu Chan)
Chapter 136: Supreme Beauty Pavilion
Chapter 135: The Honorable Son-in-law of the Yin Gou Clan
Chapter 134: Past Lifetime and This Lifetime
Chapter 133: Northern Profound Chilling Ice Armor
Chapter 132: Number One Defense Under Giant
Chapter 131: Beiming Tang
Chapter 130: Blood Stains the Long Street
Chapter 129: Daomization Stone
Chapter 128: Exceptional Divine Treasure
Chapter 127: One-armed Old Man
Chapter 126: Fire Beacon City
Chapter 125: Qilin War Cavalry
Chapter 124: Leaving the Mountain
Chapter 123: Third Boss’ Stick
Chapter 122: Broken Tombstone, Death of a Master
Chapter 121: Broken Tombstone, Death of a Master
Chapter 120: Passionate Confrontation
Chapter 119: Bandits and Beauty
Chapter 118: Huang Feng Bandits Actually Came
Chapter 117: Unbreakable Diamond Physique
Chapter 116: Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record
Chapter 115: Turtle Fragrant Water
Chapter 114: Mao Wugui
Chapter 113: First Chop a Leg
Chapter 112: Abnormality, Sha Hangyun
Chapter 111: People from the Yang World
Chapter 110: Too Swift Actions
Chapter 109: Approaching Crisis
Chapter 108: The Tiger’s Roar over Green Maple Town
Chapter 107: Yang World’s Three Strange, Yin World’s Three Evils
Chapter 106: Killing Intent
Chapter 105: I am a Treasure Seeking Master
Chapter 104: The Murderous Border of the Southern Desolace
Chapter 103: Beautiful Sisters
Chapter 102: A girl’s voice in the Deep Forest
Chapter 101: Jumping into the Yellow Ancient Well
Chapter 100: Evil Woman’s Presence
Chapter 99: Blood Flows like Rivers
Chapter 98: Next to the Ancient Well
Chapter 97: Female Corpse’s Awakening
Chapter 96: Jin River Copper Cauldron
Chapter 95: Being a Good Man is Difficult
Chapter 94: Battle Against A Giant
Chapter 93: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 92: Two Buddhist Treasures’ Origin
Chapter 91: Six Giants
Chapter 90: Reversed Life and Death
Chapter 89: Heavenly Buddhist Essence
Chapter 88: Xiao Nuolan
Chapter 87: Who Secretly Informed?
Chapter 86: The Showdown of Grand Historical Geniuses
Chapter 85: Dongfang Jingshui
Chapter 84: Beautiful Fairy
Chapter 83: Human Lives are as Valueless as Grass
Chapter 82: Inexplicable Feelings
Chapter 81: Nine Doves Sacred Gown
Chapter 80: Na Lan Buddhist Robe and Buddhist Jade Bead
Chapter 79: The Person in the Prophecy
Chapter 78: Young Noble Flawless
Chapter 77: The Eighth Elder
Chapter 76: Great Danger Everywhere, Nowhere To Go
Chapter 75: Evil Suppressing Dragon Banner
Chapter 74: Tiger Cloud Qi Image
Chapter 73: Words of a Great Sage
Chapter 72: Homicidal Buddhist Staff
Chapter 71: Son of an Evil Demon
Chapter 70: Thunder from a Clear Sky
Chapter 69: Invincible Buddhist Staff
Chapter 68: Secrets of the Temple (3)
Chapter 67: Secrets of the Temple (2)
Chapter 66: Secrets of the Temple (1)
Chapter 65: Immortal Phoenix
Chapter 64: Gathering of Grand Characters
Chapter 63: Person Coming Out of the Ancient Well
Chapter 62: Spirit Spring Water
Chapter 61: Accidentally Rushed into the Temple
Chapter 60: Underground Temple
Chapter 59: The Appearance Under the Veil
Chapter 58: Big Brother Feiyun
Chapter 57: Ominous Ground
Chapter 56: True Brilliant Spirit Stone
Chapter 55: Grand Development Immortal Gate
Chapter 54: Valley in the Mountain
Chapter 53: Entering Jing Huan Mountain
Chapter 52: The Strategy Surround Wei to Save Zhao
Chapter 51: Clay Buddha
Chapter 50: Master
Chapter 49: Don’t Be Afraid, I Am Here
Chapter 48: Dragon Stone Town
Chapter 47: Journey Begins
Chapter 46: Mortal Life Cavern
Chapter 45: Shrinking The Earth To An Inch, Moving A Thousand Li With One Step
Chapter 44: Red Spider Lily
Chapter 43: Pagoda Temple
Chapter 42: Oriole from Behind!
Chapter 41: Lone Star From The North
Chapter 40: Du Shougao
Chapter 39: Stars of the Last Generation
Chapter 38: True Identity of the Impoverished Youth!
Chapter 37: I am a Wisdom Master!
Chapter 36: Qilin Strength
Chapter 35: Martial Ring
Chapter 34: Why Am I Still Not Dead?
Chapter 33: Going Upstairs to Look at Fortunes
Chapter 32: Hidden Dragon Courtyard
Chapter 31: It Is An Endless Road, Don’t Stop
Chapter 30: Childhood Sweethearts
Chapter 29: Uncertainty
Chapter 28: Who is the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess
Chapter 27: A Trap
Chapter 26: Reversed Chase
Chapter 25: Unbeatable Slut
Chapter 24: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 23: Dragon Horse River Diagram
Chapter 22: Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess
Chapter 21: There Is No Road To The Sky Nor A Door Into The Earth
Chapter 20: Dongfang Jingyue
Chapter 19: Infinite Spirit Ring
Chapter 18: A Song That Wrenches The Heart
Chapter 17: Soul Suppressing Blood Formation
Chapter 16: Birthday Party
Chapter 15: Mysterious Guest
Chapter 14: Heaven Restoration Evil Eyes
Chapter 13: Hidden Dragon War and Military Strategy Iron Council
Chapter 12: Break Through Again
Chapter 11: Blood Spirit Seed
Chapter 10: Young Master Feng’s Sabre
Chapter 9: Two Evil Men
Chapter 8: Crimson Dragon
Chapter 7: Early Spirit Realm
Chapter 6: Immortal Phoenix Physique
Chapter 5: Amazing, He Actually Learned To Read
Chapter 4: A Discussion Regarding Soldiers
Chapter 3: Holy Saint Treasure (2)
Chapter 2: Holy Saint Treasure
Chapter 1: The Most Beautiful Woman