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Inside a dressing room in which clothes of all kinds are hung, Peptito Gonzales suddenly stops his steps. This little yellow shirt with orange checks! Looking at it, the mouth of the handsome Pepito arches upwards, then downwards when he thinks back to that day. That day! It was indeed this day that triggered everything that followed.

To return to this precise day without mentioning Pepito's past would not allow us to visualize the whole situation, nor to understand the life that the young man, now 16 years old, led. To do this, an immersion in the past is necessary.

3 September 1998

In a small house in a New Jersez town, Mr. Gonzales, 22 years old and Mrs. Gonzales, 18 years old, are about to welcome a third person who after today, will forever be part of their family.

As was the case for many women of that time, locked in her humble room, Diane Webster, who became Diane Gonzales 5 months ago by force of circumstance, decided to give birth in her own home. Television said it: It's better for the baby. This allows the children to become very sociable from birth.

In the living room, the future father of the baby whose sex is still uncertain (Television said it: Ignoring the baby's gender until he is born is better. This allows parents to love their child more, whatever his gender.) drinks a beer in front of a good old western, as we knew how to do at the time.

If Diane and Jose, they got married, it was under the constraint of their families who refused that the child of these two unconscious young people, come into the world within a family living in sin. Forced to unite their lives, they kissed each other the church in a mitigated atmosphere.

Jose grimace. Couldn't Diane scream less loudly? Does she realize that a quality western looks at itself in calm? Several times he wanted to enter the room to tell her to turn down the volume down, but all his attempts ended in failure when the midwives rejected him.

For her part, Diane is suffering more than ever. Tears flow abundantly from her beautiful blue eyes, as she prays that her child would no longer delay showing up.

"Oin, oin, oin, oin"

Diane no longer screams, but a new voice disturbs Jose's tranquility, as he swears and throws his remote control on the couch. In order to avoid this ordeal, Jose then decides to go out to empty himself a few beers in the company of friends who will help him to find serenity.

Jose walks towards the front door when one of the midwives screams toward him from the bedroom.

"Congratulations Mr. Gonzales, you're the proud father of a handsome little boy."

What? So it's not a girl? All the women in the neighbourhood maintained that a girl would show up today. Demoralized at the thought of having to share his life with two women, Jose never wanted this kid. However, a boy is very different.

Jose, will teach him how to throw a baseball. Together, they will discuss the difficulties of man's life and when his child i

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