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"Run, Ava!"

Naobi's screech rang through the air as flames threatened to engulf the pack of Amarok. She has always discouraged her cubs to play with fire, let alone approach it. They now stood next to her nearly a foot taller, magnificent fir glinting in the warm light cast upon them. Her pride was short lived as the wail of one of her young rose above the cackling of the surrounding flames; her only daughter was still trapped beyond her reach.

Ava was petrified, the wall of fire that loomed before felt bigger that it actually was. She abandoned any hope of jumping over them as the flames licked at her forelimbs, scorching the tips of her fur.

"Jump, child!"

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Naobi roared again, causing Ava to recoil in fright. No matter how hard she tried, Ava just couldn't find the will to try jumping over the inferno that surrounded her. She plopped to the ground, watching helplessly as the clearing she stood in grew smaller.

It happened in the blink of an eye; when she looked up from the ground scouting the area for her pack, all her eyes could see was fire. Choked by the flames and dizzy from the heat, she felt herself fall into a never ending void of darkness.

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