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Hazel stood frozen as the man raised his sword above his head for a few seconds before Hazel could yell, she squealed a sound. A sound so in pain, because her older brother was sentenced to his death by a drunk man, who gotten mad easily at the boy. Hazel shouted as she ran over to where her brother knelt. But she couldn't do anything, even if she made it there, she was going to sacrifice herself. But better yet, everyone standing huddled around, would witness this. She didn't want her older brother who had saved her life the first time to do it again, but this time it was his life. Hazel was grabbed roughly by both hands as she thrashed viscously, trying to get out of the two men's arms. Her arms started to hurt but that didn't stop her. The second the drunk man's sword was about to connect with her older brother's neck, her older brother dodged out of the way. Hazel closed her eyes tightly as she elbowed one of the men's eyes and then head bumped the other. She was free. Free of their grip. She snapped at the sound of a metal hitting with the pavement. "Haze!" Haze, and Hazel were twins but Haze was one minute older.

"Hazel! Get out of here!" Haze was fighting the drunk man as the man swung around everywhere. He had lost his balance. Haze kicked him on the back of his legs as the man stumble to the ground. Three more men came behind Haze as Haze had his leg raised. Hazel's eyes widened as she sneaked behind those men. As she got behind, Haze kicked the man. The people surrounded them, all gasped as Haze took the sword and stabbed it right through the drunk man's head. Hazel froze once again as Haze turned around, having a evil glint in his eyes. "Honestly, you messed with the wrong person!" Hazel smirked. The man clicked his tongue and nodded, signaling for the other men to draw out their swords and attack. Hazel watched petrified at the scene as she just didn't move. Hazel never saw this side of Haze before and kind of knew she never wanted to. Her eyes wandered over to the men falling as their swords clashed with one another's and then over to the dead drunk men. She glanced all over the area as people huddled around took out their phones. Immediately she knew what they were doing. Some were texting or dialing and some were taking a video. She got to her feet and started snatching their phones. People around gasped and stepped back.

"Please no! He doesn't mean this!" She yelled. But the thuds of bodies were all over the floor by the time Hazel finished. Hazel turned around feeling herself tremble. As she gazed over at her older brother covered in blood, she stepped back. Tears filling on her eyes. Now for Haze, he never liked or had any intention for making his little sister cry. She rarely ever cried and that was when it was very serious that she cried. Haze found his mistake and bit his lips, not regretting murdering these men who had hunted him down. Apparently, Haze figured that Hazel must have thought these men were pissed. But it wasn't. Haze washed his bloody hands on his black pants as he took a step towards Hazel. Hazel didn't know he was nearing her, her head was dropped and she was crying helplessly. Haze, knew this was all self defense but she couldn't help letting the tears out. She never saw a dead a body before but she wasn't seeing a dead body, she was witnessing how these bodies die. Haze wrapped his hands around Hazel as Hazel dropped all the phones in her hands. People made no move getting them back but they all stared at the dead bodies. In their eyes, showed a certain pity. These people knew it was self defense. But Haze didn't do it out of self defense, he did it out of hate. Pure hate.

"Hazel. Let's go home." Haze suggested. "Sorry everyone! This shouldn't be dialed to the police!" Hazel didn't say anything but followed and allowed Haze to drag her home. As they did approach their home, Haze let go of Hazel and walked into his room. Haze and Hazel only had each other for their parents

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