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"How is the Project: New World?"

"It has been progressing smoothly. However, the connections are a little... off. The timeline does not perfectly align with ours."

"It is only a minor hindrance. The biggest drawback is the severe brain damage when forcefully disconnected."

Three men sat around a table. One of them had grey hair and a beard, yet his eyes shone with a light that made him look younger. Another man was extremely thin, with his mustache neatly trimmed and hair neatly combed without a single hair out of place. The third man was a bit chubby, and his rank seemed to be the lowest out of the three. The room was dimly lit only with candles. It seemed to be something like a library or a office, as bookshelves took up most of the space, covering up all four of the walls. It was odd, as there were no doors or exits visible in the room. However, none of the men questioned it.

"How long will it take for it to fix?" The man with the grey hair questioned the chubby man.

"Most likely more than a year, as the human brain is still too complex for us to understand completely. If we allocate more funds, we can shorten it to..." The man sweated extremely hard as he answered him. He had trouble making eye contact, making it and breaking it after 2 seconds when he couldn't endure the fury in the shining eyes of the counterpart.

"Shut up! More than half of the money we earn go into this new program, and do you know how much of a astronomical amount that is?" Spittle came flying out of the grey-haired man's face as he stood up and grabbed the man's shoulders.

"Calm down, Aaron." The third one intervened. "And when is she coming? Why is she so late?"

The grey-haired man, or Aaron, sat back down. "She has... business to attend to." He looked at his golden wristwatch. "She'll be here any minute."

Before his words ended, a women appeared in the middle of the dim room. She just appeared, without coming in through any of the viable entrances, which there were none in the first place.

"A bunch of grown men having a secret meeting like this, aren't you ashamed? Shouldn't you be going around with your head held high? You are men of power, after all." Her voice rang across the room, carrying mockery and scorn.

"So you're finally here, Angela. This old fool has been telling me that it will take more than a year to fix the damn bug of this. As the head coder, is your opinion of the same as him?" Aaron said, ignoring her earlier comment.

"It's not much of a problem. We can fix it in a jiffy. But-" she continued before Aaron could yell at the fat man, "We need a model. Someone who can endure the immense brainpower for long periods of time without any injury. If we can't find someone like this, than Eric's prediction is likely to be correct." Her eloquent voice echoed across the room.

"So have you found the test subjects that we require?", the unnamed man asked.

"Of course," she said curtly. "Many of them. I've sent all of their own schools an invitation to join the test server. Having friends in there may be necessary, so the whole schools were invited."

"W-w-won't they face danger then? I-i-i-mean, if they die in there?" The man called Eric raised his question, while trembling, still not daring to make eye contact with Aaron.

"Sacrifice is necessary for the greater good. Start the server about a week from today. That'll be enough to fix the minor bugs."

"For the greater good," everyone echoed. Then they all disappeared, and so did the room itself.

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