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drcdrx > Crazy Fish Evolution > 1 I'm a Fish now...
This is a story of an OP Fish...

In a cheap ass apartment.

Inside the living room, Ebola which is, by the way, our protagonist name...is playing League of Animes...a ripoff of the game League of Legends but with animes characters...He loses within 21 minutes because his team sucks and also due to the fact he chooses Shrek and yea...both teams report him for choosing Shrek and feeding his ass off like a boosted apes in the sky yelling 'I like Ebola!' and yea he got a ban for a million years.

"Fucking piece of shit I will report all of you bitches for reporting me! I'm the best one in the entire team noobs look at my score ' 1/27/6 (kill/death/assist)' fucking noobs screw all of you, I don't even like this game anyway (Time Playing: 4 years)!"

Ebola said angrily while masturbating his tiny 2 inches manhood which only covers 1/10 of his hands so it very hard to do it...

"Fuck this shit I'm out! I'm going to watch gay stuff on the internet to cease anger."

Ebola exit out League of Animes and open up google, on the search bar he type in YouTube and founded out the title: (Fish fuck fish but both male) so he click on the site but it loading very slowly...not just slow it omega slow...looking at the loading symbol Ebola angrily said, "Fuck me! I knew wasting $30 on this piece of mcpotato (Mcdonald/Potato) wifi sucks the most! Next time I'm going to refund this shit!"

"Son of a bitch this take way too fucking long! I really need to refund this shitty ass wifi!"

Ebola have been impatiently waiting for over 38 minutes but the site he selects still haven't been loaded so he got angry...and since the site isn't even making any process he decided to sleep now because it 7:28 PM...and his eye is dying like a burning cow in a potato flames of the divine gods...

But just as he was about to turn off the computer monitor, the screen of his cheap ass computer suddenly turns black for a few seconds before turning white while showing messages: (Is your life boring?).


Ebola was shocked at first but regain his mood while thinking: (Is this one where I turn into a random magic world, cultivation, or death game? Lol me main protagonist? Idk...but all of them sound good to me...). While he was thinking, he was nodding as well-meaning 'Yes'.

Message: (Do you want to be OP?)

Ebola: "Mmm!"

Message: (Wanna go to a New World?)

Ebola: "Mmm!"

Message: (Ok just say 'I like Justin Bieber to suck on my tiny dick for 100 years until he died' ok?)

Ebola: "I like Justin Bieber to suck on my tiny dick for 100 years until he died."

Message: (Ok now you finish the contract now imma kill you by using Ebola God poison on your body.)

Ebola: "Mmm!"

Message: "Ok..."

After the last voice faded a bottle with some kind of liquid suddenly appears out of nowhere which later cracks open somehow on it own which have been a splash on Ebola cloth which he died in pain saying "I like your mom! I like your potato penis!" those were his last words before he died tragically...

Ebola founded himself underwater but the weird thing is he can breathe underwater but can't move his legs and arms..."Where the fuck am I? And also what da fuck happened to me! If I found out whoever did this to me I will kill him or her..."

"Wait a second...I got into this situation by myself lol well blame on my goldfish memory..."

Ebola remember what happens after several minutes later...Mmm so what I do...since it a different world...should I at least get some information at least!?

10 seconds later Ebola got information on the world...

He founded out that he is in a cultivation world and the only have 10 days here before he goes to the next world and so on...so in order to let it be less confusing here the thing: Time limit of 10 days before transporting to another world...must complete the mission in that world and afterward return back to cultivation world and so on...each mission world is a dif

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