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In a certain high school in Tokyo, on a sunny Monday morning, the day that all students hate, a young man was on the roof.

This young man was reading a light novel in a carefree manner with an arm behind his head and earphones in his ears.

This young man was Shinmei Tatsuya. Tatsuya is a rather handsome person with dark hair and soft amber eyes. For a Japanese, Tatsuya was exceptionally tall, he was 184 cm tall, which made him one of the tallest boys in high school. His school uniform consists of the black school jacket draped over his shoulders and a dark blue sweater with a slightly unbuttoned white shirt. He wears it with black uniform pants and black shoes. His dress style was nonchalant.

Tatsuya is a relaxed, carefree and calm staff. He is also a bit stoic because he finds everything boring, for this reason he spends his time sleeping and daily other students can see him sleeping on campus or in class. The only thing he finds fun in his life are the light novels, manga and movies he watches because he finds them innovative and full of dreams.

As he calmly read his light novel, his light novel was snatched from his hands and a scream followed.

"Toriumi-kun! You get up now or do 40 rounds of land when we get back from Kyoto!"

Recognizing the voice, Tatsuya jumped up and sweat appeared on his forehead. Before him stood Yuko-sensei, alias "Hannya".

With a furious look, Hasegawa Yuko was the teacher in charge of Tatsuya's class. Yuko-sensei was 28 years old and she was a social science teacher and very popular among the students. Yuko-sensei is a beautiful tall woman measuring approximately 1.70 meters with a slim waist. She has purple eyes, raven black hair tied in a long braid placed on her right shoulder and square glasses with a mole at the corner of her left eye. She wears a black cardigan and black pants highlighting her figure, in particular her "phenomenal ass" according to the boys. Under her waistcoat, she wears a white shirt which she cannot close because of her chest with a wide neckline and a pair of black heels. Due to her enormous rack, the males of her class obtained photos of her cleavage and worship her, however, they live in fear of being discovered by her.

Yuko-sensei is an incredibly kind, friendly and responsible teacher who is open-minded and believes in the future of each of her students. She cares about all of her students, even problematic students like Tatsuya, who is a lazy man. She also likes to have fun with her students and observe their interactions, which makes her very accessible to students. She is quite wise and gives advice when needed. She is always ready to give advice and guidance to her students like a loving mother.

However, she is also feared throughout the school because of her other side. Yuko-sensei can be incredibly authoritarian, strict and violent, especially since she is an expert in martial arts. She is the advisor to the Kendo and martial arts club and offer

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