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drcdrx > Daily Life of an Ordinary Student > 1 --IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT--
@@So our team decided that a Visual Novel is more adapted to this story, and we put together a big team of artists, musicians, programmers and the original team of writers to make it happen. Hence, I removed all chapters from the website. My next upload, hopefully in less than 2 years, will be a link to where you can download our VN :D

A visual novel has many advantages to a web novel, namely the addition of CGs, music, and sprites, as well as game elements and "replayability". However, I know that this also makes the genre less accessible due to it being only playable on a computer, and not a phone like 'webnovel.com'.

Anyhow, if our VN turns out successful, you will be the first to know. Sorry for hyping you so much, Blankscore XD you won't be disappointed by the final product :)


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