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"I'm one of the forgotten; the cursed left behind. You've no idea how that feels." Sienna's timid voice was spitting with bitter frustration over shredded pieces of paper.

The embodiment of her purity and joy was littering the ground. She was now nothing more than damaged goods.

Her bony fingers trembled as she picked up a yellowed piece that held parched letters, "HO". She recognized it was the beginning to the word of the sentence that represented the ownership of her destroyed home.

Sienna lifted her muddled green eyes towards the dirtied window of her former bedroom. Her mind travelled back to innocent times when her being was safeguarded by parents, siblings and friends.

All gone now. Either by natural deaths or having their untimely death scrutinized before a legal court.

Only Sienna remained as the same sixteen-year old self, twenty years on. Cursed with both obscurity and immortality.

Neither known nor unknown. Having to live the life of a wandering shadow because of the wrong person she had loved. A person whose parents cursed her name with ancient rites that held real magic as powerful as in the age before humanity knew technology.

The man she had believed was devoted to her, turned. He shunned her existence as a inhuman thing damned by the gods; a forsaken shell of the girl his blackened heart had once loved.

Never once did he blame his family or scorned them for what they did to her. So she cursed his lineage to suffer the ages of time as she would.

His family had retaliated in the human way by slaying her siblings in their sleep as underworld mercy slayings. They would be noted as cold case mysteries locked up tight within a tangle of bureaucratic red tape and closed eyes.

Sienna had lived on through those years. Watching and arguing the truth behind her curse. Was it wrong love? Why hate her to damn her soul? The curse had even taken her beyond the reaches of Hell so the Devil didn't know her.

Her immortality was a form that only lasted 10 seconds within the consciousness of animal minds. She was the embodiment of the blink and you miss it syndrome.

"I see you." A boy's voice broke through her personal space.

Sienna recognized the teenage boy belonging to her former lover's older brother.

He was shunned by the family as a cursed child borne from a forbidden love (one the parent's hadn't picked).

"That's cause you're just like me Ai - cursed." Sienna sighed. "At least you can continue to live a life out of the shadows."

"Hmph, an immortal life no different to a vampire. I guess I should go, 'that's sooo cool.'" Ai scoffed, causing his thin lips to twitch with pained sarcasm. "In all seriousness. It's not a bad thing."

Sienna frowned, trying to understand why anyone would want to curse a boy whose heart hadn't even felt love.

Upon first looks of his silk smooth skin, soft dark orbs for eyes and symmetrical beauty, you'd think he'd be praised for

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