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Engines where whirring in the background, looking around everyone was seated and had their belts done up. Everyone was wearing light steel armor on vital locations and some even already had their helmets on, however, something everyone had in common was the silence. They all knew what they were about to do, they might be able to finally end the war.

They were either staring right in front of them at the person opposite them or just looking at the window, the ruined landscape is seen from a bird's eye view, some looking down at photos which they bought with them. Finally, someone stood up, everyone knew who this was and what this meant. It was nearly time to jump.

This was the only person who wasn't wearing any armor, he was wearing a suit with a label 'Colonel A. Bishop', the son to the current Fuhrer. "We are going to go through the plan a final time, your squad's task is the most important one, you have to secure the main command center and then give a signal for backup to arrive. Your commanding officer will be 'Major Gilmore'."

A man stood up, it could be seen that he was near his end in combat, this would most likely be his last battle. He had rich brown hair with some silver popping up. "My assistant to this mission will be the heir to the Sosnowski family, Milo." Everyone looked around, someone from the Sosnowski family meant that they finally need the end of the war to happen, they only appear in battle in critical moments. They are the backers of Avalon, their main house is in Avalon where they managed to defend it for over 20 years from 'The Royal Inquisition' which marched in from the Elyr.

Each family member is known to be a trained soldier, they could be able to easily win a battle by themselves, but the heir to the family? That meant that he's one of the strongest members.

He stood up, he wasn't like anyone had imagined. He was fairly tall and had a semi-muscular body with brown hair, he was very young compared to everyone else. "I hope that I will be able to assist everyone, now that my identity is no longer hidden I will change my armor if it doesn't bother anyone." He looked around and saw that nobody said anything.

He took of the fairly heavy steel and got out a dark black with gold outline armor, it wasn't full but protected more than the military one. Everyone knew that the armor would be much better than theirs. He then sat back down and the Colonel once again spoke.

"Now that we have that out of the way, the first team is already landed and starting to clear out the city, the palace will be up to you. ETA until the drop is 300 seconds." If they previously did not understand how dire the situation as if they didn't before. This would be the final push.

Time went by fast, a city finally came into view, it was torn to pieces. The previous deep blue towering windows and skyline was now all in fires and collapsed. The hatch finally opened.

A huge gust of wind engulfed the plane, everyone stood up one after another until at the end it was Milo. They all checked if their parachutes were tucked in and started to jump out of the plane.

As soon as you jumped out you could see a red smoke coming from the floor, it was right outside the city. It was a huge attraction and there was already mortar fire on the location, however, everyone knew that they were meant to land 400m North of the flare.

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