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I awake to the deafening sound of fireworks. New Years. For many its a reminder of new possibilities to come. For some, its a reminder that the bills are due. For me, its a reminder of the last time Christian and I were happy. His smile, His laugh. The kiss we shared as everyone screamed "happy new years". The faint taste of wine on his tongue. I smile as I reminisce, but that smile vanishes as the memories of after that night come back to me. My breathe becomes shaky and I subconsciously start to rub my heart shaped charm. "It's only another day, right angel?" I barely whisper to myself. I get up and trudge through my room to reach the living room of the small 3 bedroom 1 bath apartment. My frown deepens as I finally enter the living room. I see my roommate, Nicole Gu or Dr. Nicole Gu, playing with the twins on the couch. "What the hell Nicole! The twins aren't even 3 years old yet and you have them up right now!" Nicole brushes off my harsh tone and smiles while saying "come on, it's new years! live a little. Don't be such a grouch all the time" she lifts up Alex and gives him butterfly kisses " And don't pretend to not see how big they are smiling. Aw, look at little Bella's tiny little teeth" I ignore her and lift up Bella from the couch, and taking a peek at Bella full set of teeth that have finally grown. " It's not being a 'grouch' its being a responsible parent and adult. I mean, one of us has to." I turn to not reveal the tiny smile that appeared on my face. Nicole's tone turns serious " This isn't about responsibility, its about you still dwelling on the 'good times' with Christian when we both know how that ended. God forbid if i didn't decide to take the long way home to avoid my Ex-Boss. You would have been dead at the hands of that man. And you shouldn't let that last 'good night' stop you from having more good nights. Right now he's either tonging down some slag at the Yu Empire annual New Years party or hes already at his house making the slags weak between the legs. He's obviously forgotten you, so why cant you just move on from him and be ok with hating him. It's been 3 years now." I wince, she's right for the past years since our engagement announcement on new years 3 years ago he has gone to his family's company party to find a bimbo to dick down. But has three years really been enough? Yeah our time together was short lived but it was beautiful. Did the words i love you mean anything? Or were you toying with me all along? Why did you randomly go berserk and have me kidnapped? Why did you let your father drug me?Do you know? Do you know the truth of the events following that gorgeous New Years? I sigh and say a small prayer, a tradition my father and I would do before everything happened. "Dear God, please allow me to have another year to see my children grow. Please let this disease not take away my life until my children are adults and happy in life. Please bless my babies with an amazing year and good health. please let

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