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Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to make you wait for so long. It has been 3 weeks without me noticing.

You may think that I have dropped the novel out of frustration or boredom. Don't worry, I'm not someone that will break their promise. I have made a pledge to you guys and have no intention of going back betraying your expectation. However, I'm genuinely sorry for all the inconvenience of the novel.

I have made up my mind.

I will continue with the rework version of the novel and will post it on this page. I will delete the other one.

I understand that maybe... some of you will leave because the story will be a bit different and may not be to your liking or maybe you are tired of waiting for the continuation of the story. However, I have made up my mind.

For the rework version, the pace will be a lot faster than the previous one. I estimate that the previous 70+ chapters will be compressed into around 25 chapters on this version. However, I can't guarantee a daily release for it. The reason is... I will not try and force myself to write on a bad day. I don't want to repeat my previous mistake.

I know... there will still be a lot of mistake on the chapter.

Grammar mistake (Most likely)

The worse part is... I don't know why but my Grammarly only showed my spelling mistakes. So, I will apologize in advance for any mistake in grammar.

Thank you for your support.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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