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Well if your reading this I guess it worked and I was able to transfer my story back to my home dimension well then enjoy and have fun I know I did

[ ] = thought

{ } = thought speech

[Hm The last thing I remember is reading fanfiction about the Naruto universe but I don't really remember much else and I seem to be floating in some kind of dark space/room with a bright light in front of me I haven't really tried yet but let's see if I can talk]

Hello anyone there

[nothing seemed to happen and there is no sound maybe I have to try thinking to talk]

{Hello Is Anyone There}

{Why hello there little one how did u get here no human soul should be able to get here no matter let me introduce my self I am the god of Death and u seem to somehow have gotten into my private realm which shouldn't be possible but since your here and I haven't had fun in centuries how about I make u a deal and reincarnate u in a world of your choice that's a copy of the original with a few wishes within limit, of course, I won't go in detail with the limits ill just let u know if its possible or not what say u mortal}

[This seems interesting I wonder which universe I should choose ah whatever ill just say yes and do my wishes first because the universe won't matter with the wishes I have in mind]

{Let's do it but ill make my wishes first then chose the universe}

{Ok mortal ill go with giving you 5 wishes since we're doing this for my amusement lets have some fun}

{Ok then my first wish is to have the highest IQ possible}

{Second is perfect/eidetic/photographic memory}

{Third is to have the effects of nzt-48 from limitless permanently without the side effects}

{Fourth is to have the mind stone from the dc universe bound to my soul so only I can use it and it can never be taken away and that I can use it without side effects and have all knowledge on how to use it}

{fifth an RPG like system to show my skills stats and overall progress with the ability to let me travel to other universes when I get to a certain threshold}

{u made some good wishes mortal but the fourth should technically count as more than one but I'll let it slide but ill add a certain restriction to it to where you'll only be able to use it for certain things till u get to a certain threshold just like for the universe travel now then choose the universe your going to Mortal}

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