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I never liked going there but my parents forced me and that is the reason I had to.But that day I was in no mood,not a chance,I wasn't going for the coaching .So i covered myself inside my blanket just my haed outside with an eye open ,struck at the door my mom would come anytime as she had already given a siren,yes she scream instead of calling.

The door creaked , I closed my eyes -I was genuinly sleeping. I opened my eyes slowly as she tremmbled me a bit.I lied about my stomach pain thaen I heard my father's voice calling her out .He was home. By the next minute I was ready with my bag on my bicycle out side my house. I was again late by nearly half an hour when i reached my teacher's place.As always I grabbed my seats which has to empty as everyone else were aware of my desire of that seat , I even have fights in the past for the same. Actually i liked it for two reasons one because it was the farthest point from mam's place and the other because I liked scracthing actually scribbling words there at the lower flat portion of the sofa . Actually we the students there used to seat on the floor on the carpet and that sofa was at my back with its left edging on my right. It was nearly 6 pm after an (non stop) one hour of student's reading like chants ,byhearting , mam scolding us (actually) me when she felt like it's over for today.She told us all to leave. I put my only book that was out in my bag wished her a good eve leave and come out as fast as I could. It was a relief an another 22 hours of relief . I went straight to my bicycle and then I remembered my keys that I had left below the sofa . I turned back ,my other mates were leaving ,I went straight inside running .I saw the door open so I walked inside .Mam gave me a suspicious look like WHY ARE YOU HERE AGAIN ? I got her look and said "my keys mam" I turned my face took my keys which was there there I thought of . I got up and turned to look mam drinking water sitting on the right edge of her sofa. That was the movement ,I felt lik , like I cam never explain . By her side there was she ,standing in her simple top an pants or whatever that was . She was damn beautiful, like really beautiful not like others. I saw her face my eyes got struck there making me stand in the same place for like a minute or two. "Aren't you late" mam said for the third time asI heard her but my eyes never gave off for the first two calls. Yes,Yes mam-see you tomorrow i said- I meant it for the girl . I saw her eyes , she was looking at me – may be I blushed –I got the hit from the door while leaving but I couldn't hear anything of me. I love my dad –he should never leave home for whatever he does (goes out for). Every other time it would take nearly a blink of an eye for the day to pass but that day, I bet it took a weeks time, that long it was.

I gave up around half past three in the afternoon ,already my bag packed I left for mam's place. Mom was shocked when she got to know of my leaving home this early for the tuition. She was true to be . I rode madly fast and with that I was there just the oppsite way of how slow I was –the last day returning home.

I waited till my breathe was normal and then for the first time ever I pressed the bell lest I was always late and the door was open each time I was.

She opened the door i saw her-I baffeled all further .

"HEY" she said. The same I said all like what-I don't even know . Mam saw me so she gave me a call to get inside . This early mam was shocked too.

Within the next 15 minutes all other students arrived and she went inside, dissappearing somewhere inside . She came out for once or twice, like she walked for a few times from one room to other everytime catching my eyes .For the next two or three days I did the same .My mom and teacher(Mam) thought I was getting serious towards my studies they were happy for this ,I was happy for something else .My mom must have had a convo with mam about this , It doesn't even matter though

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