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This book is about the girl who is totally lost in the world with daily ups and downs ,her feelings always takes toll on her and she as being real her makes mistakes and try to learn from them .

Her past is always with her , wherever she goes , whatever she does her past never leaves her that's where she fails to move on every time.

She loves people around her but she also hate them at the same time not as she is psycho but she is more complex .

Her life experience till now might not entertain you but little did I know it will excite you to know more , like to know her more, to know what comes next what else can happen.

Her unforgettable experience, will some how make you realise that life is something more than being lived, it is more than a fight or more than a emotions.

Small introduction:

Alison Rose Style 14 years old ,daughter of Alexander Style and Carter Rose Style. Completing her high school somehow and making plans for future and obviously with lots of thought about her future prince.

But one night, Alex aka Alexander was dying due to heart attack coz of high dose of drug and alcohol and on the same night Carter was also intoxicated with drugs , where only Alison was awake preparing for her exam next day unaware of the things going to unfold . As she takes a break from study to use washroom she saw her father lying on cold washroom tiles with lots of pukes everywhere and unconscious.

She called him many times but got no response . She tried cleaning him again and again whenever he pukes and called him and talked to him making him assure that everything will be fine ,he will be good by next morning , unaware that it was his last night....

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to be continued...

Author's note: sorry if it sounds rude but chapter will be published on public demand as example comment me how you felt while reading it or what you actually felt after reading it , thanks for giving us your time ....

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