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Once again, I didn't know what happened after that. All I felt before everything went black was an unsettling tightness in my chest, like something was trying to get out...

It sure feels cold. I wake up to see Jean carrying me on his back, grunting like a little girl as I almost slip from his hands. It's raining, and for some reason, I feel very weak. And hungry.

"... Foof."

"Food? Don't worry." Jean tells me in a caring tone. His tone is really soft for some reason. "I'll go and cook something once we get to the house. Can you walk?"

"I think I can. Can you let me go?"



"I'll just go carry you."

I close my eyes as Jean lifts me up on his back again. The coat feels dirty as the mix of rain and dirt stuck to it like sticky cheese. It smells rather disgusting. Well. I guess it's my fault anyway. I just plopped into the ground as soon as he released me.

"Do you remember what happened?"

"No... W-what happened?"

"You... Passed out. In the middle of the fight."

"D-Did I also do that when we were attacked back at the forest?"

"Y-Yeah! That's it!" Jean unconvincingly jests.

... Whatever. I'll just ask him later. I should focus on... Huh. The cold is starting to feel nice. I'm starting to feel sleepy...

"Can I... sleep?"


"Why not?"

"Because we're here already. Hold on. ESMERALDAAAAAAAAA!"


The sound of footsteps can be heard from the inside of the shop as Esmeralda opens the wooden door. Jean quickly runs around the room and places me into a small cushion couch on the left side of the room.

"Eh... Why are you sweating so much? " Jean asks Esmeralda, but I didn't hear her reply. Is she blushing?

"More importantly, can you brew him a potion? Where's Nelen, by the way? "

"She's... sleeping. "

"Why are you blushing? Wait... Don't tell me... OHHH! I get it now. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

"I'm... not."

"You're so cute when you blush."

"S-stop it. I-I'll go brew the potion now. Bye!"

"Hey! Wait!"

Jean jokingly shouts, but Esmeralda was gone in a second. The yellow lights seem to go through my closed eyes, and my chest feels hot. What exactly happened when I passed out? Jean sighs and drops lazily on the other couch next to mine. I've never seen him looked so tired before.


I ask with a weak voice, but he didn't hear it.

"Jean. Hey."

... Is he ignoring me?


"He's sleeping."

A cool voice of a woman coming from the counter. Nelen's long, flaxen ponytail follows along her as she majestically sits on a table while drinking something.

"What did you guys do?" she asks. "His essence capacity is very high, so for him to be restoring it seems rather unusual."

"I'm betting he used all of it to carry me all the way home. Anyways, how do you know that? Do you have a spell for that or something?" I chuckle.

"... Yes. Lucky guess?"

"... Yeah."

"... Want me to teach it to ya?" Nelen smiles, and I think I just found a new love. Bye, Esmeralda.


"Got you!!"

A sweet but quiet voice interrupts us as she wraps her arms around Nelen. She then kisses her neck and... Wait. What... They're lesbians? THEY'RE. LESBIANS? WHAT... Oh, well. So much for my first two crushes. Good thing I didn't confess on the spot...

Who the hell confesses on the spot, anyways?

"You guys are lesbians?"

"Who said that?" Esmeralda looks around, while Nelen just looks at me wide-eyed for a second.

"What are you saying?" Nelen shows me that sweet smile again, but her tone seems sarcastic.

"Oh! Sol! I d-didn't know you were awake."

"Don't worry. I don't mind." I chuckle. "Love is love, I guess. Who am I to stop you guys?"

The both of them looks at me with questioning eyes. This lasted for two to three seconds before Esmeralda realizes that she hasn't given me any medicine yet, so she goes up to me and hands me a small g

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