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I had just finished my math homework and was about to go to bed when a blue portal opened u I squeaked in surprise

"what the-"before I felt a pull it was like it was pulling my soul time to think about it that portal does feel familiar

as i squinted my eyes to get a good picture underneath the portal my eyes widen in shock

"no way is that Chris Evans" I asked my self shocked before I was dragged off my bed on to the ground with a thump

" OW"I ground rubbing my ass with my left hand and winced that hurt

{wait a second chris evans in his captain america suit a blue portal that just opens up randomly in my room I didnt even know that stuff like this exist] asI was comteplating my eyes suddenly widen in realization no way that means the mcu is real then} i then grinned a huge smile of triumph

"ha I knew it... oh man the world is going to go crazy I know this isnt a dream because my fall wouldnt of hurt if it did that makes the multiverse theory exist as well I felt a gloved hand suddenly grab my throat and pulled me inside looking at the portal the last thing I saw was a familiar red skinned man smiling evilly at me before my eyes rolled to the back of my head

"ugh were am I"

"your finally up" My eyes widen and My face couldn't contain the excitement

"Oh my god its captain america"

yes captain america was sitting on the chair of a familiar check

I must of spoke out loud cause he chuckled

I blushed in embarrassment "I'm sorry I'm a huge fan of yours"

he chuckled some more

"you wouldn't happen to know how I am here though"

"Im sorry son the red skull said something about being a vessel for the infinity stones and kidnapped you for the soul purpose to hold the tesseract"

My eyes widen what?

he nodded "the red skull was sadly eradicated in the process as your body absorbed the tesseract"

my eyes widen "no way I swear this feels like some kind of fan-fiction"

"I'm sorry he took you away from your universe I tried to stop him but I was too late know the plane is flying toward the city and if I dont crash it a lot of people will die don't know if we'll live this crash and you'll die with me"

"crash?" I asked even though I new what would happen

"yes their is a less chance for us to make it"

I was nervous before I smiled sadly and put a hand on his shoulder

"dieing along side captain america has been my dream"

he shook his head "but your universe your family and friends the red skull took you from them"

"yes he did" I nodded

"but what good would it do if I mourned I would never forget them but they would want me to live life and prosper"

he nodded "wise words for someone so young"

I pouted Im 18

he chuckled

before we heard a call



I decided to step back as captain america filled in everything that has happened with them

I was thinking to myself {why cant I use the p

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