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Have you heard the tales of our forest? No? It's a great old forest shrouded in mysteries, and sorrow. Some people who travel deep inside it are found lying at the roots of the trees, unconscious, spouting horrible tales of a shadowy monster lurking between the branches of the oaks. Others never return.

Knowing of something like that existing is truly terrifying, but what can we simple folk do? The church laughs at us, saying that people who went in must have eaten some mushrooms or gone to the state of paranoia while left alone with their thoughts. "Waste of hunters," they say. "It's probably some wild animal," they say, but I know what I saw! The face of death! Bearing the skull of a deer, and the skin of a bear, taking the shape of a human!

"Oh Johan, would you quit your rambling? You poured the mead all over the table again!" a woman entered the room a drunk man was occupying.

"I know what I saw Jasmine! I am not insane!" the man shouted as he slammed down a wooden cup filled to the brim with mead.

"Here you go spilling again." the woman shook her head. "Johan, you need to stop drinking. What kind of an example would you be for our daughter?"

"I know, I know… it's just.."

"Honey, everyone knows the legend of the forest. It's nobody's fault, but yours that you went there on your own, drunk at night." the woman swiped the bottle off the table.

"You are no different than the rest! You don't believe me!" The man shouted, tightly grasping the cup.

Without either of them noticing, small, gentle footsteps made their way to the doorframe.

"Mom, what's happening?" a small girl in a pure white dress, asked curiously.

"It's nothing, go back to your bed. It's late and we have some work to do tomorrow." the woman quickly rushed towards the girl, trying her hardest to cover the unpleasant view of the drunk man.

"Fine, goodnight!" the little girl jumped up and wrapped her arms around the woman's neck, giving her a warm hug, before quickly running away with them spread.

"Do you really want to make her life even harder than it is? The kids are already giving her a hard time, calling her names like "scaredy cat" merely because of how her hair looks." the woman explained, slowly pushing the door shut, peeking to see if the child had gone into her room.

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"I know it's not a common color, but she looks like a little angel. I don't understand why they're calling her names." the man grumbled, taking a sip from his cup.

"Kids are kids, they will call you names for whatever reason. Especially, if you stand out from the rest." The woman elucidated as she ripped the cup from Johan's drunken hands.

"Hey! I wasn't finished with that!"

"You are done drinking for tonight. Get a hold of yourself, will you? We have a daughter to feed." she said in a serious matter.

"Fine, but I am only doing

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