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Gunshots echoed through the bank as everyone ran around in panic. The bankers were all cowering in fear behind their little desks, but one young woman wasn't cowering. Not because she wasn't scared of death, but because of something she realized.

Two years ago. Two years ago was when this young woman tried to commit suicide. Standing on top of the roof of a bank, the young woman was ready to end it all. It was a fine day too. The wind was nice, not too strong, not too weak. There was almost no noise from the normally busy city below, which was perfect for this young woman. She didn't want anyone to be around when she jumped. Looking down at the hard concrete below her, she got ready to step forward.

Before she could, a young man had run up to her and grabbed her, pulling her towards him. Along with a couple of curses, the young man asked her why she would ever want to do such a thing. The young man went on to explain how he found the woman beautiful, amazing even. He said that he had always been watching her from afar, and that he had always wanted to approach her, but he never knew how to. The young man then went on to tell her that he wanted her to live on, and be strong. Like most people might expect, this caused the young woman to fall in love with him. However, it was not meant to be, as they never met each other again after that.

Well, until today that is. The young man, who this young woman looked up to, was dressed in all black right in front of her, shooting countless innocent people as he robbed the bank. The young woman couldn't help but think about how awful this man was, but she found herself even more awful for looking up to this man. What felt the worst though, was the fact that her hero was actually a villain.

Whether it had been by fate or coincidence, a gun had slid close to the young woman. Shaking slightly, she grabbed it, staring at her so called hero. Was it worth it? Should she kill him right there? He was killing countless people after all, and to top it all off, he was laughing while doing it like he enjoyed it. However, was it worth becoming a killer? Was it worth becoming as awful as him?

No, it wasn't. No matter how much she tried to rationalize killing him, she couldn't do it. To her, even through all of this, that man was still her hero. A sick, twisted, and vile hero. To this young woman there was only one thing left to do, but she needed to take care of something first.

Shaking slightly, the young woman stood up and brushed off any dirt or dust that might have been on her white and green uniform. Looking at her hero, she smiled. Not out of happiness, but out of sadness, because she realized something. Hero's aren't real, and they never would be. A hero would be someone that would commit no sin, that would do no harm, but those didn't exist. At least, not to this young woman.

Screaming at the young man, the young woman looked upset as tears streamed down her face. The young man stared at her in shock and confusion, almost like he didn't realize who she was. After a minute, he finally remembered her, but that didn't matter anymore. This young man wasn't the same one that the woman remembered. He had been molded over the years into a criminal.

As the two acquaintances stared at each other, the young woman decided that it was time. Calling the young man her fake hero, she smiled a sick, twisted smile as she raised the gun to her head. Two years ago, she had tried to kill herself and failed. However, there was no one to interrupt her this time, no hero in sight.


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