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A mystical land covered in mountains and trees. There lived animals, from bears and lions to unicorns and dragons. However, Glimmerwind was in a terrible state. The black dragon was destroying the city and the king, Arthur, was helpless against it. One day, his right-hand man Bombastic told the king that one day a hero would come and defeat the dragon, Apophis. The king was overjoyed, but as the years passed, no hero came.

Two years later, Sophia and Jullian fel in love, Liam was born, and he grew up to be a great man. He learned how to fight from his father and how read from his mother. When he came up to age, he left his hometown and traveled a lot of places to the kingdom of Glimmerwind. When he got to the city, he went straight to the castle, but when he tried to go inside the king's chamber, a pair of the king's royal guards kicked him out. Liam got so mad that he got in a fight with the two royal guards and won! When the king heard this he was so impressed he invited Liam to join him for dinner.

As they ate, the king asked him a few questions.

The king said, "So Liam, where did you come from and why did you want to talk to me?"

Liam said, "I came from Dinfur and I want to become a knight."

"Okay then. I shall knight you, Sir Liam. Your first job is to defeat the terrible dragon, Apophis."

"… You want… me… to fight the evil dragon! … Fine, my lord." Liam left the king's chamber and went to the royal armory. From there he took a long sword, a bow, and a shield. As he was leaving the castle, the king's most trusted wizard, Animagus, greeted him by the entrance.

"Greetings, I've heard from the king that you are our newest knight and that he told you to go kill the dragon. I thought you might have needed some help so here is a magic scroll that will help you defeat the dragon. I hope you may come back to us once again." And with that Liam set off.

On the third day of his journey, he saw a big black dot flying in the sky over a small village. Suddenly, an explosion shook the ground! A lone villager staggered toward him covered in wounds. He said, "Help… the dragon… Apophis has… destroyed our village. Please help us…" and with that he fainted. Liam was shocked as he saw the villager faint before his eyes. After coming back from his shock, Liam jumped on a nearby horse and set off toward Apophis.

For three days straight, Liam chased Apophis down until it stopped at the Mountain of Materhorn. After leaving the horse at the bottom of the mountain, Liam began his climbing up the mountain. When he reached the top, the dragon was asleep after some meal and Liam was prepared to defeat it. He grabbed his sword and prepared to hit Apophis when it suddenly opened its eyes. It roared from anger and hit Liam aside. His sword broke in two pieces and his bow was blown away down the mountain. It seemed like Liam was going to fail his mission, but he remember that he had the wizard's scroll. He pulled out his scroll and began to read the spell…

Suddenly, his shield began to glow, shinning like the sun, it became a glowing rotating disc of light. He charged at Apophis and the dragon blew flames at him. But, the flames never hit Liam, because the shield blew them away before they hit him. Without the flames, Apophis was weak and with one throw of his rotating shield, Liam defeated him.

He took the sliced head with him as a proof of his victory. Climbed down the mountain back to his horse. And took off.

He returned to Glimmerwind with his horse. Showed Apophis' head and the king, Arthur, crowned him the white knight for his brave acts of knightliness against the evil dragon! And he became a renown hero throughout the lands!

As the Dragon slayer, Liam!

The End

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