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Ying'Er and her men got ambushed. "Let's split up." Her men nods and escapes. Ying'Er then went on her way.

She was badly injured but that doesn't stops her from fleeing. She then heads inside of a rundown bookstore.

"Let's hide here for now." As she looks around curiosity, she didn't see a pile of books. She trips over. "Ouch."

One of the books in the bookshelf fell on the floor. Ying'Er rubs her head as she didn't know the pages are flipping its page. "Ying'Er" Ying'Er freezes and listens. "Ying'Er.." Ying'Er stands up and looks around.

"Who's there?" "...Ying'Er" She turns around and steps on the book that was on the floor. The light shines so brightly that Ying'Er shuts her eyes tightly. "Ugh."

She was sucked into the book. The book then was closed as if no one has touch it.

(In ancient time)

Ying'Er laying on the bed. She slowly opens her eyes. She noticed unfamiliar ceiling. She sits up as putting her hand on her head.

Someone drops something on the floor. Ying'Er turns and looks. The maid gasped. "Miss, you're finally awake." (Miss..?) "Who are you?"

The maid got onto her knees. "Miss Ling'Er, I am Lu, your maid, did you forget again?" (Again?) Ying'Er gets out of the bed and notices herself in the mirror. (Ling'Er? This means I....traveled back in time. But...why?)

"Miss?" "I'm sorry." "No, not at all. I think they're onto this." "They?" "Yes, other concubines are competing one another just to gain favor to the Crown Prince. They often call you up and...and...put something in your food and drink."

(Ohh? Someone wants to stops Ling'Er to become a queen?) "I'm alright. I want to take a walk." "Okay. Let's get your change."

Soon enough Ying'Er sees a memory of Ling'er. Ling'er saved Lu from being sold to prostitution. Lu then swears that she will only serves Ling'er as her own master. They're always together.

Later, Ying'Er and Lu went out for a walk. As time goes by, they both encounter the Crown Prince and 5th Concubine. "Oh? Sister Ling'er. Are you feeling alright?"

(This is the 5th concubine, Mengxu.) "I'm alright." "Care to join us?" "Thanks but no thanks." Mengxu was shocked. (She rejects my offer?)

Crown Prince looks disinterested. Ying'Er and Lu heads to the lotus pond. Ying'Er's face lightens. "Wow. So beautiful."

She sensed someone's presence. (Who's looking over here?) Ying'Er ignores and admired the flower. She picks it up from the pond.

One of the maids, noticed and said; "My lady, I apologize but you cannot take the flower with you?" "Ah I can't?"

A man's voice; "Rou. It's alright." Ying'Er turns around and notice a man with a mysterious aura around him. (Who's that?)

Lu whispers and said; "that's the Crown Prince's third Uncle, TianHua." (Is that so?)

Ying'Er kept staring at TianHua. Lu nudge Ying'Er. "Miss.!" Ying'Er realized and averts her eyes. He chuckles. "You are?"

"Ling'er." (Ling'er?) Lu steps up. "She's the 13th concubine of Crown Prince."

TianHua got disappointed. (She's married.) "I see." Ying'Er tilts her head. "Are you okay?" Ying'Er reaches out and feels his forehead.

(He doesn't have a fever...) His face lightens up a bit. "Third brother." Everyone turns around and sees the TianTong, 2nd Uncle of the Crown Prince. He was smirking.

TianHua went to his serious self. "Don't mind me. I am fine. Excuse me." TianHua left the scene.

TianTong walks up to Ying'Er. "Don't mind him. He's moody because of love sick." He left and follow TianHua.


TianTong snickers. TianHua stops his tracks and yells at TianTong. "What's so funny?" "Youre like a dog wagging its tail just because she touches you."

He looks away, his ears are bashful red. "Is that wrong?" TianTong looks serious. "I heard the Crown Prince and the 5th concubine are looking for ways to get rid of your woman."

TianHua looks at his brother. "Is it true?" "Also, Mengxu....has send numerous of poison to Miss Ling'er's residence. It's b

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