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begining of a looser life,

it was a beutiful morning with a clear sky...

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student go to school like always and at that moment he also think that if he go to school like other normal student he'll have a good time..

yes..he having a good time at school,he found good friend and enjoy but he dont want to home but he have to....

he always dream to move out from his family and manage himself and live by his own..

the reason why he dont want to go home and want to move away was his father was a alchoholic and always beat him every time he get angry and the mother who only love her daughters..

but its ok for him becos he love his sisters and do anything for them,thats why whenever his father beat him and his mother scolded him he never depress as long as his sisters were happy becos they are everything for him.

One day his friend tolh him that there was job vacancy at CASINO and want staff for casino dealer,which was very far from his place.

he was so excited and want to work there .

For the first time in his life,he ask his father money...

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