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"Sigh… Why is aikatsu getting do boring nowadays? Isn't there anyone worthy enough to compete with me?" A red haired girl complained to her friend on the phone.

"Kirari… Are you seriously saying that?" The brown haired boy on the phone replied.

"C'mon, Leo. I know you think that it's boring when it's just us at the top of the school forever." Kirari Estelle said, her hands holding a game console as her eyes stared at the expensive-looking computer screen, sitting behind her were countless trophies with her name on it all.

"That's true but at least I don't think that aikatsu is boring. I'm not like you, miss little genius, who won several trophies ever since grade school without needing to work so hard." Leo Kalama replied sarcastically as he tapped some buttons on his game console skilfully.

"You know that those were mostly just memory-base competitions. It's not even challenging. Oh, right! Let's call the gang. I wanna go play some survival games later. I just got my hands on some new equipments." Kirari suggested as she cleared the boss in her game effortlessly.

"Nope! You know that our academy's annual competition is near and I need to prepare myself too. By the way, are you going to take part in the competition this time?" Leo asked. Last year, Kirari had entered the competition and effortlessly won first place for the girl's section even though she had just entered her middle school, Saint Stella Academy. However, she didn't attend the cross-academy competition since she found it boring.

Leo had also entered the competition and won first place for his academy, Saint Stella Academy, but he got third place for the cross-academy competition.

"Hmm… Probably no. There's no point in me taking part in the first competition and not go to the other one. I'll let the other idols take it." Kirari said uninterestedly as she logged out of her game and switched on her TV lazily.

"Thought so. But I heard that there are several new idols this year that seemed promising. Who knows, you might even find someone better than you." Leo replied as he also logged out of his game and started searching through Kirakiratter [1].

"Maybe…" Kirari replied lazily as her eyes was fixed on the TV screen. The channel she was on was coincidentally talking about the annual competition of her idol academy, Saints Academies Group.

Saints Academies Group currently consists of four academies; Saint Stella Academy, Saint Luna Academy, Saint Chrysalis Academy, and Saint Rosa Academy.

Saint Stella Academy is situated in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is very famous for carving unique and individualistic idols, who mostly has dancing as a specialty.

Saint Luna Academy is in London, England. It is famous for their elegant and graceful idols and specializes in creating great actor and actresses.

Saint Chrysalis Academy is in Athens, Greece. This was actually the first of the four academies, making it has the longest history of creating many different idols. Most idols from this academy graduate and becomes both an idol and designer. They are especially good at infusing nature with aikatsu. There is even a large greenhouse in the academy for students to bond with nature!

Lastly, Saint Rosa Academy is the newest academy of these four, situating in Shanghai, China. Being the newest academy comes with a lot of responsibility. Therefore, many of the idols in this academy are multi-talented, meaning they specialize in at least two fields from the four; dancing, acting, modelling, and singing.

Saint Academies Group holds two large competitions every year. The first one is a competition within each academy to find out who will advance to the next large competition; the cross-academy competition. Two idols. From each academy, two idols (one from the boy's section and the other from the girl's section) will get the chance to go travel to Japan, where many idols do their aikatsu, and compete with others from the other three academies. The

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