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"She loves me?"

"She loves me not?"

I kept asking myself over and over counting the entire peanut one by one out of the saucer when Rick the bar tender arrived and offered me a drink.

"Your glass is empty, would you like a refill?" Rick showing me the bottle of whisky, he poured me a drink and when he was about to leave I stopped him.

"Just leave the whole bottle," I told him then I started to drink.

"Girl problem?" he smiled at me.

"How did you know?" I raised my eyebrows.

"I've been working here for ten years, and the moment you entered my bar, I can tell exactly the reason you're here" he smirked.

"Yeah right" I rolled my eyes and continued drinking.

"You know I'm a good listener? And since there are only few customers here I can spare you some of my time. Free of charge." He stood in front of me on the other side of the counter.

"Nah… I'm good. No Thanks," I said confidently. He turned his back and walked away when I stopped him. "She's not that special you know?" I clenched my fist and looked straight at him.

"Really? How so?" He walked closer to me, grabbed a chair and sat on it.

"I mean with my good looks I can get any girl I wanted, I can replace her anytime! She's neither pretty nor sexy; she's rude, ill-mannered, aggressive, liberated and crazy! She's not even my type!" I gritted my teeth in silent fury just thinking about her.

"Whoa chill out buddy, I get it! So how did you two guys meet?" he chuckled.

I stopped for a while and thought so hard trying to remember everything... How did we meet? Ah, Yes I remembered.

Flashback… Two week ago…

I was sitting in this bar drinking as usual when I saw her on the other end of the bar counter. She was drinking alone. She was wearing a low-cut top and skinny jeans. Her figure was not that bad, but not as good compared to the girls I used to date. Nothing about her interests me so I proceeded with my drinking routine.

Until one guy walked toward her and introduced himself.

"Hi there I'm Bruce! Can I buy you a drink? What's your name?" he was reaching his hand for a handshake.

"I'm a Lesbian" she said looking straight into his eyes.

The man walked away and she continued drinking while staring to nothingness. After half an hour another man walked towards her and asked the same question and to my surprise her response was:

"Would you like to have sex with me?" she said bluntly looking straight at him.

"Hell yeah!" the man eagerly said.

"Sorry! I'm not that type of a woman please leave." She continued to drink.

I burst out of laughter just watching them and listening to their conversation. She's so crazy of course any man would say "YES" when a woman asks if they wanted to have sex.

I got curious; I wanted to know if she would give me her name if I were the one who asks her. I decided to walk towards her and asked the same question.

"Hi There I'm Clifford! Can I buy you a drink? What's your name?" I gave her my killer smile I bet she can never resist it.

"I'm three months pregnant!" she looked straight into my eyes.

Fuck no! Is she for real? Or she's just testing me?

"So? You know drinking is not good for pregnant woman, would you like me to buy you some juice perhaps?" I said with the same killer smile.

She looked surprised but managed to keep her composure and tried not to make any facial expression.

"Would you like to have SEX with me?" she looked at me the same look she gave to the previous men.

"Nope, I wanted to know you, be friend with you, hang out with you and if I like you then maybe ask you to be my girlfriend then I will have sex with you!" My hands were all shaky and sweaty. I couldn't believe I said that.

Her face lightened and for the first time she smiled so sweetly.

"Got a pen?" she bit her lower lip and batted her lashes.

I was shocked when she said that so I hurriedly asked the bar tender to lend me his pen but unfortunately

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