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"Greetings, I am Slith Fangeri and I am but the instrument of the plot at the age of 8" Introduced I to my classmates they were confused of my clause [as they questioned me in about 3...2....1]

"The plot of what exactly Slith?" hurriedly questioned my classmate as he proved me right about my own predicament I quickly replied to eliminate further annoyances "No, nothing" as I looked him in the eye expecting suspension growing "You may sit beside he" My teacher pointed at the seat of the one whom questioned me as I went and sat down at it [I'm expecting... him to introduce himself in 3...2....1] "Hi! I'm Forrester, Slith nice to meet you I'm hoping we can be best buds" he said he was rather blonde and paled skin with above-average looks "Me too" lied with my fake but convincing smile I replied "Hush now you two! class is starting" [from the looks of things she appears to be friends with Forrester ] "Oh yeah, Slith! this is Rebecca Rabbit-" interrupted by her pinching his mouth, she replied stating "What did you say" in slow pace she was appearing to be threatening

"SORRY OK! I watch Peppa pig!" he defended himself but too late "You three go out!" the teacher shouted.... The door slammed when we were out [How did I get into this?] I pondered but cut off as Forrester apologized "I'm sorry you got into this Slith" I denied using my head... [Here's an interesting idea why don't you rewrite reality] thought my box#1 I usually call him [[FUN]] it stands for Fun, Unless it's, Negative [But please remember the downsides] Box#2 but we will call him [[Fear]]

you already know what I mean right? "Hey" Rebecca snapped at my face and I lost my train of thought with her saying "Were you even listening?!" Shouted she as I tried to regain my thoughts "Lets go over it again shall we Reb" Eyes filled with laziness she replied "We?!" and thus formed [War]...While they were at war I found it a perfect distraction I first took of my contacts [Ha! ah kid wearing contacts man the author must be crazy- [[Fun]] [Shh! They might hear you - I whispered [[Fear]] Suddenly my eyes were the color of the Poseidon's most pure waters never ever seeing the bottom and I saw digits, numbers with different meanings all around every single particle it scattered my sight like flies on sweet honey I rearranged them with precision and order [Whew! I should now be done] with the final piece of the puzzle done it was now time that was in my way I just have to count in 3....2.....1 " TGTGTGTGGTGTGTGTGGTGTGT!!!!!" Gunfire was to be heard at the school "Dear Students please hide within a safe perimeter ,there appears to be a terrorist insi---------------------" the speaker said before it was shot and sounded like a microphone facing a speaker, suddenly our door opened and our teacher appeared screaming "Quickly! follow me you three" before grabbing Rebecca's hand along with ours, after a couple of running we found a safe place to hide, The students were afraid along with some in t

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