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Deep into the belly of nature, Konoha the epitome of Shinobi villages existed but on this night everything had come crushing down for the denizens of this mighty place. Some would assume it was divine punishment for their arrogance and corruption or as majority would say it was a sign of weakness. On this night the screams of terror and despair could be heard everywhere, half of the village in ruins and the shinobis trying their best to get everything under control after the Kyuubi had rocked the place.

At ground zero of the final battle of the Kyuubi and the 4th Hokage, a cry of new born child could be heard breaking the suffocating silence. But there was no one to assure the safety of the child, as it was surrounded by the corpses of its parents.

The third Hokage Hiruzen had been stopped by the barrier erected by Kushina Uzumaki and was unable to stop his successor from making a big mistake. The events of the night and the finale had sapped him of his spirit, he felt so very tired. He along with his retinue walked slowly to ground zero to find the legacy of his successor but night of tragedy had not ended, as they all witnessed a masked figure appear from underground and took the child, leaving the place and restoring the silence to this solemn night.

'WHY?' Hiruzen questioned as his legs shook from the shock but he held strong for the people, he held back his sadness and walked back to his people

"The Kyuubi is dead."


In the hide out of the Akatsuki which was located in the Rain village, Obito walked in along with an unconscious baby. Today marked the beginning of his ambition to create the world in his image, with his teacher and Kushina Uzumaki out of the way along with Konoha being weakened.

It had the consequence of destroying the balance of the Shinobi world, which would be according to plan and make it easy for the organization to gather the bijuus. He was fully confident in achieving his dream and reuniting with his love but betrayal was something he abhorred, so to give some measure of atonement he decided to save the only legacy of his teacher.

He decided to take care of the child as best as he could to survive this cruel world even if he had to shape him into a monster. Obito thought Minato wouldn't mind his son turning into a psychopath, if he at least gets to live a happy life.

'You wouldn't mind, would you Teacher?' Obito smiled at the thought, it was mere remnant of his original smile

After the meeting was adjourned, Obito had Orochimaru start working on the solution to the problem that would arise from the extraction of the bijuu from Naruto. So he had Zetsu work with him who could help in the research to integrate Hashirama's cells and he also suggested the bloodline of the Kaguya clan. The other members would provide to research subjects to experiment on and encourage Orochi by letting him add more if he thought it would be appropriate. Orochi was excited b

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