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Good day to everyone!!

Sadly, I have to make an announcement that this account will be no more in use because of some issues that I faced for a few weeks now.

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I found some copies of 'A Thousand Lotus' and 'Love is War: My Wife is a Spy' in some other websites and though, I appreciate the thought of sharing my novel. I, however, do not like it when someone takes credit for my effort and work hence, I had to stop using this account and delete the novel.

I promised before that I will release updates but now, I am not sure anymore...

I sincerely apologize to every loyal readers who looked forward to my works and thank you for being there and giving support.

If you still want to support me and my journey as an author, I recently created a new account ( https://m.webnovel.com/profile/4308221266 )


But Wait!!!

After thinking about how much sleep I sacrificed for this novel, after thinking for a few days... I decided that I will be CONTINUING this novel but for now, I need to do a major editing and cleaning (Because Author-nim doesn't have an editor to do it.)

I will also update a new chapter release after finalising everything but I will not post it in here but on my new account.



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