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Age 7:

2: "I'll help."

1: "THANK YOU! I need to understand the concept of a soulmate."

2: "A true love of course."

1: "Too boring, love is too fickle, I love pizza more than anything else so is pizza my soulmate?"

2: "You know what I wouldn't surprise if that fact was true."

1: "You're making fun of me!"

2: "So, what if I'm! You're being annoying!"

1: "Then why are you still here!"

2: "Because I love you!"

Age 16:

1: "What is a soulmate!"

2: "This again! I've already explained this. A soulmate is a true love!"

1: "So am I your soulmate?"

2: "Yes!"

1: "But I don't love you. You only love me, so how are we soul mates?"

2: "Because we are, you idiot!"

1: "You make no sense on this topic!"

2: "I love you more than anything else, I accept your flaws, I want to be with no one else!"

Age 19:

1: "College huh? Where you going?"

2: The same place as you."

1: "What? You got into Harvard why you going to the same place as me?"

2: "Because I love you!"

1: "I'm not your soulmate!"

2: "Yes you are! You might not love me, but I love you!"

2: "I don't care about the repercussions I will always follow you!"

Age 19:

2's Parents: You can't do this!

2: This isn't your choice!

Parents: We pay the bill! You are going to Harvard!

2: I will work for it myself than! I will do this!

Parents: Soulmates aren't real! You can't follow him everywhere, he doesn't love you!

2: I don't care!

Age 23:

1: Will you marry me?

2: YES!

Age 35:

1: What are soul mates?

2: What we are.

1: That isn't an answer.

2: Fated to be together. A pair who traverse obstacles to find one another.

1: But you have always been next to me, there were no obstacles.

2: It took you longer to notice the fact though, that was your challenge.

1: Boring?

Age 80:

With hands held, they sit together life gone from them both. From meeting to death, they never left one another. Through life it's projected he didn't face challenges; however, let us travel back to age 7:

1: I love her!

3: You're 16 years too young!

Age 16:

1: I will live up to her expectations!

3: Grow up! You aren't even worthy of her shadow.

Age 19:

1: I failed, I didn't make it. It's over huh? I couldn't even live up to her shadow.

Age 23:

1: She said yes! She waited for me!


3: "So what is a soulmate is the question I pose to you all"

3: The answer is variable, but these two were lovers from first meeting.

3: In the theme of soulmates they found each other.

3: They accepted each other for who they were without expecting changes.

3: If asked this is how I would describe soulmates.

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