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Natsu is walking in the middle of the forest that he house resides. He is staring up at the sky as the sun is close to setting. He doesn't seem like himself as he walks in complete silence nature around him the only sounds. The reason for Natsu's silence had been that he had just reunited the girl he had been raising for the past seventeen years with her family. "Ryukyu..." Natsu says as a smile slowly makes its way on his face. Looking back on the memories as Natsu continues his walk by to house.

"DADDY!" came the shouting voice of a three-year-old in her crib. In came a pink haired man at the immediate sound of her voice. This not being the first time this has happened he just walks over to her crib and picks her up. It was early morning and she had just woken up. This is the Dragneel family of Natsu and his Daughter Ryukyu. Holding her in his arms as she giggled you could see she oddly looked nothing like nothing. Not his pin...I mean salmon hair, his infamous smile, his eyes face nothing. Yet Natsu didn't seem to care about any of that as he rocked her flailing happy form in his arms. Ryukyu had pure silver hair, orange eyes, and a slightly pointed face. She was fairly small but had pretty long hair. Right now Natsu saw her as his own child he just knew one day she would have to learn the truth.

Ryukyu is now five years old and much to Natsu's disappointment she is starting to question things. Just this afternoon at lunch she asked a question Natsu was dreading. "Dad why have I never met my mom?" Ryu had a completely calm and innocent voice yet full of curiosity. Natsu seemed to freeze for a moment as the words clicked in his mind. Quickly thinking up an answer he says, "Uhhh When you were born there were some large complications to which your mother had to leave. She loves you very much but some extremely important things happened and she had to leave us sadly." Natsu hated that he had to lie to her, but this wasn't the time for her to know the truth. She seemed to trust him as she went back to eating her food

As Ryu grew older her questioning of what had happened to her mother never came up. She seemed somewhat sad she hadn't grown up with a mother, but she felt content with having Natsu as a parent. Living with Natsu was not an easy float by thing. He didn't have a great amount of money enough to live, but nothing fancy was in her life. Since it was just the two of them she had to help do chores around the house as Natsu would get bored on his own. She had a sense of independence when living with Natsu as she learned more life roles. For unknown reasons to her just because she was from a poor upbringing, she gets made fun. The group of people that made fun of her was the daughter of Lucy and Gray Fullbuster. She didn't have the newest things or even extremely nice things. She had what she needed in life though and that was what wanted. She had her own little group of friends and she was content with just that. Right now she i

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