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The vast universe was on site, he could see all of the creation, after dying on a fierce battle against the Demon Sovereign, Xuan Tianlong was now a mere soul, he used his most powerful treasure to survive, the Time Medallion, after using it the time start to go back he could see everything changing, planes comprising some other reconstructing, trillions of trillions of creatures dying and being born, countless battles happening, he saw something that no one had ever seen and all in an instant.

Then everything stopped, he was now in a mortal plane, in a little city were humans were the only creatures present, he as the former Dragon Sovereign didn't really think much of this city. His soul moved by the talisman that has integrated with his soul bring him to a room where a woman was giving birth, but his child was soulless, and it wasn't moving, for a moment the room turned grim, the faces of the people were solemn they thought that the child was dead. Again and without anyone in the room realizing the time medallion move his soul into the little child body, then the soul begins to merge with the child, after a few seconds a sharp cry stun all present in the room, the child was alive and was crying with a lot of strength.

The mother was crying tears of joy and while sobbing said: "My baby is alive, dear our son is crying, look at how healthy he looks, thank god"

The immediately run to her side to look at the child's face, with a warm smile he looks at him and said: "This child really give us a fright, I think he needs some spanking"

The women fiercely looked at him and yelled: "Hmpt if you touch him the one receiving the spanking will be you old man"

"Haha, wife don't be so fierce with me, I'm just happy that he is alive"

The women look at his son and ask: "What is going to be his name?"

"Tianlong, Xuan Tianlong"

Everyone in the room looks happy with the name, really dominating like a sovereign, heaven dragon.


3 years later a little boy was in a room surrounded by books, geography, cultivation, politics, and some more. This kid was Tianlong, he has spent his first 3 years in the Xuan clan, one of the 3 great clans of Jing city. The 3 clans were Song, Lee, and Xuan. They live in harmony for a long time, the three have an ancestor at the late Essence formation real, and they were equally powerful, the city also had an Alchemist guild and a Blacksmith guild, they were subsidiaries of the Alchemist and Blacksmith that were powerhouses in the capital.

Jing City was located in the Xia Empire, one of the 4 rules of the mortal part of the Sky Continent, they are referred to as mortal part because of the 4 sects behind them, they were the real powerhouses that content for supremacy on the continent, they were FireSky sect, Water Sky sect, AirSky sect, and EarthSky sect. They were founded by 4 experts that were proficient in that 4 mortal laws, the law of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.


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