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The year was 2025 Russia and USA are at war with the US operating on Russian soil. At the base of a mountain in Russia, there was a rugged handsome man with a beard that gave off a mountain man vibe. He was wearing a US. snow camo gear that had been stained in blood, there was a visible name tag on the chest of the man that read Deus, John. He held a fire axe in his right hand, it was dripping with fresh blood gleaming in the sun. Within his left hand held a Beretta 45. with the slide back, clearly out of ammo. John knelt down and searched the pockets of his vest for a magazine only to find a single bullet in his front left trouser pocket. He put the last round in his chamber from the top. John stood up and glanced behind him and saw three corpses of Russian soldiers he had previously killed.

John took a glance at his axe, then swung the blood off the head, creating a dotted line of red blood on the white snow. He looked past the corpses and to a building on fire in the background which had been the house he slept in the previous night. He looked past the burning building and saw 2 BTR-152s approaching, he turned back around making a mad dash for the tree line. He ran to the back of a tree marked in red paint partially covered in snow and dug with his axe in the frozen ground, until he heard a deep thud.

After clearing the dirt quickly he opened the 150cm long wooden box and pulled out a Barrett M82 with 1 clip. He loads the rifle then dashed up the mountain into a vantage point, as he was running, the thin tree in front of him blasted in half. After hearing the booming sound coming from his left he guessed he was taking sniper fire so he ran further into the woods, after another boom he felt a searing pain in his left thigh but he hobbled behind a thicker tree. Still hearing the bangs and feeling the thuds of the tree as it was shot John shouldered the rifle to shoot from a crouched position he popped around the corner shooting in the direction he guessed the sniper would be and fired two consecutive shots then ran to another thick tree for cover. While he was running he heard another bang while he was taking a step with his left leg only to not make the step, as his leg had been torn in two from the previous shot. He crawled while growling in pain behind the tree, John reached behind his back to a pouch and pulled out a tourniquet and with a howl akin to a beast he tightened it. He then grabbed the Barrett and tried his hardest to calm down his breathing, after calming his breath he rolled over and quickly took aim in the direction of the sniper after spotting the sniper, while he did a split second search.

"Found you bastard!" After Johns excited remark he puled the trigger whilst aiming at a person who was laying down holding a rifle. There was a bang then half a second later the man with the rifle collapsed with a mist of blood covering the area around him. "I'll show you fuckers how a real man is supposed to fight!" John shout

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