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MC, Jack, 14 years old listens to his music all day, everyday, anywhere, everywhere.

"Ehhh, Hibachi with the family, Sure, I'll just be listening to music though" Jack replies to his mom

"Come on Jack, You're going out to eat with your family lay off the music every once in a while" Mom replies back

"I don't like talking to family, you know this just let me listen to my music." Jack replies back

"Fine, we're leaving in 30 minutes, be ready." Mom says

Jack listens to his same spotify playlist as always singing quietly to himself

(30 minutes pass)

"Okay Jack, honey, We're going now! get in the car!" Mom yells across the house

Jack gets in the passenger seat while his mom drives them to Hibachi.

"Okay, you better be nice to your family, you haven't seen them in months!" Mom states

"I'll do my best." Jack replies quietly

"Ah, Sammy! I haven't seen you in a long time! Hows Jack doing?" Jack's Aunt says to his Mom

"He's still as quiet as always, constantly listening to his music... You know how it is, his rebel phase." Mom says

"Thank goodness my children are past their phases already!" Aunt comments

There is 8 people in total and they all go in and sit at a table...

"Hello! My name is Taylor your waiter today, what can I get you all" the waiter says

It goes down the line of 8 people stating what they'd like to drink

"And you? Fine gentleman with the headphones on?" The waiter ask's

"Coke.." Jack replies

"Aha, I'll get all those drinks!" The waiter comments

"I'm gonna go get fresh air." Jack says to his mom before going outside

Its 7:00 PM on a Friday night with his family in the restaurant Jack sits staring at the crescent shaped moon while listening to his favorite song quietly singing the lyrics.

"I'll give you one underdog and you- Ahh I hate these lamppost they're too bright in this lovely dark night.." Jack says looking at the light

2 cars park side by side with 2 females getting out of each vehicle running towards the restaurant

'Suspicious very suspicious, looked like they were running at me- Well whatever the wind is very nice tonight..' Jack thinks to himself with the leaves blocking the bright lamppost

3 females run back to their cars energetically, laughing for whatever reason

"My drinks probably at the table by now... I guess I'm kinda thirsty" Jack says quietly to himself while getting up

As Jack gets up, one of the four females points a knife to his chest saying "Haha, get in the car" With behind him one of the two cars pull up with the back door open.

"Ah, Sure." Jack calmly replies

Jack gets into the car still listening to music

"So kid, whats your name." One of the females ask

"Jack." Jack replies

"Why don't ya give us your phone, and headphones" The female in the passenger seat says

"Come on, at least let me listen to music, if you're kidnapping me." Jack replies

"Huh? Do you not know the situation your in right now? You're being kidnapped, Now give us your phone and headphones" The female in the passenger states angrily

"Come on, How bout this if I give you my stuff, you put on the bluetooth, We can compromise." Jack says

"N-" The female in the passenger seat gets out before being interrupted by the driver

"Haha, you're funny kid sure we'll put on the music." The driver says

"Ah, Thanks that's all you needed to say.." Jack says as he's giving his stuff to the passenger

Five minutes passed since Jack put on a song to play

"So kid, You're not worried?" The driver says

"I just wanna listen to my music." Jack replies

The cars pull up to a warehouse as they hear sirens

"Ok, get out the car." The driver says

Jack gets out the car followed by the four other females

The driver leads Jack to the back of the warehouse handcuffing him to a pole

"Ight kid, you're staying here for a while. Have fun." the driver says before walking away


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