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I died. I meet the Creator. He gave me 10 wishes. I made myself OP.

I wished things that I think would help me in my next reincarnation, and since the Creator didn't refuse then it must be still okay.

1. Maximum Charm and Charisma

2. Unlimited Stamina/Energy/Mana

3. A generous Anime System that has all about animes.

4. Instant Mastery of everything

5. Eidetic Memory

6. Ability to grant immortality to anyone.

7. Primordial Chaos God Bloodline

8. Hypergrowth

9. Ability to create weapons, pills, and techniques (skills, spells, and abilities)

10. Hyper-regenaration

If any of my fellow men back on Earth find out about my wish they would literally rain with curses and some contempt. Well, not like I really care since this is my life (story) and not theirs.

After I arrived at the first world of my reincarnation the first thing that I did was to look for girls.






Okay! Don't look at me like that, I just want to ask some questions, okay! You asked me why should it be a girl? Well, its because I LOVE THEM and I'm straight and I really don't like talking to men, I prefer talking to cute and beautiful girls.

Back to my current situation, I first went to the nearest city which is the only thing that I saw for the next few hundred kilometers. I just walked towards there while I checked the system that I have.

I received a beginners pack, harem pack, travelers pack, warrior pack, mage pack, otherworldly pack, and an anime pack.

I don't know if this is normal but why did I received seven packs, not like I'm refusing to receive it I am just acting humble and all.

I can also feel my self getting stronger and stronger by just walking, must be the effect of the hyper-growth. I am really glad that I wished for these since this would be really helpful for me.

As I arrived at the city, I was really disappointed because there was not really much pretty girls walking in the street, but I did saw a lot of carriages and from the smell of it riding inside it must be pretty noble girls.

And then I decided to create a sect but just for girls only, just thinking about it I received a sect building pack which really surprised me, just how generous is this system, I didn't even spend any points yet I am already stuffed with skills, abilities, and items.

I went to the nearest mountain and then that is where a put the mountain that I received from the system, it has 200 times the spiritual energy which will be really helpful in the cultivation of both warriors and mages.

Then I put many villas around the mountain since it is a special mountain that would affect the land around it so it means that the land around it also has 200 times more spirit energy concentration.

Then I put several that would be helpful but I won't be mentioning them since it would be really a spoiler if I make this into a novel. Just imagine that I made a sect in just seconds whi

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