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3000 years ago, there was a great war between the different clans that shook the foundations of the world itself. This war that was dubbed "The great holy war" left most of the clan scattered and almost extinct. Resulting in three clans left standing which were the humans, the dragons and the demons.

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The human clan survived despite being one of the weakest clans due to their high reproductive rate and their resourcefulness which allowed them to adapt and survive the war and becoming one of the three great clans and even learned magic.

The dragon clan while they were few in numbers due to the fact that they hardly came across each other as they prefer solitude and keep wandering around, they were extremely powerful and anyone stumbling across one and agitating them would never see daylight again. This earned them a place in the three great clans.

The demon clan ,while not as powerful as the dragons nor as populated like the humans, were very adapt in their mystical and dark arts and most of them had strong vitality hence they could survive most fatal wounds and became another of the three great clans. The demon clan also unlike the other two great clans was composed of different demonic factions and had a overall ruler named Azarath.

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