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This particular day Dozie was in daddy's room again. He had been called in after daddy had looked at his SS1 first term result. Dozie told me that whenever he went into daddy's room like this particular day, it was to receive fatherly advice. He was all smiles late that afternoon as he came to pick me from the primary section of our school, BRIGHT MINDS SCHOOLS, Okota. I knew immediately that he had passed his exams and that he would not repeat. But then I was not sure. Dozie also smiled even when things were very wrong. So I asked.

"Did you pass?" I was looking up at him trying to catch a glimpse of sadness but I found none. I believed that he had passed until he said,

"No. But I'm not going to repeat. It's just first term". Then I was sad for him, but he seemed not to be.

"Will daddy be happy?" I asked.

"Daddy understands" he replied.

How I wished Dozie had shown a bit of sadness, at least for me to feel a bit of the gravity of what he felt on the inside. Dozie was a sweet elder brother.

"Nonye, please come out of the road," he said to me as he drew me to his side, shielding me from vehicles and motorcycles; he was so protective of me. His left scarred arm held me close to his sweaty body, he had played a lot of football that day in school, he was a good player, and he was my hero.

Mummy had warned him about playing rough. I can remember that day when mummy asked him to pull off his T-shirt and was shocked at the numerous scars on his back, chest, and stomach.

"Ennnh! Chidozie you are playing too much! Chidozie you are playing too much! Chidozie you are playing too much!" She repeated as if by repeating the sentence severally, Dozie would understand her better.

"Mummy I'm becoming a man" Dozie replied.

"Keep shut biko! See the way your body is as if the world decided to use koboko on you" mummy was apparently not happy." Are you sure those teachers in your school don't use cane on you?"

"No mummy" Dozie replied. Truly teachers were not allowed to flog students in our school. They could only make students go through some punishments. But even if they were allowed to flog, they wouldn't leave such wild marks on the body as the ones on Dozie's body.

"Nne, get me the G.V on the table in my room" she was talking to me. I went into her room and brought the little bottle with purple liquid in it. She smeared the liquid on the fresh wounds running across Dozie's body. Mummy sobbed as she did this. Even the scars of old wounds were still visible.

"I will tell your daddy to allow you to watch TV and play some games in the house. So that you don't go to school li..li.ke a dog set free from a cage, then you..you play like you've not seen play before, you injure yourself and bring yourself home for me to treat. Causing me high blood pressure at this age....look at your body Dozie, look at you." mummy was sad.

Daddy allowed us to watch T.V later on, but it was only during the weekends. Daddy was a pri

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