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drcdrx > Overlord second > 1 The coming of the overlord
The apocalypse came and changed earth terrain and it size became like that of jupiter, the creature evolved while the human gained an ability. When the apocalypse descended human civilization was erased by the rampaging evolving beast and the crazy growth of the plant, and human was on the verge of extinction even with their newfound ability.

Five years after the coming of apocalypse human first settlement was founded by twelve people that was called the founder, a years after many new settlement was founded by the twelve founder or other human and by the third years since the first settlement foundation a country the size of 10.000 million kilometer square or a bit bigger than canada was founded, the country was called rising hope country with it capital hope settlement.

Two years after rising hope was founded three new country was founded called azure feather republic, god judgement alliance, and myriad empire. Among the three country myriad empire was only made up of one city and occupied by one man the myriad overlord jiyo zasken.

Jiyo zasken or myriad overlord was the strongest human but he don't care about the other, he was also known as crazy tyrant, because of his wanton act of killing all being and plunder everything he want.

At first the three other country don't care about him until he single handedly exterminate all soul type beast and plant, at the same he also killed every people that have soul type item. He even went as far as almost destroying the capital of the three country because all of the people that have soul type item hide inside the capital of the country and believe they would be save from him, and there was even one that sold their item toward one of the founder and in the end the founder was killed by jiyo, since then he become the enemy off all human.

The three country banded together and send all the army and attack type ability user to attack the myriad empire and kill him. The attack failed and only a handful of the ability user make it back and only a minuscule people that make it back with all of their limb intact and aince then he was hailed as the strongest ability user in the world.

On the second expidition on myriad empire they are meet with a giant hole that can't be seen it bottom instead of the empire.


Five thousand years later planet tetran (formerly known as earth), human now conquered many other planet and became the sole ruler of the milky way galaxy.

Rising hope country, fallen leaf city, howling wind high school, behind the school building there was two student each with their own kind of beauty, one was with platinum hair, a heterochromia of silver and gold, and letting out a feeling of cool beauty confessing to the other beauty with gold red hair that shine under the light, a blazing red eyes, and let out a feeling of blazing beauty like those of fire.

"wuna l love you please be my girlfriend" said the cool beauty toward the blazing beauty, the blazing b

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