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"When did you fall in love?"

I have been asked this same question a multitude of times, consequently every time I'm unsure of the answer. I openly admit to my own lust, but when love came into the picture I didn't know.

The other kids of my college class would say they know the perfect answer, but they don't.

The professor would think he knows the perfect answer, but he doesn't.

Writers would say they know the perfect answer, but they don't.

Me? I know I don't have the perfect answer, I don't have any answers.


"I'm four years single, two more and I got admitted into the forever alone VIP club!" I exclaimed while I typed away on my phone screen.

The text brought me a laugh as I returned to COD remising on my past relationship.

I was in 9th grade and she was in 11th. She was beautiful to the point I didn't know how to act around her, a fiery personality that matched her red hair. A pair of hazel eyes that stole my soul, and a figure I couldn't forget.

I was impulsive and didn't hold back on my desire to date her. It was a fine two to three months, to be exact 2months 3 days 5 hours and 43 minutes.

In two hours, it would be four years from when she vanished.


I went negative the next few games so I closed down my Xbox and went outside the dorm in search of my car. It stood out like a sore thumb as the only sports car in the lot.

I listened to the roar of the engine for a while as I collected my thoughts on even what I expected.

I never came to an answer no matter how many times I followed this same routine. I coasted around campus and floored it once I got to the main road.

I didn't have many thoughts instead I relaxed.


A calm December night drive, I was lost in emotion and I could have lost my life.

The headlights were right in my face, the other car exponentially grew closer to the point I couldn't see out my windshield. I laid my hand down on the horn and jerked my car to the left.

The action had been too violent and the car flipped. I felt my whole world spinning and felt my whole life flash before me. I couldn't hear the screech of the other car as my ears rang. Red was the last thing in my vision before fading to black.


"Uhg," I groaned the pain in my head made it hard to open my eyes.

"Thank god!" A worried female voice exclaimed. Her voice sounded familiar but I couldn't place it.

From wonder of who it could be, I slowly opened my eyes. I couldn't help but groan a second time at both the change of light and sheer agony.

I eventually turned my head, a beauty was directly at my bedside. Her face was contorted in worry, pink quivering lips and brown eyes that glistened from the room's white lights. Her skin tone was golden brown reflective streaks down her otherwise flawless cheeks; this waking image stuck with me as I once more lost consciousness.


My body twitched as I regained consciousness. I fought through the bur

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