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I wasn't sure what it was I was being congratulated on, but those were the words that popped into my view moments after appearing in the middle of a desert.

«You've hit the Jackpot, and won a vacation to another world! We've liquidated your personal assets and made your money available through the Pay Store!»

Putting aside where these bizarre screens were coming from, I had trouble processing what the display before me was trying to convey.


Come to think of it, I was at the casino just a moment ago, wasn't it? I wasn't one to normally gamble, but I was dragged along by my parents and given a Benjamin to waste. I wasn't going to turn away free money, so I found a good machine and…

I somehow ended up here… Is this supposed to be a vacation? Is that a joke? The sun was scorching hot, and all I could see for miles was sparse vegetation, and dry earth.

Worst of all, I was naked.

"Shit," I grumbled, trying to find some kind of shelter. One might think I was lucky no one was around, but I would have rather been embarrassed than be out in the hot desert alone. Without any shoes, the ground below was irritating.

"Liquidated your personal assets," was what the display say.

In other words, in addition to this rip off "vacation", my belongings were taken and sold away.

There was just one last bit of the display I hadn't quite gotten yet.

"What 'Pay Store'?"

As soon as I uttered those words, a new screen appeared before me. Contrary to the alert messages of the previous screen, this new screen was more like a catalog. It had a scrollable grid of items, with a section to the side labeled «Featured Items», and at the bottom some items labeled «Suggested For You».

Among the "suggestions" was a "Complete Desert Attire Set (350p)", but in the «Featured» category was "Fully Adaptive Clothing (700,000p ⇒ 500,000p On Sale!)".

This store… It definitely knew about my predicament and was targeting items I was likely to splurge on. There was a clear price-difference between the two products—an over 1000% difference!

However, even if I had no intention of being left here naked, I wanted to verify what exactly these units were, and the reason for the price difference.

I reached out my hand, and tapped the "Fully Adaptive Clothing" item as I would a touch screen. Understanding my intent, the display changed, bringing up a page about the Adaptive Clothing.


«Fully Adaptive Clothing» 700,000p ⇒ 500,000p (28% Off!)

A set of magically enchanted clothing that always adapts to the user's

needs. All environments and occasions are perfectly adapted too! From

deserts, to forests and tundras, these smart clothes are good for both

casual sleepwear and formal dances!

Disclaimer: Adaptability is not guarantee in combat situations.


I see. It made sense why there was such a huge price difference. This wasn't just a full set of clothes, but one that changed shape to meet the need.

'Well, that's assuming this isn't all a stress-induced hallucination, of course.'

I groaned, irritated by the heat of the sun and dirt below my feet. I wanted to stop and think logically, but my situation already implied I was out of my mind.

'Price? Do I have enough money? What's this currency anyways? Does it really matter…? Fuck it, I'll buy it and worry later. I can't think like this…'

And so, without the leisure to think my situation through, I tapped on the "Buy" button. A verification screen popped up, asking to confirm my purchase, but I had already made up my mind.

An instant later, light and shadow seemed to gather around me, materializing and pulsating as new matter was birthed around me. Just moments later, I was covered from head to toe in thick, comfortable robes that blocked out the harsh sun's rays, while also protected me from the hot air without trapping my own body heat with me. At the same time, simple footwear

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