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Chapter 1061 - Su Muran’s Back

What did he have to say now?

Xunxun was clearly born to make a fool of her grandfather.

Xunxun turned around, letting out a perplexed "eh?" when she saw her grandfather's mortified expression.

Lu Jin stood up and retired into his room, intent on ignoring Lu Yi and Xunxun. He was always the b.u.t.t of the joke. Before long, in the absence of his grandson and granddaughter's chatterings, he was tormented by the silence.

And soon enough, he emerged from the room with studied casualness. No one paid him any extra attention, as though he had merely gone to the bathroom, when in reality he had gone into his room to sulk.

Lu Yi lifted his daughter and brought her to the boys so that the three could play together. He then sat down and helped the boys a.s.semble their toy planes; they had a habit of dismantling their new toys and putting them back together. They spent most of their time quietly a.s.sembling their planes, and weren't very interested in interacting with the adults..

Xunxun didn't share their hobby, however. At the end of the day, she was a girl. She liked pretty clothes, as much as she liked combing out pretty hairstyles. She sat on the floor, wriggling her feet, with a pretty doll in her arms. She herself resembled a doll; her face that looked like her mother's was getting daintier by the day. As she grew, her features proceeded in the exact direction as what everyone expected. She was a beauty. No doubts about that.

The light spilled into the room through the window, limning him. There was something chilly about him. As he turned his back towards his children, a troubled look flitted across his eyes.

The Su Family was making their return on the following day.

He could sense that Yan Huan was very sensitive towards the Su Family. Whenever someone mentioned them, she would grow tense. Perhaps even she herself had not noticed it.

What could they have done to her?

Lu Yi couldn't puzzle it out, but he had a bad feeling. Could the Su Family be related to Yan Huan's disappearance? If that was the case… He clenched his fingers on his legs. He would never forgive them.

His fist was clenched so hard that they began to hurt. That was when a small hand touched the back of his fist.

He looked down and saw Xunxun with a dimpled smile on her face. Her dimples had been appearing a lot more lately; in the past, he rarely got to see them, since she cried more than she laughed.

Things have changed ever since Yan Huan returned. Like they say, "a child with a mother is a blissful child".

Xunxun clasped her father's finger with both hands, and stuffed her doll into his chests. She wanted to play with her daddy. And so the intimidating Prosecutor Lu began to play dolls with his precious daughter.

Xunxun was very engrossed in the game, her small cheeks glowing with childish innocence. Her lashes were very long, and from the side she looked very much like her mother.

Outside, white clouds trailed across the blue sky. It was like the calm before the storm. A chilly gust that made people shudder came out of nowhere. Was the weather about to change? Or was something big about to happen?

A plane landed in Sea City International Airport. It was a direct flight from England.

The cabin door opened, and a stream of pa.s.sengers began alighting. The woman that came out last wore a pair of oversized sungla.s.ses and a surgical mask on her face. She was tall, and had a refined air. Her clothes were all haute couture, and she carried a designer bag.

As soon as the woman deplaned, an entourage attended her, helping her with her luggage. The woman dipped her head and played with her phone. One could vaguely tell from her profile that she was a real knockout.

It was hard to get a clear view of her face, but not hard to tell that she was pretty.

A sudden flash lit up her face. She looked up without aversion, generously allowing phot

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