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He Zhichu's personal secretary glanced at her and said calmly, "Please ask Miss Wen to tell the judge, especially to explain to the judge why this person sent these photos to Miss Wen."

With a smile, Wen Shouyi raised her hand to fix her hair and replied, "Yes, I also want to know. But when others want to frame you, will they tell you the reason? I think asking such a question would lower his IQ."

He Zhichu's personal secretary almost choked on Wen Shouyi's words.

He turned around angrily and ignored her. He stood at the door with his own people and stared at Wen Shouyi with hostility.

Turning her head, Wen Shouyi told her maid, "Don't worry, I'll be fine. Call the legal team of the Qin Corporation and tell them that I've been taken away. Tell them to come and see me."

As she spoke, Wen Shouyi asked the people guarding the door, "Don't tell me that you won't allow my housekeeping staff to help me find a lawyer? This is my civil right.. If you stop me, I'll sue you until you're discharged from the army and transferred to another career! Do you hear me?"

He Zhichu's personal secretary gritted her teeth.

He snorted with a stern face. "Didn't you already ask your housekeeping staff to make a call? Or is it that Miss Wen is always the one who kills First and reports later?"

"How would I dare to do that? I'm just worried that I'll offend the n.o.ble again, isn't it?" Wen Shouyi shook her head helplessly. "When you don't like someone, everything that person does is wrong."

"Why is everything wrong? I'm already used to being misunderstood."

"But no matter how big the misunderstanding is, it can't be used as evidence to frame me."

Wen Shouyi's expression turned cold. "I'll prove my innocence to the judge. Young master he is a law student, and young master he's mother, Lawyer Qin, is a pioneer in the country's legal field. I believe that the law will clear my name."

He Zhichu's personal secretary could not utter a word. Her face was ashen as she escorted Wen Shouyi out of her high-cla.s.s apartment.


After escorting Wen Shouyi to the detention center, He Zhichu's personal secretary sent all the videos recorded in the recorder to him.

He had just sat in the car when he received the video and opened it to watch.

He scoffed when he saw Wen Shouyi push everything to the back of his mind. Even the photos she had sent to him had been framed.

She really could play with the law.

After that, he sent the videos to Gu Nianzhi with a message, "Nianzhi, are you asleep?"

Gu Nianzhi had originally planned to sleep.

He Zhichu's probing tonight had made her heart skip a beat. She didn't even dare to go to Lu Jin's apartment across the street.

She had just gone to bed and was still trying to get some sleep when she heard her phone ring. Just then, another text message had come in.

She took it over and saw that He Zhichu had sent her a video. She quickly opened it to receive it and r

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