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Chapter 1677: Dog Eat Dog

After ending the call, Lin Huang’s figure gradually transformed into a Mantis King.

His level of disguise was already no longer mere simple camouflage but a transformation resulting from a card contract.

This sort of transformation allowed him to take on the appearances of all of the Monster Cards he owned. Furthermore, he would also be able to fully inherit all of the relevant Monster Card skills.

The Mantis King that he had currently transformed into was one of his Monster Cards.

As long as he did not remove the disguise, he could maintain it indefinitely, and no one would be able to see through the ruse.

At the very least, lord-level beings would certainly not be able to see through his disguise.

Hiding in the biggest Bug Tribe mother hive in this great world as a Bug King was practically equivalent to being in the safest place in the entire great world.

However, Lin Huang was not concealing himself here for safety.

He knew very well that in this mother hive, be it Queen Mothers or Bug Queens, even their most powerful abilities would not exceed middle-rank lord-level.

It was only a matter of time before Nine Snake and the other two upper-rank Lords would annihilate this hive once they had joined forces. At most, it would only drain a small fraction of their Odyl.

However, as far as Lin Huang was concerned, this was not his goal. It was merely a small supplemental benefit.

Initially, when he had begun choosing battlefields, he had been considering barren regions.

This would allow him to avoid casualties.

In the great world, there were actually quite a few regions that met this condition.

After looking at several of these places, Lin Huang suddenly discovered a region that was in the core zone of the Bug Tribe. It surrounded the Ten Thousand Bug Maze in the Bug Tribe mother hive.

This was an empty zone constructed by the Bug Tribe specifically to protect the mother hive of the Ten Thousand Bug Maze and had been specially cleared out for this purpose.

However, any living beings that dared to enter this empty zone would be surrounded by the Bug Tribe army immediately.

Lin Huang’s discovery of this empty zone was what had led him to transfer his sights to the Ten Thousand Bug Maze.

He suddenly felt that his previous way of thinking had been wrong.

The Ten Thousand Bug Maze was clearly a better battlefield.

The Bug Tribe had wreaked havoc in the great world for countless eras. They now occupied a small, distant plot of land and had become one of the most powerful Tribes.

Furthermore, given the Bug Tribe’s reproductive ability, this entire great world might have become their empire if not for the fact that various parties had joined forces in eras past to limit the Bug Tribe’s numbers through occasional wars.

The Ten Thousand Bug Maze was the largest Bug Tribe hive in the great world.

Throughout the eras, the hive had continued

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