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Trafford is Trading Club

Author: White Jade Of Sunset Mountain

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Updated: 2021-10-02 07:28:32

Latest chapter: Chapter 458: Little Cheese, Hard Life

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《Trafford is Trading Club》Latest chapter
Chapter 458: Little Cheese, Hard Life
Chapter 457: Strangeness
Chapter 456: An Unknown Evolution
Chapter 455: An Old Friend That Came Back
Chapter 454: Not A Tyrant
Chapter 453: A Bubble Gum Lady
Chapter 452: Fragrant Lily
Chapter 451: Benefit Partners
Chapter 450: A Part of Reality
Chapter 449: Yuba and Betrayal
Chapter 448: The Strongest and the Most Vulnerable Relationship
Chapter 447: A Guest or An Outsider
《Trafford is Trading Club》' main text
Chapter 458: Little Cheese, Hard Life
Chapter 457: Strangeness
Chapter 456: An Unknown Evolution
Chapter 455: An Old Friend That Came Back
Chapter 454: Not A Tyrant
Chapter 453: A Bubble Gum Lady
Chapter 452: Fragrant Lily
Chapter 451: Benefit Partners
Chapter 450: A Part of Reality
Chapter 449: Yuba and Betrayal
Chapter 448: The Strongest and the Most Vulnerable Relationship
Chapter 447: A Guest or An Outsider
Chapter 446: ‘Legend’ in the Crowd
Chapter 445: It Died
Chapter 444: Unworthiness
Chapter 443: The War
Chapter 442: I Want to Stay Here
Chapter 441: If There Is A Widow, There Must Be A Scoundrel!
Chapter 440: Thousands of Burial Mounds---Penglai
Chapter 439: Embracing for Seven Hundred Years
Chapter 438: The Woman in the Little Town
Chapter 437: The Man Floating Along The River Current
Chapter 436: Luxuriant Imageries
Chapter 435: The Sound of Love Rose Up
Chapter 434: It
Chapter 433: Beheading
Chapter 432: Fierce Waving Flame
Chapter 431: To Be A Good Manager
Chapter 430: The Person Who Bears The Curse
Chapter 429: Auntie
Chapter 428: In the Name of Xuanyuan
Chapter 427: Demonic Lance
Chapter 426: Anomaly
Chapter 425: The Marks of The Land
Chapter 424: Helper
Chapter 423: Gaining A Little Power
Chapter 422: Learn The Natural Sciences Well And You Will Never Be Afraid!
Chapter 421: Monkey’s Face, Sura’s Face
Chapter 420: Every Dog Has His Day
Chapter 419: Please Do Not Randomly Bite The Boss
Chapter 418: A Strand of Hair
Chapter 417: Let's Go to the Boss!
Chapter 416: Xiang Liu
Chapter 415: News of Shu You's Death
Chapter 414: Laughter
Chapter 413: Hangover
Chapter 412: In Front of the Door
Chapter 411: A Magic Guitar
Chapter 410: ’Paranoid’
Chapter 409: Broken String
Chapter 408: Breaking Into Pieces
Chapter 407: I Didn’t Know The Expert
Chapter 406: Brother Xiaosheng and Gui Qianyi
Chapter 405: Just Like An Idiot
Chapter 404: Humph!
Chapter 403: ‘Elysium’ Pub
Chapter 402: The Order of the Boss
Chapter 401: Be A Playboy without Ambitions
Chapter 400: A Crescent Moon
Chapter 399: Phoenix-Pattern Dress
Chapter 398: Let It Go
Chapter 397: Father and Daughter
Chapter 396: Buried Memories
Chapter 395: Rising Fog
Chapter 394: Lose
Chapter 393: Mistake and Compensation
Chapter 392: Time for Poetry
Chapter 391: Unexpected Consequences
Chapter 390: Kidnapping
Chapter 389: Revisiting Hometown
Chapter 388: A Blood Bath
Chapter 387: Gem Flowers
Chapter 386: Relic
Chapter 385: A Never-Withering Flower
Chapter 384: Merry-Go-Round
Chapter 383: The Picking Party
Chapter 382: Behind the Human World
Chapter 381: Sealing
Chapter 380: Long Long Ago
Chapter 379: Past dreams & The Book of the Dead
Chapter 378: Witch
Chapter 377: A Place to Belong
Chapter 376: Master's Business
Chapter 375: Abandoned People
Chapter 374: Collecting Scraps
Chapter 373: From Now On, I’m The Boss Of This Place
Chapter 372: Dicey Prison
Chapter 371: Don’t Know Each Other
Chapter 370: Uncommon
Chapter 369: Shadow
Chapter 368: Wedding Dress
Chapter 367: Cost Saving
Chapter 366: It Would Be Better Not To Meet
Chapter 365: Wonderful Performance
Chapter 364: The High Walls Of Prison
Chapter 363: Interrogation Carried by Wang Yuechuan
Chapter 362: An Agonizing Feeling
Chapter 361: Happy Heartbeat
Chapter 360: A Little Life
Chapter 359: The Soul Would Die
Chapter 358: Grievances in His Heart
Chapter 357: Touch
Chapter 356: The Soul's First Movement
Chapter 355: Father
Chapter 354: Twins
Chapter 353: The Feeling of Seeing the Walking Dead
Chapter 352: Decomposing
Chapter 351: Breakthrough
Chapter 350: The Devil Inside 2nd
Chapter 349: The Devil In The Heart 1st
Chapter 348: Supercilious Person
Chapter 347: Criminal Suspect and Officer of the Provincial Government
Chapter 346: Alone
Chapter 345: To Be Continued
Chapter 344: Building an Equal and Peaceful World
Chapter 343: Bronze Sheet and People in the Rain
Chapter 342: The Way Black Souls Work
Chapter 341: Palpitation
Chapter 340: I’m Zhu Li, Please Call me Lizi
Chapter 339: Famous Detective Luo Qiu
Chapter 338: The Vanishing Cancer Cells
Chapter 337: Compassion
Chapter 336: Hedgehog
Chapter 335: Conflict
Chapter 334: Meeting Long Again
Chapter 333: An Impudent Person
Chapter 332: A Formal Visit
Chapter 331: Resurrection
Chapter 330: Investigation
Chapter 329: Boss Luo and the Little Butterfly
Chapter 328: The Fifth Suicide
Chapter 327: Which Deity You Are
Chapter 326: Cram School
Chapter 325: Studious Butterfly Monster
Chapter 324: Border Gate
Chapter 323: Reasonable Boss Luo
Chapter 322: High Weeds around the Grave
Chapter 321: For the New World
Chapter 320: Lake Water Before the Dawn
Chapter 319: No One is Worse Off Than Others
Chapter 318: Beneath the Skin
Chapter 317: There is a Monster in Everyone’s Heart
Chapter 316: Monster
Chapter 315: Late Night Talk 2nd
Chapter 314: Late Night Talk 1st
Chapter 313: Silent Night 7th
Chapter 312: Silent Night 6th
Chapter 311: Silent Night 5th
Chapter 310: Silent Night 4th
Chapter 309: Silent night 3rd
Chapter 308: Silent Night 2nd
Chapter 307: Silent Night 1st
Chapter 306: Weird Man
Chapter 305: Cottage in the Forest
Chapter 304: Heresy and the Story on the Train
Chapter 303: Is This Why You Become A Rich Woman?
Chapter 302: Former Site of the Club
Chapter 301: An Office that Wasn't Leveled Up.
Chapter 300: ‘Anna’
Chapter 299: Cover-Up
Chapter 298: Scar
Chapter 297: Balance 2nd
Chapter 296: Balance 1st
Chapter 295: The Wild Werewolf in Front
Chapter 294: The Matter Which The Boss Does Not Recommend
Chapter 293: Member Service
Chapter 292: Real Avenger
Chapter 291: Three Gunshots
Chapter 290: Truth Mingled with Falsehood
Chapter 289: Net
Chapter 288: Anna
Chapter 287: Suffocation
Chapter 286: Then, Goodbye
Chapter 285: Wolf’s Tail
Chapter 284: Turning Into A Demon
Chapter 283: A Sky-High Price
Chapter 282: Clown and Clown
Chapter 281: A Cat on Hot Bricks
Chapter 280: Start
Chapter 279: Spilled Water
Chapter 278: Morning Jogger
Chapter 277: The Vera that Bit Fingers
Chapter 276: Another Auction
Chapter 275: Urey's Revenge
Chapter 274: The Second Black Swan Seducing Boss Luo
Chapter 273: Masquerade Ball
Chapter 272: Disguise The Authentic with The Fake
Chapter 271: A Lost Aristocrat
Chapter 270: Failed Witchcraft
Chapter 269: Beauty is a Catastrophe
Chapter 268: Lots of Money
Chapter 267: Disappearing Painting
Chapter 266: The Magic of You Ye
Chapter 265: Freedom and Clown
Chapter 264: Black Swan
Chapter 263: Blissful Glazed Color
Chapter 262: Would You Like to Eat A Chocolate Bar?
Chapter 261: If Nobody Knows, It’ll be Good for Everyone, Is That Right?
Chapter 260: Take This As A Pleasure
Chapter 259: The Second Day in Russia, Priest
Chapter 258: The First Day---Moscow
Chapter 257: Coming Out of the Cage
Chapter 256: Sleepy
Chapter 255: Duel between the Father and the Son
Chapter 254: Too Young, At That Time
Chapter 253: We are All Weak
Chapter 252: Unawareness of the Opposite Guy
Chapter 251: I Want To Beat You!
Chapter 250: The Lying Mr. K
Chapter 249: The Best Player
Chapter 248: Madman
Chapter 247: A Man's Promise
Chapter 246: Being Together For A Long Time
Chapter 245: When Antonio met Nikita
Chapter 244: Bigger, Taller and Stronger
Chapter 243: Leaving Home from Young
Chapter 242: Antonio didn’t Want to Talk to Boss Luo, and Threw a Piece of Mud toward Him
Chapter 241: Protection Fee
Chapter 240: Ancient Civilization
Chapter 239: Ancient Turtle
Chapter 238: The Second Meaning of the Flowers
Chapter 237: Human Heart is also the Warmest
Chapter 236: The Gap between Now and the Past
Chapter 235: The Truth Hidden in the Past
Chapter 234: Culprit
Chapter 233: Mutual Trust
Chapter 232: Rescue
Chapter 231: Insidious Yiyun
Chapter 230: I Plan to Help You
Chapter 229: Senior’s Wish
Chapter 228: Capture
Chapter 227: Smile
Chapter 226: Wickedness and Turbidity
Chapter 225: Panic 2nd
Chapter 224: Panic 1st
Chapter 223: Ways are ALL Blocked
Chapter 222: ‘Curse’ Reappears
Chapter 221: Human Hearts are the Coldest
Chapter 220: We
Chapter 219: The Object Covered by the Red-On-White Flag
Chapter 218: Taboo
Chapter 217: Legend 2nd
Chapter 216: Legend 1st
Chapter 215: This was Exactly the Martial Artist's Style!
Chapter 214: Senior, Hold On Please!
Chapter 213: Family
Chapter 212: Sea, The Aged, and Picture
Chapter 211: Legend& Let Me Make Her Drunk
Chapter 210: Must Be A Lovely Girl
Chapter 209: Reunion and Separation
Chapter 208: Thank You…
Chapter 207: Customer, Are You Satisfied?
Chapter 206: Reason for Living
Chapter 205: Who Are You!
Chapter 204: A Treasure Blade Does Not Age
Chapter 203: The Best Undercover Agent
Chapter 202: Two Letters
Chapter 201: Come Again
Chapter 200: Wait For the Sunrise
Chapter 199: I’m Good At Utilizing The Dagger
Chapter 198: The Fear from the Past Memory
Chapter 197: Kneel Down, Kowtow
Chapter 196: Malevolence
Chapter 195: Its Descendent
Chapter 194: Dim Lights
Chapter 193: Only For Making This World A Better Place
Chapter 192: Sentiment Is the Most Effective Weapon
Chapter 191: 26,280 GMT Hours
Chapter 190: Topnotch Express Delivery
Chapter 189: Newcomer
Chapter 188: The Only Winner
Chapter 187: The Fourth Key and the Last True Dragon
Chapter 186: Might Be Gay
Chapter 185: The Missing 10 Seconds
Chapter 184: The One with A Heart of The Devil
Chapter 183: The Right Method to Operate Cubs of Monsters
Chapter 182: Gold and Silver Card
Chapter 181: Come From the Same Origin
Chapter 180: An Awesome Eristic
Chapter 179: Downfall
Chapter 178: Outer Heaven and Freedom
Chapter 177: Good Omen
Chapter 176: 20 Years’ Road of Trials and Hardships, With This Ditty, Child Go Home
Chapter 175: Moral Principles
Chapter 174: Concerto D’Amour
Chapter 173: Presence
Chapter 172: Vanity Fair
Chapter 171: The People Blown Away by The Wind(Follow-Up)
Chapter 170: The Individual Blown Away by The Wind
Chapter 169: Craziness
Chapter 168: Michael Club
Chapter 167: The Soul that is Worth Being Fond of
Chapter 166: This Foreigner is Suspicious
Chapter 165: Brave Japanese Car, Become a Scapegoat!
Chapter 164: A Sense of Being Fooled
Chapter 163: The E-mail Received from the Past
Chapter 162: A Far But Near Place
Chapter 161: Trials and Hardships
Chapter 160: It’s Not Easy to Find the Heart
Chapter 159: Finding A Person is Easy
Chapter 158: Lost Kid
Chapter 157: Golden Rule
Chapter 156: Encountering Long
Chapter 155: You are Too Young
Chapter 154: Maintaining You Ye
Chapter 153: Since It’s A Puppet, It Definitely Needs To Be Maintained
Chapter 152: Treasures of 4:15
Chapter 151: We Had a Promise
Chapter 150: Chasing
Chapter 149: Repetitive Nightmares
Chapter 148: The Endless Stairway
Chapter 147: Sound of Ball-Tapping in the Aisle
Chapter 146: The Penny-Pinching Yang Taizi
Chapter 145: Reincarnation
Chapter 144: The Second Night, Ghost of The Heart, The Second Ghost
Chapter 143: Half A Hanba① Maiden
Chapter 142: Transaction of Kinship
Chapter 141: The First Night
Chapter 140: The Weather that Monsters and Demons Love
Chapter 139: Pretending to be a Supernatural and… Ghost
Chapter 138: Master Luo
Chapter 137: Diamond
Chapter 136: We Will Take Away Your... Soul
Chapter 135: I Really Want to See You
Chapter 134: The Man with Hope
Chapter 133: “I Only Care About You”
Chapter 132: Fairness
Chapter 131: Shattering
Chapter 130: She’s NOT…Human
Chapter 129: Sitting By My Side
Chapter 128: As Time Passed
Chapter 127: Niddering Slave, Go Die
Chapter 126: Countless Cupid’s Arrows
Chapter 125: Buying the Time for Staying By Your Side
Chapter 124: Burial
Chapter 123: Magical Stone
Chapter 122: Don’t Get Lost in the Next Life
Chapter 121: Cutting Meat
Chapter 120: The Thing that Needed to be Taken Back
Chapter 119: Only Wishing to Accompany My Husband Forever
Chapter 118: The Clone of Wen-Chi’s Captivity and Return
Chapter 117: The Soul in the Bones
Chapter 116: A Leap of Faith
Chapter 115: Double-Deck Underground Palace
Chapter 114: Light Wolf
Chapter 113: Abrupt Arrival of Business
Chapter 112: Take It Easy
Chapter 111: Let’s Go, to the Steppes
Chapter 110: The Horrifying Door
Chapter 109: The Friction
Chapter 108: The Missing Professor
Chapter 107: A Wonderful Girl from the Sky
Chapter 106: Human Forming
Chapter 105: The Loathed Zhuge
Chapter 104: Thriving to The Peak
Chapter 103: Breaking the Tao
Chapter 102: Who Stole My Big Gun!
Chapter 101: The Other Side of Prosperity is Loneliness
Chapter 100: The Initial… Final Dance
Chapter 99: You Are My… Princess
Chapter 98: Lifelong Love
Chapter 97: An Immortal-Like Lady
Chapter 96: Perhaps that is Heaven?
Chapter 95: Bones and Singing
Chapter 94: Bear Those Sins and Move Forward in Awe
Chapter 93: That was The Thing, Called Courage
Chapter 92: Do… or Do Not?
Chapter 91: The Comforting Place--- A Sixteen-Year-Old’s Sky
Chapter 90: The Criminal Police from France
Chapter 89: The Accident
Chapter 88: Self-Discipline of the Good Servant Girl
Chapter 87: Actions Follow the Setting Sun
Chapter 86: The Personally Customized Prison
Chapter 85: Unanticipated Honey
Chapter 84: A Paper Crane is not Able to Fly
Chapter 83: Can You Get Stronger Without Recharging?
Chapter 82: Small Business
Chapter 81: This Unfair Society, Let Me Maintain Its Justice!
Chapter 80: Entombment
Chapter 79: A Nun Equipped with a Gun is So Cool!
Chapter 78: The Vesper
Chapter 77: The Ancient Last Words
Chapter 76: Castle Amidst the Sea of Flowers
Chapter 75: Year after Year, Simple Days
Chapter 74: Judgment
Chapter 73: If You Like Him, Say It Out Loud!
Chapter 72: Resolution Transfer
Chapter 71: I Want to Be a Hero
Chapter 70: Mo Xiaofei
Chapter 69: The Doughty and Well-Informed Mass of Chaoyun Area
Chapter 68: Support
Chapter 67: This Time, I’ll Protect You Instead
Chapter 66: Preference
Chapter 65: No Choice but to Walk down the Path of a Devil
Chapter 64: The True Meaning Behind the Black Card
Chapter 63: No. 18
Chapter 62: Have You Had a Taste Yourself?
Chapter 61: Addiction
Chapter 60: Once upon a Time, There was a Club That Specially Ate Disobedient Little Monsters
Chapter 59: I’m Just Having a Look
Chapter 58: Don’t Feed A Real Butterfly Monster!
Chapter 57: The Young Butterfly, the Young Boss, and the Old Boss
Chapter 56: The Girl in the Stuffed Steamed Bun House
Chapter 55: The Account book
Chapter 54: Loss of Humanity (The Follow-Up)
Chapter 53: The Perfume
Chapter 52: The Replacement
Chapter 51: The Master Taking Action
Chapter 50: The Past Appeared to Be A Dream
Chapter 49: A Romantic Memory
Chapter 48: Giving You the World
Chapter 47: Would You Like to Hug My Son?
Chapter 46: The First Workday for the Adorable and New Tai Yinzi 2nd
Chapter 45: The First Workday for the Adorable and New Tai Yinzi 1st
Chapter 44: Storage
Chapter 43: Loss of Humanity
Chapter 42: Self-Discipline
Chapter 41: Tutor Luo Qiu
Chapter 40: Ziling
Chapter 39: The Remaining Years
Chapter 38: The ‘Martial Artist’
Chapter 37: Three Kowtows and the Scene At the Office
Chapter 36: Go to Hell You Idiot Driver!
Chapter 35: A Spectacle Evoked By Abundant Imagination
Chapter 34: Black Soul Tai Yinzi
Chapter 33: This Is Luo Qiu’s Style
Chapter 32: The Tremble
Chapter 31: Immemorial Words and Doctors
Chapter 30: Having an Enemy Isn't Always a Bad Thing
Chapter 29: Dance Floor and the Black Soul
Chapter 28: Journeys to A Movie King
Chapter 27: Leaving After Acting Cool Is Really Exhilarating!
Chapter 26: People Should...NOT Trust Each Other
Chapter 25: Generation after Generation
Chapter 24: The White Jade Token 4th
Chapter 23: The White Jade Token 3rd
Chapter 22: The White Jade Token 2nd
Chapter 21: The White Jade Token 1st
Chapter 20: A Passable Encounter
Chapter 19: It’s Time to Make a Choice
Chapter 18: The Clown with a Black Cane
Chapter 17: The Mask
Chapter 16: The Jade Lock and the Black Card
Chapter 15: Gu Yue Zhai (The Antique Shop)
Chapter 14: Graceful Dance
Chapter 13: The Eclosion
Chapter 12: The Insect Wasn't a Vegetarian
Chapter 11: The Mantis is Coming!
Chapter 10: The Monster was afraid of Mankind
Chapter 9: The Mantis Monster and The Jade Token
Chapter 8: The 29-year-old Good Mother
Chapter 7: Welcome to Trafford’s Trading Club
Chapter 6: Fulfillment of the Transaction
Chapter 5: The Burning Black Card
Chapter 4: The Movement
Chapter 3: The First Sale
Chapter 2: The Green Hand
Chapter 1: Purchase and Sale