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Immortal Mortal

Author: Goose Is Old Five

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Updated: 2021-10-02 07:06:32

Latest chapter: Chapter 1230: Mortal Universe

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《Immortal Mortal》Latest chapter
Chapter 1230: Mortal Universe
Chapter 1229: The True Dao
Chapter 1228: Grieving The Fragility Of Life
Chapter 1227: Round, Setting Sun Above the Winding River
Chapter 1226: The Fierce Battle During The Cataclysm
Chapter 1225: Seventh Finger: Returning Mortal
Chapter 1224: If There Was Something Eternal
Chapter 1223: Entering The Trap Voluntarily
Chapter 1222: Number One Expert: Luo
Chapter 1221: Plotting Against Mo Wuji
Chapter 1220: 12 Pages Of The Book Of Luo
Chapter 1219: Let Death Make You Understand
《Immortal Mortal》' main text
Chapter 1230: Mortal Universe
Chapter 1229: The True Dao
Chapter 1228: Grieving The Fragility Of Life
Chapter 1227: Round, Setting Sun Above the Winding River
Chapter 1226: The Fierce Battle During The Cataclysm
Chapter 1225: Seventh Finger: Returning Mortal
Chapter 1224: If There Was Something Eternal
Chapter 1223: Entering The Trap Voluntarily
Chapter 1222: Number One Expert: Luo
Chapter 1221: Plotting Against Mo Wuji
Chapter 1220: 12 Pages Of The Book Of Luo
Chapter 1219: Let Death Make You Understand
Chapter 1218: Snatch
Chapter 1217: I Am That Arrogant
Chapter 1216: The Wealthy Newcomer
Chapter 1215: The Things Sold At The Sage Dao Conference
Chapter 1214: No Matter Who It Is
Chapter 1213: The Coerced Tao Tie Pot
Chapter 1212: Mortal Halberd
Chapter 1211: Dao Aspiration
Chapter 1210: Who Wasn’t Young Before?
Chapter 1209: So This Is The Sage Stage
Chapter 1208: The Road Beneath His Feet
Chapter 1207: How To Leave?
Chapter 1206: Surrounded
Chapter 1205: Picked Up A Time Plate
Chapter 1204: The Fourth Dao Law of the Universe
Chapter 1203: Yan’Er’s Tribulation
Chapter 1202: Sword Radiance Seizing Dao Law
Chapter 1201: Universal Sage Dao Conference
Chapter 1200: Underworld Sage
Chapter 1199: The Third Dao Law of the Universe and Primal Space
Chapter 1198: The Second Dao Law of the Universe
Chapter 1197: Ku Cai’s Ambition
Chapter 1196: Ku Clan’s Sage Lord
Chapter 1195: God Restriction Beneath Moni God City
Chapter 1194: The Item Which The Ku Clan Took
Chapter 1193: Not A Darkwood Anymore
Chapter 1192: Together From The First Beat
Chapter 1191: Strong Desire To Live
Chapter 1190: Infuriated Sage
Chapter 1189: Dao Law In His Hand
Chapter 1188: Terrifying Supreme Dao Laws
Chapter 1187: Second Encounter With The Golden Staircase
Chapter 1186: Time Can Change Many Things
Chapter 1185: Heavenly Witch Witch Lord
Chapter 1184: Quasi-Sage Level 5, Re-perfected
Chapter 1183: Please Oblige Me
Chapter 1182: Foreign City
Chapter 1181: Ninth Dao Law Of The Universe
Chapter 1180: Sword Prison Hadn’t Changed
Chapter 1179: Brazen Woman
Chapter 1178: Immortal World’s Number One Sect
Chapter 1177: This Dao Shall Be Extinguished
Chapter 1176: Kun Yun’s Hidden Treasures
Chapter 1175: Unrelated People Can F*ck Off
Chapter 1174: Poverty Restricts One’s Imagination
Chapter 1173: Who Levelled Your Lair?
Chapter 1172: Re-Entering The Resting Land of Gods
Chapter 1171: The Two Paramita Flowers
Chapter 1170: You Have Guts
Chapter 1169: Are You Trying To Blackmail Me?
Chapter 1168: Down and Out Green-Robed Sage Nun
Chapter 1167: Heaven Measuring Tree Root
Chapter 1166: A True Passer-by
Chapter 1165: I Can Enter
Chapter 1164: Historical Remains With The Soil of Breath
Chapter 1163: Soil Of Breath Again
Chapter 1162: Escape
Chapter 1161: Mo Wuji Is Back
Chapter 1160: God Domain Alliance
Chapter 1159: Reunited
Chapter 1158: Ao Clan’s Quasi-Sages
Chapter 1157: Aggressive and Unbridled
Chapter 1156: I Am Here
Chapter 1155: Bring Me To Ao Clan God Corner
Chapter 1154: Returning to God World
Chapter 1153: Wasted Effort
Chapter 1152: The Method To Refine The Time Plate
Chapter 1151: Her Name Was Xia Ruoyin
Chapter 1150: Ku Xinren’s Foot Washing Water
Chapter 1149: A Rising, Young Expert
Chapter 1148: The Number One Person Under The Sage Stage
Chapter 1147: Who Dares To Touch Ji Li
Chapter 1146: Mortal Dao, Stand
Chapter 1145: Back, Straigthen For Me
Chapter 1144: Golden Sphere
Chapter 1143: Taking Away
Chapter 1142: Fortune
Chapter 1141: The Cultivation Holyland In The World Of Ruins
Chapter 1140: The World Of Ruins
Chapter 1139: Fifth Finger - All Creation
Chapter 1138: Darkwood
Chapter 1137: Lei Hongji Wants To Cough Blood
Chapter 1136: The Team Takes Shape
Chapter 1135: You Don't Know How Powerful A Sage Is
Chapter 1134: The brokenhearted man is in a faraway place from home
Chapter 1133: Killing
Chapter 1132: A Mere Chicken
Chapter 1131: Expert of Cosmos God City
Chapter 1130: Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock
Chapter 1129: Fleshly-Body-Like Primordial Spirit
Chapter 1128: Soul Severing Brush
Chapter 1127: Ji Li’s New Life
Chapter 1126: Terrifying Needle-Head Book
Chapter 1125: A Strange Combination Of Circumstances
Chapter 1124: Falling Out
Chapter 1123: Great Art of Destruction and Needle-Head Book
Chapter 1122: Threat
Chapter 1121: Within Reach
Chapter 1120: Grand Desert
Chapter 1119: The Ant Who Knew How To Run
Chapter 1118: Restraining A Fake Quasi-Sage
Chapter 1117: The Secret of the Mei Clan Manor
Chapter 1116: 3 Rogue Sages
Chapter 1115: The Return to a Familiar Place
Chapter 1114: You’re Not Able to Leave
Chapter 1113: Young Brother Principal God
Chapter 1112: I Won’t Kill My Allies
Chapter 1111: Besieging Huan Ti
Chapter 1110: An Infuriated Sage
Chapter 1109: Tian Hen’s Murderous Nature
Chapter 1108: The Difficulty To Become A Sage
Chapter 1107: Cataclysm Battlefield
Chapter 1106: The Person Who Killed Ji Li
Chapter 1105: The Death Of An Old Friend
Chapter 1104: Foreboding Of A Cataclysm
Chapter 1103: Unity God Stage
Chapter 1102: I Will Wait For You
Chapter 1101: Sage Nun’s Hatred
Chapter 1100: The Helpless Sage Nun
Chapter 1099: World-Shaking Treasure
Chapter 1098: Sage Tian Hen
Chapter 1097: Stone Turtle
Chapter 1096: You’ve Done Something Stupid
Chapter 1095: Can You Go?
Chapter 1094: Paramita Flower Fragments
Chapter 1093: Charging Out Of God Burial Cave; Using The Great Art Of Destruction
Chapter 1092: Meeting A True Sage
Chapter 1091: The Nameless Dao Fruit
Chapter 1090: Don’t Leave Me Again
Chapter 1089: Paramita Flower Shatters, Experts Arrive
Chapter 1088: Time Plate
Chapter 1087: Do You Have It?
Chapter 1086: First Confrontation With The Great Sage
Chapter 1085: Great Sage
Chapter 1084: This Is Not A Good Place
Chapter 1083: Paramita Flower Blooms
Chapter 1082: Ku Xinren
Chapter 1081: Fighting For A Sage Throne
Chapter 1080: God Burial Cave
Chapter 1079: I Don’t Have The Time To Tell Jokes
Chapter 1078: Mortal Mo Wuji
Chapter 1077: Sage’s Decree
Chapter 1076: God Throne
Chapter 1075: The Rock Cave of the God Burial Valley
Chapter 1074: Head On Fight With A Unity God
Chapter 1073: Solo Trip To The God Evolution Sect
Chapter 1072: Gathering Fate
Chapter 1071: The Great Era Of The God World
Chapter 1070: Land Waves
Chapter 1069: Mo Wuji’s Sacred Art
Chapter 1068: Fighting For The God Spiritual Veins
Chapter 1067: Even Kun Yun Knows What Is Fear
Chapter 1066: Dao Friend Mo Please Stop
Chapter 1065: I Don’t Have Any Of These
Chapter 1064: Kun Yun’s Pot
Chapter 1063: What Kind Of Fart Was Luo Huangsang?
Chapter 1062: Heavenly Spirit Transformations
Chapter 1061: Frightening The God King
Chapter 1060: Start Of The Muddled War
Chapter 1059: Mortal
Chapter 1058: You’re Really Extremely Unlucky
Chapter 1057: Because Of The Spirit Seeking God Bug
Chapter 1056: An Old Acquaintance of Heavenly Mortal Sect
Chapter 1055: Being Enlightened
Chapter 1054: A Significant Event Of God World
Chapter 1053: I Have Been Narrow Minded
Chapter 1052: Negotiating Peace
Chapter 1051: I Might Really Get Into Trouble
Chapter 1050: You Can Attack Me Now
Chapter 1049: Here Come The Unity Gods
Chapter 1048: Here Comes Two Fiends
Chapter 1047: Leafless Forest
Chapter 1046: Seven Worlds
Chapter 1045: Tian Nu’s Secret
Chapter 1044: Are You Back For Revenge
Chapter 1043: Kun Yun Shows His Hand
Chapter 1042: The Strength of A Grade 7 Deathtrap Array
Chapter 1041: Indeed It’s You, Mo Wuji
Chapter 1040: The Person Mo Wuji Feared
Chapter 1039: You Can Go To Die
Chapter 1038: The Man With Two Seas of Consciousness
Chapter 1037: Cut Cut Cut
Chapter 1036: The Owner Of The Statue
Chapter 1035: Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Statue
Chapter 1034: News Of Mo Wuji
Chapter 1033: Seeking Marriage
Chapter 1032: Notorious Reputation
Chapter 1031: Pill Cleansing
Chapter 1030: White Bone Pool
Chapter 1029: Furnace of the Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1028: Re-entering The Cosmos Wall
Chapter 1027: You Are Mo Wuji?
Chapter 1026: Thundering Methods
Chapter 1025: I Am The City Lord of The Cosmos Edge
Chapter 1024: The Great Change in The Cosmos Edge
Chapter 1023: Before Leaving
Chapter 1022: The Person Captured By The Yu Clan
Chapter 1021: Yu Clan’s Secret
Chapter 1020: Gods Continent’s Yu Clan
Chapter 1019: The Assignment That Fell From The Void
Chapter 1018: Big Incident In The God Domain
Chapter 1017: Let Me Try
Chapter 1016: The Strong Feeds On The Weak
Chapter 1015: Heavenly God Stage
Chapter 1014: You Dare To Act
Chapter 1013: Landing of the Silver River
Chapter 1012: Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo
Chapter 1011: Fight for Resource Tablets
Chapter 1010: Fight for Resources
Chapter 1009: Bubbled Primordial God Pill
Chapter 1008: I Don’t Believe
Chapter 1007: Rule of Arrays
Chapter 1006: Void Runes
Chapter 1005: A God King’s Pursuit
Chapter 1004: Transfer Array of the Nirvana Ocean
Chapter 1003: Mortal World
Chapter 1002: Extracting The Elements From The Undying World
Chapter 1001: Nirvana Learning Academy
Chapter 1000: Agriculture Emperor's True Book Of Immortality
Chapter 999: Who’s The Senior Brother
Chapter 998: I Don’t Intend To Acknowledge A Senior Brother
Chapter 997: Entering Nirvana Learning Academy
Chapter 996: The End Of The Assessment
Chapter 995: Greatest Reward
Chapter 994: A Chance Used To Be Right In Front Of Your Eyes
Chapter 993: Charging To First Place
Chapter 992: First Test: Array Dao
Chapter 991: Grand Array Dao
Chapter 990: Shi Caihe’s Investigation
Chapter 989: Responding Calmly
Chapter 988: Making A Move
Chapter 987: Rogue Cultivator Alliance
Chapter 986: Under-The-Table Manipulation
Chapter 985: Mo Wuji Gives Free Points
Chapter 984: Five Claws Violet Dragon Pill
Chapter 983: Honour Tower
Chapter 982: The Crowded Nirvana Dao City
Chapter 981: God King Stage, Entering The Dao City
Chapter 980: Forging A Magic Treasure
Chapter 979: Coiling Wind Forest
Chapter 978: Leaving
Chapter 977: Re-Understanding The Mortal Dao, Tier 5 God Pill King
Chapter 976: Enlightenment
Chapter 975: Rootless God Steel And Gold Nirvana Dao Sand
Chapter 974: Chance Water
Chapter 973: A Merchant House Tries To Scam Its Customer
Chapter 972: Flame Evolution
Chapter 971: Conditions For Evolution
Chapter 970: Conflicts In Passing Down His Knowledge
Chapter 969: King Title
Chapter 968: Here For Their Vitality Soup
Chapter 967: Vitality Soup And Solitary God Pill
Chapter 966: Changing The Rules
Chapter 965: Cure-All Clinic
Chapter 964: Regret
Chapter 963: Land Of Mortals
Chapter 962: Help Me Kill This Person
Chapter 961: Mei Qianqian’s Reputation
Chapter 960: The Commotion At Mo Wuji’s Doorstep
Chapter 959: Arrival Of Men From The Main Sect
Chapter 958: Sect Head Xi Lingru
Chapter 957: Why Did You Come To Offend Me
Chapter 956: A Moonless And Windy Night
Chapter 955: I Took The Wrong One Just Now
Chapter 954: Inverting Black And White
Chapter 953: A Plot Of High Grade Green Dew Rice
Chapter 952: Green Dew Rice
Chapter 951: God King Green Robes Nu Fang
Chapter 950: I Am A Mortal
Chapter 949: Farming
Chapter 948: You’re Scheming Indeed
Chapter 947: What Do You Want?
Chapter 946: The Weird Turtle Shell Island
Chapter 945: Book Of Death
Chapter 944: Undergoing Heavenly Tribulation Simultaneously
Chapter 943: Understanding The Truth
Chapter 942: Nirvana Dao Sand
Chapter 941: Clear Ocean Path
Chapter 940: Nirvana Ocean of Extinction
Chapter 939: Muddled War
Chapter 938: Rescue Someone
Chapter 937: Plan
Chapter 936: Preparation
Chapter 935: Beyond God King
Chapter 934: Troubles
Chapter 933: Primal God Lattice
Chapter 932: God Domain’s Number One God King
Chapter 931: Ku Cai’s Disappearance
Chapter 930: Nowhere To Go
Chapter 929: Wind Escape Technique’s Enlightenment
Chapter 928: If You Don’t Fall, Then Continue Fighting
Chapter 927: Bloodied Battle
Chapter 926: I Want To Give You God Lattice Crystals
Chapter 925: One Must Do Some Foolish Things In Life
Chapter 924: Huge Rewards
Chapter 923: The Treasure In The Gorge
Chapter 922: Recognised
Chapter 921: Encounter With Senior Brother Death
Chapter 920: Scheme
Chapter 919: Darkness Origin
Chapter 918: Entering The Newly Incubated God Domain Nest
Chapter 917: Heavy Losses
Chapter 916: Visitors
Chapter 915: Fortunate Puny Nascent God
Chapter 914: Ten Great Vicious Cultivators
Chapter 913: Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Humiliation
Chapter 912: Medicinal Cauldron Stone
Chapter 911: Emergence Of Dark Type Law
Chapter 910: God Domain Nest Incubation
Chapter 909: Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Guan Huan
Chapter 908: Secret Of The Heavenly Mortal Sect
Chapter 907: Remember Not To Offend Me
Chapter 906: Settle With A Battle
Chapter 905: Alerting The God Kings
Chapter 904: Something Ain’t Right
Chapter 903: Suspicion Of An Immortal Swindler
Chapter 902: Fear of Battle
Chapter 901: Someone Is Unhappy
Chapter 900: Held In High Regard
Chapter 899: Rejection
Chapter 898: Peculiar Guests
Chapter 897: External Affairs Hall Lord
Chapter 896: The Way To Conceal Spiritual Roots
Chapter 895: Speaking To Help
Chapter 894: Heavenly Mortal Sect’s God King
Chapter 893: Ku Cai’s Plead
Chapter 892: Battle of Grand Dao
Chapter 891: Stepping into Nascent God Stage
Chapter 890: The Odd God Spiritual Energy
Chapter 889: Heavenly Mortal Sect
Chapter 888: You Are A Peak Grade Talent
Chapter 887: Extremely Smart Woman
Chapter 886: The Change In The Manor
Chapter 885: You Shall Be The Last To Die
Chapter 884: Clan Meeting
Chapter 883: Completely Reliant On Acting
Chapter 882: The Change Outside The God Burial Valley
Chapter 881: God Lattice Has Different Grades Too
Chapter 880: Sent To Mine
Chapter 879: The God World Of Legends
Chapter 878: The Terrifying Sea Of Consciousness
Chapter 877: The Rusty Hilt
Chapter 876: God King Lone Cauldron
Chapter 875: I Won't Give You Time To Think
Chapter 874: Fifth Mark Of Tian Ji
Chapter 873: Extracting Fate
Chapter 872: Four Marks Of Tian Ji
Chapter 871: Familiar Woman
Chapter 870: The Land Of Tian Ji
Chapter 869: I Want To Change The Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 868: The Site Of Tian Ji
Chapter 867: Died So Simply
Chapter 866: This Person Is Too Terrifying
Chapter 865: Finger Against Finger
Chapter 864: The Horrifying Zhu Yin
Chapter 863: Vicious Person
Chapter 862: Broken Soul Man
Chapter 861: Exterminate
Chapter 860: No More Mercy
Chapter 859: Kill Zi Changluo
Chapter 858: Five Punches
Chapter 857: A Lot Of People Are Going To Die Today
Chapter 856: Insanely Strong Opponent
Chapter 855: A Familiar Friend In A Cultivation World
Chapter 854: All You People
Chapter 853: Deadly Danger
Chapter 852: Refining The Sage Dao Talisman
Chapter 851: True Freedom
Chapter 850: Grudge
Chapter 849: I’m Here To Collect My Debt
Chapter 848: The Unusual Quake
Chapter 847: Another Step Forward
Chapter 846: Scary Experts
Chapter 845: Xia Family’s Power
Chapter 844: My Name Is Mo Wuji
Chapter 843: Foolish Woman
Chapter 842: Where Should I Go
Chapter 841: Huge Stir
Chapter 840: Examination
Chapter 839: Returning To Jingshou Mountain
Chapter 838: Recovering The Spirit Storage Channel
Chapter 837: Slash Me
Chapter 836: The Old Friend Is No Longer Here
Chapter 835: The Blue Sea Turned Into Mulberry Fields
Chapter 834: Destroying Nine Pillar Island
Chapter 833: I'm Truly Too Strong
Chapter 832: Fast Change of Scene
Chapter 831: Exchange
Chapter 830: The True Realm
Chapter 829: I Am Not Trading My Immortal Puppet
Chapter 828: I Want Dao Friend Mo’s Immortal Puppet
Chapter 827: Twists and Turns
Chapter 826: Heading Towards The Thousand Talismans Mountain
Chapter 825: Laws of the Heaven’s Beyond Cosmos
Chapter 824: Da Huang Returns
Chapter 823: Thousand Talismans Mountain And Phecda Clay
Chapter 822: Shuai Guo Advances
Chapter 821: Accepting The Role As A Dao Lord
Chapter 820: Dao Lord Of Heaven’s Beyond Cosmos
Chapter 819: Number One Expert In Heaven’s Beyond Cosmos
Chapter 818: Or What?
Chapter 817: Both Are Destruction
Chapter 816: Refining Kun Wu
Chapter 815: The Human Race Finally Has An Expert
Chapter 814: Feng Huang’s Decision
Chapter 813: Knocking Up Mifei Trade Union’s Door
Chapter 812: One Versus Fifteen
Chapter 811: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 810: Cosmos Edge’s Human Race
Chapter 809: Cosmos Edge Wants Mo Wuji's Arrest
Chapter 808: Peak Grade Black Spatial Fruit
Chapter 807: Killing Sen Lan
Chapter 806: Falling Out
Chapter 805: A Deal To Everyone’s Delight and Satisfaction
Chapter 804: Plotting Against Mo Wuji
Chapter 803: The Crushing Finger
Chapter 802: I Have A Little Injust
Chapter 801: Oblique Space Sea Island
Chapter 800: World Of Man
Chapter 799: Seven World Finger
Chapter 798: Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor's Ruins
Chapter 797: The Jiaolong Enters The Sea
Chapter 796: Battling One Of The Eight Great Grand Emperors
Chapter 795: Oblique Space Sea Island
Chapter 794: Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor
Chapter 793: Besiegement of Ping Fan
Chapter 792: Danger In The Immortal World
Chapter 791: Depths of the Shattered Ruins
Chapter 790: Killing A Dao Emperor
Chapter 789: Battling A Dao Emperor
Chapter 788: The Experts From The Gods Race Return
Chapter 787: Notorious Throughout Cosmos Edge
Chapter 786: Compensation
Chapter 785: Destroying The Dao Discussion Stage
Chapter 784: Setting Sun
Chapter 783: You've Encountered A Steel Wall
Chapter 782: Dao Discussion Challenge
Chapter 781: Where Did This Rash Dolt Come From?
Chapter 780: Immortal Slave
Chapter 779: Cosmos Edge
Chapter 778: Robbing Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion
Chapter 777: Coming Out Of Seclusion
Chapter 776: Dao Discussion Platform of the Cosmos Edge
Chapter 775: The Peculiar Sacred Art
Chapter 774: Swallowing the Deathly Energy
Chapter 773: Foolish Shuai Guo
Chapter 772: The Strength of the Cosmos Edge
Chapter 771: Destruction Of The City Square
Chapter 770: Crazy Battle Method
Chapter 769: One Versus Three
Chapter 768: Preparing For Battle
Chapter 767: Kuang Jin Validates His Dao; Pill House Threatened
Chapter 766: Getting Acquainted With The Castellan
Chapter 765: The Strongest Immortal Reverent
Chapter 764: Battling An Immortal Emperor
Chapter 763: Danger To Mortal Pill House
Chapter 762: An Immortal Emperor Arrives
Chapter 761: The Difficulty Of Becoming A Tier 9 Pill Emperor
Chapter 760: Tier 9 Pill Emperor
Chapter 759: At Your Door
Chapter 758: The Blooming Pill House
Chapter 757: To Obtain Wealth, One Had To Take Risks
Chapter 756: The One and Only Immortal Reverent Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 755: Fighting An Immortal Reverent
Chapter 754: Cosmos Communal Domain
Chapter 753: Help Again
Chapter 752: Furious Cultivation
Chapter 751: The Messy Battle
Chapter 750: The Pillage
Chapter 749: Cosmos Wall Opens
Chapter 748: The Newbie In Heaven's Beyond Corridor City Square
Chapter 747: Cosmos Wall
Chapter 746: Heaven’s Beyond Corridor
Chapter 745: Seven World Stone
Chapter 744: Seven Underworld Palace’s Restrained Soul King
Chapter 743: Seven Buddha Scripture
Chapter 742: The Whereabouts Of Shuyin
Chapter 741: Accepting A Disciple
Chapter 740: Rejection
Chapter 739: The Pillars Of The Immortal World
Chapter 738: Empress Wen Lan
Chapter 737: Spider Threads And Horse Tracks
Chapter 736: Huang Sha Makes An Allegation
Chapter 735: The Treasure That Incited Wu Mei To Kill
Chapter 734: Someone Definitely Knows
Chapter 733: Lots Of Talk And Little Action
Chapter 732: Kun Wu
Chapter 731: Bai Ye’s Motive
Chapter 730: Genius Immortal Kings Duel
Chapter 729: The Great Sword Path’s Arrogance
Chapter 728: Desire To Wipe Out The Great Sword Path
Chapter 727: Very High Heaven’s Convenation Order
Chapter 726: Pleading For Help
Chapter 725: Immortal King
Chapter 724: Cleaving Water Ying Immortal City
Chapter 723: The Powerful Book Of Luo
Chapter 722: Emotionless Woman
Chapter 721: Escape Or Die
Chapter 720: The Old Friend In The Broken World’s Fourth Level
Chapter 719: The Fated Battle
Chapter 718: Rogue Cultivator 2705 Reappears
Chapter 717: Entering The Fight For The Red Lotus
Chapter 716: All Men Are Equal
Chapter 715: The Mighty Elementary Immortal Reverent
Chapter 714: The Fight Over The Red Lotus
Chapter 713: Establishing Ping Fan
Chapter 712: Finally Know Where The Red Lotus Is
Chapter 711: Leaving Sword Prison
Chapter 710: There’s A Shadow In Bai Ye’s Heart
Chapter 709: My Tolerance Is Low
Chapter 708: The Red Lotus Appears
Chapter 707: Opening Of The Broken World’s Fourth Level
Chapter 706: Sword Prison’s Exit
Chapter 705: I Know The Way Out
Chapter 704: Someone Snatching The Turf
Chapter 703: The Unsafe Vine Mountain of Safety
Chapter 702: Finally Here
Chapter 701: Change
Chapter 700: Integration Of The Water Elemental Bead
Chapter 699: We Want To Leave The Vine Mountain Of Safety
Chapter 698: I Will Not Give You Any Face
Chapter 697: Collecting Water From The Sword Qi River
Chapter 696: Something’s Up with The Vine Mountain of Safety
Chapter 695: Establishing a Footing
Chapter 694: I Want To Speak Up For Mo Wuji Too
Chapter 693: Vine Mountain Of Safety
Chapter 692: Leaving So Easily?
Chapter 691: Unrest In The Vine Mountain of Safety
Chapter 690: Scaring Wei Zidao
Chapter 689: The Number One School in the Immortal World
Chapter 688: Kiss me
Chapter 687: Vine Mountain Of Safety And Sword Qi River
Chapter 686: Entering Sword Prison
Chapter 685: The Great Dao Is Not Absolute; A Thread Of Life
Chapter 684: Great Sword Path’s Sword Prison
Chapter 683: Startling And Grievous News
Chapter 682: The Scheming Woman
Chapter 681: Meeting A Past Acquaintance
Chapter 680: Emergency Immortal Sect Meeting
Chapter 679: Sister
Chapter 678: The House Beneath The Lake Of Poison
Chapter 677: Deciding To Enter The Lake
Chapter 676: The Woman Seeking To Cooperate
Chapter 675: I’m Really Worried That I Would Regret This
Chapter 674: Sect’s First Disciples
Chapter 673: Complicated Relationships
Chapter 672: Lian Yingxian's Secret
Chapter 671: Lake of Poison
Chapter 670: Primal Water Crystal
Chapter 669: Seaside Trade Union
Chapter 668: A Situation Arises
Chapter 667: Choosing A Location For His Sect
Chapter 666: Yu Jingfeng’s Revelation
Chapter 665: The Grand Luo Immortal That Lived In A Mortal Village
Chapter 664: God Physique
Chapter 663: Immortal Domain’s Mortal Village
Chapter 662: Surrounded In The Void
Chapter 661: The Old Monk Had Been Waiting For You For A Long Time
Chapter 660: Why?
Chapter 659: Location Revealed
Chapter 658: Immortal Physique Level 3 and Remnant Chasm
Chapter 657: The Number One Villain In The Immortal World
Chapter 656: Possession
Chapter 655: The Use of An Immortal Lattice Stone
Chapter 654: Ji Li
Chapter 653: Cunning Old Man
Chapter 652: The Immortal Lattice Stones
Chapter 651: The Directing Senior
Chapter 650: The Origins Of The White Whiskered Fisherman
Chapter 649: The Oppressive Immortal Sealing Array
Chapter 648: I Am Here To Kill Him
Chapter 647: The Secret Of The Universal Peak Token
Chapter 646: Grand Zhi In A Flash
Chapter 645: Death Everywhere
Chapter 644: Opening of Gods Tower
Chapter 643: The Crafty Tai Shixiao
Chapter 642: Void Nirvana Root
Chapter 641: Pinning Sa Jian And His Disciple
Chapter 640: Setting Sun
Chapter 639: The Crisis of The Heavenly Chasm City
Chapter 638: Rejecting The Good Intentions
Chapter 637: Dao Emperor
Chapter 636: Venerable Envoy From The Very High Heavens
Chapter 635: An Enemy Is Here
Chapter 634: What’s Meant To Come, Will Come
Chapter 633: The Ordinariness That Could Not Be Transcended
Chapter 632: The Conflict With The Men From Lightning Sect
Chapter 631: Asking For Help
Chapter 630: The Peculiar Master Xu
Chapter 629: Half Moon Weighted Halberd
Chapter 628: The Insidious Elder Of The Lightning Sect
Chapter 627: The Exchange That Everyone Was Jealous Of
Chapter 626: Something Everyone Wants
Chapter 625: Xu Suren
Chapter 624: Scr*w Off No.3
Chapter 623: Scr*w Off Again
Chapter 622: Scr*w Off
Chapter 621: Gods Heavenly Chasm
Chapter 620: Luring Lun Cai Out
Chapter 619: Ping Fan
Chapter 618: The Unordinary Pill Emperor
Chapter 617: Mo Wuji’s Condition
Chapter 616: The Pill Zhuo Pingan Needs
Chapter 615: Come To My Peace Resthouse
Chapter 614: Da Huang
Chapter 613: Tier 7 Pill Emperor
Chapter 612: The Tragic Tian Ji Sect Disciples
Chapter 611: Han Clan Ruins
Chapter 610: Scram, Lun Cai
Chapter 609: The Spatial Channel To Leave The Immortal World
Chapter 608: Wu Ben Husband and Wife
Chapter 607: Zhuo Pingan
Chapter 606: Zhuo Pingan's Secret
Chapter 605: Enemies Everywhere
Chapter 604: Peace Is Relative
Chapter 603: Cape Of Peace
Chapter 602: Mo Wuji’s Saber Dao
Chapter 601: Grand Yi Immortal
Chapter 600: Dragon Clan Orphans
Chapter 599: Hidden Dragon Valley
Chapter 598: Mo Wuji Must Be Killed
Chapter 597: Physique Tempering
Chapter 596: Razing Mirage Mountain To The Ground
Chapter 595: Searching For An Ascending Cultivator
Chapter 594: A Mosquito
Chapter 593: Gold Horn Violet Dragon
Chapter 592: Blood Sucking Sect
Chapter 591: The Guest Seated On The Head Seat
Chapter 590: The Mighty Mirage Mountain
Chapter 589: Shameful Bird
Chapter 588: The Grand Emperor’s Rage
Chapter 587: Grand Desert, Winding River, Setting Sun
Chapter 586: 11 Fire-Red Crystals
Chapter 585: The Ship With English On It
Chapter 584: Dao Friend Please Stop
Chapter 583: The Person Protecting The Planet
Chapter 582: Origins
Chapter 581: Another Cultivator
Chapter 580: Army Arrived
Chapter 579: Lifting Of The Hand
Chapter 578: Archbishop of the East Mo Church
Chapter 577: Pan Clan’s Legacy
Chapter 576: Going To Pan Sibling's Home
Chapter 575: The Mighty Archbishop
Chapter 574: Fighting for Lou Yueshuang
Chapter 573: Assessment For The Advanced Class
Chapter 572: Descendants Of The Pan Clan
Chapter 571: Mo Wuji's Pointers
Chapter 570: An Jing Academy
Chapter 569: A Foreign Place
Chapter 568: Where Am I
Chapter 567: Xuan Immortals Also Have A World Of Their Own
Chapter 566: Cen Shuyin’s Soul
Chapter 565: Searching For Cen Shuyin’s Soul
Chapter 564: Bring Mo Wuji Here Quickly
Chapter 563: Whirlpool At The Six Paths Ruins
Chapter 562: I’ve Never Been Afraid Of You
Chapter 561: Treating The Illness
Chapter 560: Lin Gu's Mother's Illness
Chapter 559: The Imposing Devil Moon
Chapter 558: Escaping the Yong Ying Immortal Domain
Chapter 557: The Unexpected Rewards
Chapter 556: The Secret of The Yunxian Immortal Valley
Chapter 555: The Illogical Mo Wuji
Chapter 554: Pill Dao Discussion
Chapter 553: Cannot Be Offended
Chapter 552: Daring To Take The First Slash
Chapter 551: Deficiencies in the Pill Dao
Chapter 550: The Water Ying Immortal City That Rose To The Top In A Single Step
Chapter 549: The End Of The Second Round
Chapter 548: What Pill To Choose?
Chapter 547: Who Is He
Chapter 546: Mother-in-law Looks At The Son-in-law
Chapter 545: First Round Of Competition
Chapter 544: A Messier Situation
Chapter 543: Offending The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance
Chapter 542: Grand Alchemy Competition’s Slot
Chapter 541: Hello Wen Lianxi
Chapter 540: The Origin Of The Tian Ji Pole
Chapter 539: Mo Wuji's Disappointment
Chapter 538: Threat
Chapter 537: Tian Ji Sect’s Survivor
Chapter 536: Soul Condensing Immortal Pond
Chapter 535: Touching The Heart
Chapter 534: Wind Beckoning
Chapter 533: The Golden House
Chapter 532: The Origins of Yong Ying Prison
Chapter 531: I Didn’t Move
Chapter 530: The Incident In Broken World
Chapter 529: Don’t Involve Me In Your Games
Chapter 528: You Can Scr*w Off
Chapter 527: The Most Shameless Sect
Chapter 526: The Despairing Statue
Chapter 525: Xuan Immortal Stage
Chapter 524: The Dangerous Bai Chitian
Chapter 523: Star Geniuses, So What?
Chapter 522: Metal-Type Energy
Chapter 521: I Disagree
Chapter 520: Come At Me
Chapter 519: Nine Star Genius’s Seat
Chapter 518: The Difficulty To Be An Immortal Emperor
Chapter 517: With My Own Shop
Chapter 516: Three Flower Fire Heartstone
Chapter 515: Arrogant To The End
Chapter 514: Was He Crazy?
Chapter 513: Who Was The One Who Hit You?
Chapter 512: Great Rewards
Chapter 511: You Are Not Suitable For The Supreme Dao Sect
Chapter 510: The Massive Battle Incited By A Gourd
Chapter 509: Explosion In Status
Chapter 508: Honored Grade Immortal Pill King
Chapter 507: Assessment At The Fourth Level
Chapter 506: Pill Dao Pagoda Assessment
Chapter 505: Pill Dao Immortal Alliance
Chapter 504: The Top Genius
Chapter 503: Seven Immortal Domains And The Underworld
Chapter 502: Sharphorn Immortal Ruins
Chapter 501: A Rather Different Yan Ye
Chapter 500: Heavenly Emperor's Investigation
Chapter 499: Supreme Dao Sect
Chapter 498: There’s Still Another Wife
Chapter 497: I’m Not Carrying This Burden
Chapter 496: Help Me Marry A Woman
Chapter 495: Not Enough
Chapter 494: A Tough Battle
Chapter 493: Advancing Even Without Immortal Lattice
Chapter 492: Deathly Tribulation
Chapter 491: The Gourd On The Lifeless Riverbed
Chapter 490: The Unforeseen Situation In The Lifeless River
Chapter 489: Three Conditions
Chapter 488: You Actually Dare To List Me As Wanted
Chapter 487: Wheel Of Life And Death
Chapter 486: Mo Wuji’s Domain
Chapter 485: Mo Wuji’s Stubbornness
Chapter 484: The Person Who Ku Ya Suspects
Chapter 483: The Immortal Seeking Staircase At The Bottom Of The Lifeless River
Chapter 482: I Had One Chance
Chapter 481: The Mentally Confused Immortal Pill King
Chapter 480: Too Impressive
Chapter 479: The Immortal Estate at the Bottom of Lifeless River
Chapter 478: Domain Crushing Fist
Chapter 477: You’re Still Too Late
Chapter 476: Someone Really Dared To Attack Ying Bian City
Chapter 475: Heading Towards Ying Bian City
Chapter 474: An Unkillable Person
Chapter 473: Disadvantaged
Chapter 472: Encircling The City Square
Chapter 471: The Explosive Flame
Chapter 470: Half Moon Halberd Blade
Chapter 469: The Bidder With Guts
Chapter 468: The Cultivator Who Uses Immortal Lattice Stones To Bid
Chapter 467: Mo Wuji’s Suspicion
Chapter 466: Fist Domain
Chapter 465: Without A Domain
Chapter 464: Mo Wuji’s Tomb
Chapter 463: Just A Heavenly Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 462: All Because of Immortal Lattice Crystals
Chapter 461: Han Qingru's Whereabouts
Chapter 460: Undying World
Chapter 459: The Created World
Chapter 458: 108th Meridian
Chapter 457: Charging To The Heavenly Immortal Stage
Chapter 456: The Long Road Of Immortality
Chapter 455: Grass, Wood, Stone
Chapter 454: Pursued
Chapter 453: Heavenly Immortal Domain
Chapter 452: The Incident In The Manor
Chapter 451: Inflation Of Immortal Lattice Stones
Chapter 450: Beautiful Manor Lord
Chapter 449: Drug Concoction
Chapter 448: Hundred Flowers Manors
Chapter 447: Liar
Chapter 446: Tier 3 Pill Monarch
Chapter 445: First Interaction in the Immortal Domain
Chapter 444: Killing A Way Out
Chapter 443: The Grand Barrier
Chapter 442: Obtaining Fortune From Disaster
Chapter 441: Danger In The Immortal Chasm
Chapter 440: The Unforeseen Situation In Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 439: Cannot Be Saved
Chapter 438: Falling Out
Chapter 437: Traversing The Immortal Chasm
Chapter 436: The Only Heavenly Immortal In Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 435: The Exchange for Immortal Crystals
Chapter 434: Heavenly Immortal’s Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 433: The Fuming Dao Lord Guang
Chapter 432: Abacus and Ku Ya
Chapter 431: Bargaining
Chapter 430: I Want Money More Than My Life
Chapter 429: You Better Believe Me!
Chapter 428: Collecting Another IOU
Chapter 427: Battling Meng Tianyu
Chapter 426: I Don’t Even Know How To Read Books
Chapter 425: The Strong Newbie
Chapter 424: Returning to The Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 423: Immortal-Traversing Ship
Chapter 422: The Disappointing New Meridian
Chapter 421: Reforging the Battleship
Chapter 420: Piles of Blackstone
Chapter 419: Entering the Mining Area of Death
Chapter 418: Immortal Chasm
Chapter 417: Mining Area of Death
Chapter 416: Spitting Out Blood
Chapter 415: Goodbye Lord Axe
Chapter 414: Master Pu Zi’s Shock
Chapter 413: The Kind of Person He Was
Chapter 412: Mo Wuji’s Friend
Chapter 411: Underground Deal
Chapter 410: Huge Whirlpool
Chapter 409: Abandoned Mining Area
Chapter 408: You Don’t Dare; I’m Not Afraid
Chapter 407: Startling News
Chapter 406: This Fella Really Knows How To Act Like A Pig
Chapter 405: Deep Waters
Chapter 404: Searching For Blackstone
Chapter 403: Allocation Of Mining Areas
Chapter 402: Settling Down at the Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 401: Half Immortal Domain
Chapter 400: The Search For The Way Out
Chapter 399: The Wolf King Relents
Chapter 398: Challenging The Wolf King
Chapter 397: The Violent White-Haired Girl
Chapter 396: Wolf King Mountain
Chapter 395: Came Too Late
Chapter 394: Climbing The Universal Board
Chapter 393: As Long As I'm Happy
Chapter 392: Star Lord Mo’s New Rule
Chapter 391: Number 1
Chapter 390: The Star Lord Is Here
Chapter 389: Experience Of Life
Chapter 388: Mo Tiancheng’s Whereabouts
Chapter 387: Tian Chi Manor
Chapter 386: Flattening Wolf King Mountain
Chapter 385: 384 385
Chapter 384: Mo Wuji, Star Lord of The Star King Mountain
Chapter 383: You Are Hoover
Chapter 382: Massacred City
Chapter 381: Cultivation Improvements
Chapter 380: The Things In The Star Lord Palace
Chapter 379: Star Lord Palace
Chapter 378: Losses On Both Sides
Chapter 377: Combined Attacks Against Zhu Qu
Chapter 376: Let Me Blast Them
Chapter 375: The Arrogant Broken Sect
Chapter 374: Mo Wuji's Methods
Chapter 373: The Two Strongest Sects In Zhen Xing
Chapter 372: Star King Mountain's Anger
Chapter 371: Broken Sect's Sect Head
Chapter 370: The Devastated Poison Fairy
Chapter 369: Blasting The Yan Clan
Chapter 368: Don’t Ever Look For The Broken Sect
Chapter 367: A Woman Like The Poison Fairy
Chapter 366: I Must Kill Xia Dandao
Chapter 365: The Fight To Be The Star Lord
Chapter 364: The Battle Against Bao Lie
Chapter 363: A Complete Wipeout
Chapter 362: Universal Board’s Ranking
Chapter 361: Ambushing An Earthly Immortal
Chapter 360: The Massive War Outside the Piercing Wind City
Chapter 359: Star Lord Dies Again
Chapter 358: Invading Zhen Xing
Chapter 357: One Man’s Attack
Chapter 356: House Slave Chanse
Chapter 355: Extreme Ice Cannon
Chapter 354: Returning to Universal Pier
Chapter 353: Space Transformation
Chapter 352: The Fall of Universal Pier
Chapter 351: The Mess in Star King Mountain
Chapter 350: Brief Theory of Space
Chapter 349: Star Lord Dies
Chapter 348: Where Geniuses Are Imprisoned
Chapter 347: Half Moon Prison
Chapter 346: The Staggering Discovery
Chapter 345: Enemies On All Sides
Chapter 344: Coming Out Alive
Chapter 343: Killing a Worldly Immortal Stage Expert
Chapter 342: The Tangled War in Space
Chapter 341: The Appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace
Chapter 340: Rogue Cultivator 2705 Is Mo Wuji
Chapter 339: Grandmaster Wu Xiang
Chapter 338: Before The War
Chapter 337: Consecutive Changes To Earth Board’s Rank 1
Chapter 336: Mo Wuji’s Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 335: I Don’t Care Who You Are
Chapter 334: Earth Board Rank 1
Chapter 333: Heaven Calamity Stone
Chapter 332: Shuai Guo’s Idea
Chapter 331: Shuai Guo
Chapter 330: Lei Hongji’s Secret
Chapter 329: Troubles Lie Ahead
Chapter 328: You Are My Life
Chapter 327: Take Revenge For My Wife
Chapter 326: Worldly Immortal Lightning Calamity
Chapter 325: Raging Fire in His Chest
Chapter 324: That Is Love
Chapter 323: Exchange it With Your Lives
Chapter 322: Obstruct and You Die
Chapter 321: Pursuing Mo Wuji
Chapter 320: The Undefendable Blood Sword
Chapter 319: Next Pole
Chapter 318: I Want To Say Something Too
Chapter 317: Leaving The Scene
Chapter 316: Auctioning For The Nirvana Pole Shadow
Chapter 315: The Solitary Red Knot
Chapter 314: The Underground Battlestages
Chapter 313: Yan Yangdong’s Possessions
Chapter 312: The Yan Clan of Star King Mountain
Chapter 311: Skills VS Sacred Art
Chapter 310: You’ll Only Understand After Experiencing It
Chapter 309: The Young Must Be Hot-blooded
Chapter 308: Yan Yangdong’s Strength
Chapter 307: Scram After Apologizing
Chapter 306: You Are Ranked on the Universal Board?
Chapter 305: Have You Asked Me?
Chapter 304: Ranked On The Universal Board
Chapter 303: Broken Sect
Chapter 302: Go All Out
Chapter 301: Honing The Wind Escape Technique
Chapter 300: Escaping Wind
Chapter 299: The Grand Concealment Array That Never Formed
Chapter 298: You Are Not Him
Chapter 297: Dire Straits
Chapter 296: Cen Shuyin’s Disappearance
Chapter 295: Thorny Wind Gate
Chapter 294: Rogue Cultivator 2705 Reemerges
Chapter 293: Killing Intent in Space
Chapter 292: Earth Board’s Expert
Chapter 291: Universal Board
Chapter 290: Porcelain Bumper
Chapter 289: Piercing Wind’s Cold Water
Chapter 288: Rogue Cultivator 2705’s Dao Companion
Chapter 287: He Is The One
Chapter 286: I Loved You Way Too Much
Chapter 285: Difficult to Guard Against A House Thief
Chapter 284: Contending Against The True Lake Alone
Chapter 283: Half Moon Key
Chapter 282: Left And Right Is Death
Chapter 281: Not A Simple Woman
Chapter 280: The Ordinary Youth
Chapter 279: Lost Swamp Of Certain Death
Chapter 278: Danger In Lost Sky Ruins
Chapter 277: Howling Wind Beast
Chapter 276: New Cultivation Method
Chapter 275: Reverse Refining The Scholar's Heart
Chapter 274: Various Methods
Chapter 273: Greed
Chapter 272: The Little Chicken’s Successor
Chapter 271: Bottom Of The Volcano
Chapter 270: Scholar’s Heart
Chapter 269: The Green Flame In The Depths Of Lost Sky Ruins
Chapter 268: Liters Of Rice Breeds Grace, Buckets Of Rice Breeds Hatred
Chapter 267: True Extreme Mortal Stage
Chapter 266: They Really Came
Chapter 265: Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 264: Someone's Back For The Wordless Pill Manual
Chapter 263: Star King Mountain Xia Clan Experts
Chapter 262: Hundred Sect Alliance’s Alliance Head
Chapter 261: Mo Wuji’s Speech
Chapter 260: Madness Incited By A Rogue Cultivator
Chapter 259: Mo Wuji’s Methods
Chapter 258: Exterminate The Dong Clan Of Supreme Sword City
Chapter 257: Move If You Dare
Chapter 256: The Start of the Conference
Chapter 255: Opening Tian Ji’s Spirit Locking Array
Chapter 254: Hundred Sect Conference
Chapter 253: The Ballsy Xuan Sect Head
Chapter 252: Tian Ji Sect's Secret
Chapter 251: Rebuilding Tian Ji Sect
Chapter 250: Earth Realm, Absent Yuan Dan
Chapter 249: A Different Sect Head
Chapter 248: Tian Ji Sect Sect Head Mo Wuji
Chapter 247: I Have Another Name
Chapter 246: I'm Here to Deliver Pills
Chapter 245: Still Gotta Pay Your Debts
Chapter 244: Rank 1 on Heaven Seeking Board
Chapter 243: The Strong Lei Clan
Chapter 242: Heaven Seeking Palace's Expert
Chapter 241: Mortal Board Number One
Chapter 240: His Hardship
Chapter 239: Mo Wuji's Rage
Chapter 238: Cen Shuyin's Dilemma
Chapter 237: I Have A Dao Companion
Chapter 236: Step 108
Chapter 235: Arduous Heaven Seeking Staircase
Chapter 234: Re-challenging The Heaven Seeking Staircase
Chapter 233: Leaving the Sect
Chapter 232: Worldly Immortal King
Chapter 231: Completely Helpless
Chapter 230: Way To Go, Battleship!
Chapter 229: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 228: We’re Warring, Stop The Nonsense!
Chapter 227: The Ship In The Ring
Chapter 226: Rank 1
Chapter 225: Killing A True God
Chapter 224: Deceiving Yourself
Chapter 223: Underwater Immortal Estate
Chapter 222: The Sunken Island
Chapter 221: Tian Ji Sect’s Sect Head
Chapter 220: Borrowing One’s Sword
Chapter 219: Da Shixiong’s Reputation
Chapter 218: The Most Rundown Immortal Estate
Chapter 217: Not Enough
Chapter 216: How Many People Repay Kindness With Vengeance
Chapter 215: The Immortal Residence Map
Chapter 214: The Mysterious Ship
Chapter 213: The Wild Sky Sea
Chapter 212: Lightning Sky’s Second Style
Chapter 211: Massacre
Chapter 210: Wuchangwushuang
Chapter 209: The Space Within the Sick Woods
Chapter 208: Three Tender Hunters
Chapter 207: Granny Linglong On The Run
Chapter 206: Extreme Mortal Versus The Yuan Dan
Chapter 205: I’m Already Here
Chapter 204: Situ Qian’s Banquet
Chapter 203: I Am Back For Revenge
Chapter 202: Tian Ji Sect’s Teaching
Chapter 201: Extreme Mortal Stage
Chapter 200: The Technique’s Prerequisite
Chapter 199: Tian Ji Sect's Cultivation Technique
Chapter 198: We’re Teammates
Chapter 197: Da Shixiong! (Big Senior Apprentice Brother)
Chapter 196: You’re Right
Chapter 195: Work Hard To Live
Chapter 194: Risking One’s Self To Save Others
Chapter 193: Surrounding Mo Wuji
Chapter 192: Rogue Cultivator 2705
Chapter 191: The Safest Place
Chapter 190: Surviving A Deadly Situation
Chapter 189: The Great Battle in the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 188: The Great War Of Cultivators
Chapter 187: Entering the Enemy’s Lair
Chapter 186: Rogue Cultivator Contribution Point Jade Token
Chapter 185: A Familiar Face from Xing Han Empire
Chapter 184: Alliance’s Contribution Points
Chapter 183: Mo Wuji’s Pride
Chapter 182: Cultivating With All Meridians Open
Chapter 181: The Deal with Cen Shuyin
Chapter 180: I Will Always Be Your Big Brother
Chapter 179: Alien Flying Ship
Chapter 178: Unable to be Proud
Chapter 177: Joining Forces to Kill a Yuan Dan Stage Expert
Chapter 176: Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 175: Celestial Sunflower
Chapter 174: Spirit Building
Chapter 173: Sky Channel Flower
Chapter 172: Disgusting Worms
Chapter 171: Honest Qi’s Blunder
Chapter 170: Honest Qi’s Schemes
Chapter 169: Hidden Expert or a Scammer
Chapter 168: Lost Sky Ruins’ Underground Transaction
Chapter 167: I Told You Not To Disturb Me
Chapter 166: Kill
Chapter 165: Lost Sky Ruins and Sky Channel Flower
Chapter 164: Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda
Chapter 163: Elemental Storage Channel
Chapter 162: Where’s This Outer Disciple From
Chapter 161: Ushering In An Era
Chapter 160: Cen Shuyin’s Request
Chapter 159: You Will Definitely Die
Chapter 158: Difficult Success
Chapter 157: Difficulties At Every Corner
Chapter 156: Heaven Seeking City
Chapter 155: A Bunch Of Trash
Chapter 154: Heaven Seeking Palace
Chapter 153: Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner
Chapter 152: Live For Herself
Chapter 151: What Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal?
Chapter 150: Granny Linglong
Chapter 149: Without a Bracelet
Chapter 148: Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal
Chapter 147: The Fight for Lingzhi
Chapter 146: Body Constructing Pill and Body Constructing Grass
Chapter 145: Monitor Rune
Chapter 144: Little Chicken and Chu Xingzi
Chapter 143: The Horrifying Cold
Chapter 142: The Storage Ring And The Copper Key
Chapter 141: I'm A Good Person
Chapter 140: I’ve Always Loved Helping Others
Chapter 139: Humongous Icy Mountain
Chapter 138: Heaven Demon Sect's Hou Yucheng
Chapter 137: I’ve Wanted To Destroy You For A Long Time
Chapter 136: Enemies Meet
Chapter 135: A Great Shock
Chapter 134: Entering The Five Elements Desolate Domain
Chapter 133: The Deadly Seven Style Lightning Sky Skill
Chapter 132: Threatened
Chapter 131: One Dao House Auction
Chapter 130: Five Elements Desolate Domain’s Bracelets Sale
Chapter 129: How People See Mo Wuji
Chapter 128: Red Hot Bracelets
Chapter 127: The End of the Five Elements Pill Competition
Chapter 126: The Third Round
Chapter 125: 632
Chapter 124: Life in Cultivation
Chapter 123: The Dumbfounding Second Round
Chapter 122: Things Aren’t Permanent
Chapter 121: The Difficult First Round
Chapter 120: Five Elements Pill Competition Begins
Chapter 119: Immediate Reversal
Chapter 118: The Alchemist With The Greatest Contributions
Chapter 117: Pill Refiners’ Interaction Session
Chapter 116: Second House Master
Chapter 115: What Granny Linglong Wants
Chapter 114: A Ray of Light in the Dark
Chapter 113: Nine Moons Pill House
Chapter 112: Exposed
Chapter 111: The Power of Spiritual Will
Chapter 110: Cultivation Soaring Madly
Chapter 109: 2nd Visit to the Lightning Tempering Room
Chapter 108: Concocting the Channeling Opening Solution Again
Chapter 107: Treasured Blood Lotus
Chapter 106: Fearless
Chapter 105: Bullied At Your Own Home
Chapter 104: The Surprising Formula
Chapter 103: Kindness Is Rewarded
Chapter 102: Implicated
Chapter 101: Upgrading the Drug Formula
Chapter 100: Lucky To Be Alive
Chapter 99: The Expensive Lightning Tempering Room
Chapter 98: The Immortal Training Tower
Chapter 97: She Saved Your Life
Chapter 96: Yan Qianyin's Motive
Chapter 95: Trouble Comes Knocking On Your Door
Chapter 94: The Unusual Hanging Sword Cliff
Chapter 93: Channel Opening Stage Level 4
Chapter 92: Lotus Sword Summit
Chapter 91: Revolving Star Passage Technique
Chapter 90: A Steel Pole
Chapter 89: The Brutes That Came Knocking On Our Door
Chapter 88: Guest Pill Refiner
Chapter 87: Mo Luoqu's Inheritance
Chapter 86: The Broken Blade
Chapter 85: Ephemeral Life Pill
Chapter 84: The Life Sucking Beast
Chapter 83: Yan Qianyin’s Surprise
Chapter 82: Deciding to Cooperate
Chapter 81: Let’s Try Our Luck
Chapter 80: The Devastated Yan Qianyin
Chapter 79: Advancement: Tier 1 Mortal Pill Refiner
Chapter 78: The Story Changes
Chapter 77: Blade Mountain Elimination Competition
Chapter 76: Character Defines
Chapter 75: Pill Master Shi's Panic
Chapter 74: Five Elements Desolate Domain
Chapter 73: Last Minute Arrangements
Chapter 72: Rejection
Chapter 71: Pill Master Shi’s Doggie Paddle
Chapter 70: In the Dark
Chapter 69: The Mysterious Book
Chapter 68: Blood Lotus Lake
Chapter 67: Entering a Sect
Chapter 66: Murderer
Chapter 65: The Wordless Pill Manual
Chapter 64: Nine Tiers Of Pill Refining
Chapter 63: Worrying Encounter
Chapter 62: The Spring Immortal's Gate Conference
Chapter 61: Generosity
Chapter 60: Only With Power Comes Respect
Chapter 59: Single-handed
Chapter 58: Setting out to sea
Chapter 57: Always Friends
Chapter 56: Expensive Drug Refining Equipment
Chapter 55: Channel Opening Stage Level 1
Chapter 54: Ten Breaths
Chapter 53: The Start of Cultivation
Chapter 52: The Higher You Go, The Harder You Fall
Chapter 51: Basics of Cultivation
Chapter 50: Immortal Mortal Technique
Chapter 49: Living In Tian Luo Hotel
Chapter 48: The Royal Capital Chang Luo
Chapter 47: Luo Hai Merchant House Contribution Points
Chapter 46: Killing With Borrowed Lightning
Chapter 45: Ballsy
Chapter 44: Surrounded By Sea Beasts
Chapter 43: Mo Wuji’s Power
Chapter 42: Repaying The Saving Grace
Chapter 41: Lost Opportunity
Chapter 40: Separation
Chapter 39: The Pursuit
Chapter 38: The Rescue
Chapter 37: Extinction
Chapter 36: The Mo Clan’s Girl
Chapter 35: The Female Slave
Chapter 34: Makeshift Market by the Sea
Chapter 33: Drinking among Friends
Chapter 32: Different Principles
Chapter 31: The Change In Mo Wuji
Chapter 30: Leaving Rao Zhou
Chapter 29: Cautiousness
Chapter 28: At Your Doorstep
Chapter 27: Heavy Losses
Chapter 26: Lightning Lake of the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 25: Forced into the Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 24: Thunder Fog Forest
Chapter 23: So… You are Mo Wuji?
Chapter 22: Joining the Han Residence
Chapter 21: Looking For An Escape Route
Chapter 20: Life and Death
Chapter 19: Push Him Out And Kill Him
Chapter 18: Now I Understand
Chapter 17: Falling Short
Chapter 16: Opening Spirit Channels
Chapter 15: The Return of The Fiery
Chapter 14: Sensational Nine Lives Healing Solution
Chapter 13: Mo Wuji’s Worries
Chapter 12: Causing An Uproar In The Drug Industry
Chapter 11: You’re The One
Chapter 10: A Glimmer of Hope
Chapter 9: No Power, No Respect
Chapter 8: Supreme Spiritual Roots
Chapter 7: The Chief Drug Refiner
Chapter 6: Dan Han Drug Refinery
Chapter 5: Things That Are Taboo To Me
Chapter 4: A Rice Bowl Filled With Gratitude
Chapter 3: Mortal Roots
Chapter 2: Living is Difficult
Chapter 1: The Fallen Prince