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"I'm sooooooo bored!! Ughhh....." lazily complained a young woman with startling white hair that was wearing a fur coat as it was winter currently. She was lying flat on her back, staring at the ceiling aimlessly while fiddling with a mandarin. Her name was Wang Xinya.

She laid behind a wooden table that had 2 teacups arranged neatly on a porcelain plate together with a teapot; one cup had the phrase: "So many times you felt sad about the past, yet the mountain still sits there when the cold wind blows."(1) written on it(this is the English translation of a part of a chinese poem, PS: this translation is not actually very accurate), drawn around the phrase were beautiful white and yellow chrysanthemum blossoms, threaded between the chrysanthemums were peach blossoms, blooming around the peach blossoms were beautiful yet tragic red spider lilies. The other teacup had sprawling branches of plum blossoms curved around a phrase combined with the plum blossoms were delicate orchids, perched upon the plum blossoms were a magnificent and imposing yet lonely phoenix, written inside this cage of flowers was the phrase: "While the wildfires rage, once the spring wind arrives, the wild grass will bloom again."(2)(Again, this is just part of a whole poem but a very famous poem about wild grass, it's actually: While the wildfires rage, once spring wind arrives, they will bloom again.) but barely noticeable; written beside the phrase was a small character that meant betrayal.

(Author's note: This is some heavy symbolism so....you better start googling. Cuz I'm foreshadowing)

"Miss, if you're so bored, why don't you do these paperwork yourself." replied another woman, she had looks that could cause the downfall of nation, you could have easily mistaken her for being a goddess if not for the fact that she was sorting through some documents with a wry smile.

"Remind me, what did I hire you for?" replied the pessimistic young woman groggily, as she slowly got up, stretching sleepily, letting out a wide yawn before turning around to face her subordinate. She slammed the mandarin in her hands on the table lazily.

"To be your bodyguard?" answered the subordinate.

"Nope! To do my paperwork!"

"Miss, since you're so bored, how about returning?"

"Returning? Where?"

"Miss...don't play dumb. You know where. The capital of course, where else."

"Are you crazy? What for?"

"What if the Master notices something wrong with Qiu Rou's disguise?"

"Oh. I would be flattered if my 'dearest' father even payed enough attention to me, his bastard 'son'!" she snorted sarcastically.

"Miss...the Master genuinely cares for you, he just doesn't know how to show it."

"Hmph! That damned drunkard father of mine cares for me?! If that happens, then the sun must have risen from the West! Not like that would happen in a million years!"


Just then, the door slammed open, a burly youth stood at the door, huffing and puffing, "Miss-" he was about to say, but then, a stunning young lady barged in.

"You have to help me!" the young lady declared.

"Uhh....who are you?" Wang Xinya said with a tilt of her head.

"Wait..." the young girl's eyebrows were knitted together in confusion as she muttered to herself, "Could it be!? That I'm at the wrong place? But...I'm sure this is where 'The Red Spider Lily of The Alliance of Heroes' stay at...hmmm. I know! I'll ask them for directions!" She turned around and said "Hi, uhmm, sorry for barging in, I think I got the wrong place. Can you please tell me where is 'The Red Spider Lily of The Alliance of Heroes' stay?"

"Why? Are you looking for her?" she asked, a smile tugging at her lips, finally! She wouldn't be so bored now!

"Uhh, yeah! Do you know her?"

"Of course I would know myself! Hmm...I never thought my nickname would be so famous, right...Qiu Hua?"

"Uhhh....Miss, I think it would be quite the contrary, uhh...you know: infamous.. Yeah..."

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