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(Stellas pov)

My name is Jessica Stella Hover and i have a twin sister named Lessica Star Hover.Were both 15 now. Both of our parents have left us in this fucking MENTAL place. If youre guessing it yup its the mental asylium. Our parents send us here at the age of 10, yet its fine with us because we didnt really like our parents. As we stayed here they experimented on us, they injected a lot of drugs at us but the good thing is that we get magic in return.

The magic we got right now is regenerate,fast healing,teleport and the 60 elements.

Oh and theres a Dr. here that loved us were his kids, as we spend our years here he telled his friend which is an army to train us and it happened ,he trained us in combat and told us to come to him if we need help but we only nod.

Anyways the magic drugs was really useful yet very painful, because of the experiments we forgot what pain is.

Oh and today theyre gonna inject 5 magic drugs at us its:

Requip - in which u can store clothes,food,weapons,and a lot more

Flight- in which u can fly (if it succeeds)

Summon- in which you can of course summon

Barrier- too defend urself

Create- u can create a lot of items and animals.

"stella lets go " Dr. David said smiling

i didnt realize that were already heading to the lab

"y-yes coming " i said he nod

then we both followed him to the lab.


I woke up and look at the time ,its been 2 hours after the drugs were injected and it all succeed. I looked beside me to see my sister near the window she was sad

"whats wrong? " i asked hoping to get an answer like 'IM FINE' or 'ITS NOTHING' but what i got was


hi everyone im new here this is my first story so i hope u guys like it

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