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The night was a beautiful one in Olympus, adorned by the brightest stars and cheerful voices all around. Many gods of the Greek mythology are chatting about their many triumphs and lives amongst each other but among the many bright and cheerful figures is a beautiful girl of silver hair and violet eyes, with a heart shaped face but a solemn expression adorning it.

This girl, or perhaps I should say woman, is the goddess Athena. Athena is the favorite child of Zeus and she is also the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom, also having a domain over darkness, life, snakes, owls, earth, sky, and death.

Athena since her birth has always been one to hold an emotionless, deadpan expression on her face but right now that expression is no where to be seen, at the moment it's replaced by a troubled face that many of the other Gods and Goddesses seem to notice especially her father, King of Greek Gods, Zeus, seems to notice.

"My precious daughter, what brings such an expression upon thou face on such a joyful day?" Zeus asks.

Athena looks at her father, turns away and gains a contemplative look on her face, then turns back and asks her father in her usual deadpan voice, "Father you go down to the mortal world in order fool around often, do you not?"

The hall quiets in an instant, many of the various look at two points in the hall. One point is where the father and daughter are talking and the other is where a beautiful woman of red haired, green eyes and a proactive body, the Greek Goddess of Marriage, Hera.

Zeus looks over nervously at his beautiful wife, only to see her cold expression that promised many things.

Zeus then looks at his daughter and whispers, "My seed, why don't we talk about this in our lonesome?" Then he hastily teleported them both to his empty throne room.

"Now, my daughter, Athena. Why did you ask something of that nature in the presence of your mother?" Zeus asks while sitting on his throne.

Athena looks at her father ignores his question, then asks, "What dost thou do with thy mortal spawns? Kill them?"

Zeus looks dumbfoundedly at his daughter then notices something different about her presence, he inquries with his daughter, "Athena is the reason that thou are so inquisitive related to your change in aura?"

After that Athena stares straight at her father then says two words he never thought he'd hear from her.

"I'm pregnant."

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