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It has been 10 years since Maya passed. Today I am standing in the same garden, where we often used to meet. Maya loved this garden very much. Far from the city, how beautiful was the garden made between rivers and mountains. Although we lived in Ghaziabad but we enjoyed coming here. How much peace is here? no crowd, no noise. Whenever I look at these flowers, I miss Maya. She used to tell me .....

"Vikram, please do not break flowers? They will have pain"

I used to laugh at the words of maya and say, "what maya anything? Is this man who will pain??? Flowers are meant for breaking, they don't get any pain? .. Look at this. I would pluck the flowers and lay down on it with a mace of flowers. Today, I want to say to Maya that you were right. I have seen these flowers crying. After you went, the flowers were dead. There was no one to see or serve them. I've made the garden green again in 3 months. How big is the mango tree standing in the middle of the garden? This tree was planted by maya. Maya was the one who explained the importance of trees to me. she would talk to them for hours in my absence. When I was not here, She used to say, "We can't live without all of us? If this is not there then there will be unrest everywhere, we will die starving. That's why you protect trees and plants. "After me, she used to love someone, then they were trees and plants."

Friends, I forgot to tell you the special mention of "garden". A path to that garden would pass through the middle of the rivers. That place was constructed by beautifully. There the winds move very fast and there is often a gathering of birds. I can never forget this place. Whenever we came here, we used to come to this place. We used to talk here for hours and lost in the plains surrounded by the hills. I remember that day, when Maya had brought me here for the first time. She told me ...

" Vikram, close your eyes and feel the winds with a long breath."

I closed my eyes and like Maya had said, I did that.

"Vikram, you heard some voice ..."

"Yes, some .... khisssssss ..... pisssssss ... ???"

"Winds, talking to each other, let me show you one more thing"

Maya took me along in the middle of the birds and said .....

"There are more than 100 species of birds who never fight and always live together. Know the special thing about them, if they have any trouble, they are not afraid but face it together."

"If we were unity like us, we would never fight in the name of castes and religions, we don't know why we Take anything for granted and Begin to kill each other."

"Yes, you said right, I believe that day will come when we will not fight in the name of caste and religion."

I saw Maya, feeding grains to the birds. How beautiful was she looking that day? Her hair was fluttering in the air and her sweet voice. On whose sounds the birds were running towards her. She was standing among the birds. When she saw me lovingly, I felt an arrow in my chest. She indicated me to come, I had stepped up a few steps, my foot fell on the peacock 's wing. Peacock rushed me, I was running ahead and the birds behind me. Whenever I miss that day my laugh leaves. Had there not been maya? perhaps all the birds would have killed me. Maya taught me to be friends and to live with the birds. We used to play with them whenever we used to be sad. Indeed, this place used to wiped out all our pains. This place was no less than heaven; we even named the place "Paradise of the Garden". I remember that day when we were about to get married and we were playing here amongst the birds. She was the most different girl, we were going to get married in the evening and in the morning, we went out of the house secretly. Our family continued searching for us that day and we continued to have fun here. They started feeling that we had not run away. They even complained the police. Maya was very quiet and naughty. The whole idea was of her. She didn't w

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